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If you pay by cash, cheque or bank transfer, this tells you the amount you need to pay if you have a debit balance. This shows the number of kilowatt hours (kWh) you've used and the price per kWh you've been charged. We also charge a daily standing charge to cover some of the fixed costs we incur for supplying your property – for example, meter rental and meter reading charges. This shows all of the financial transactions that have taken place on your account since your previous bill.
COT - a reading for a change of occupier in your property.If you have any questions about the type of meter read or how to read your meter, just call our Customer Service Team on 0845 7 555 100. Here you will see your Ecotricity account number, the tariff you are on and your supply address. Predicted cost for next 12 monthsThis is an estimation based on the cost of your previous consumption from the past 12 months (above) at our latest prices. If you experience a power cut, this is the number of the local network operator you need to call to report it. This number is unique to your electricity supply which is the number used to identify you within the 'electricity system'. At Spark Energy, we want to save your time with straightforward bills and statements that give you the facts right away.
Recent charges against Direct Energy under Alberta’s consumer protection laws come in the wake of a marked increase in complaints about the Houston-based company to a provincial watchdog agency. Statistics from the Utilities Consumer Advocate show the number of complaints each month involving both the regulated and competitive sides of the gas and electricity retailing giant have quadrupled during the past year. More than 270 consumers have asked the advocate’s office to mediate over the past 12 months in their disputes with Direct Energy companies about billing, contracts and other issues. Those complaints represent more than 80 per cent of the concerns about energy marketers that the consumer advocate investigated during that period.
By comparison, Just Energy Alberta — the only other retailer who employs door-to-door sales staff in the province — accounted for 19 complaints, or about six per cent of cases opened.
Direct Energy spokeswoman Jessica Michan blamed the spike in complaints on the company’s move in October 2014 to a new online billing and customer care platform.

While three-quarters of the complaints to the consumer advocate about Direct Energy through the year ending in November were billing concerns, one-quarter actually involved contract disputes.
Service Alberta charged Direct Energy under the province’s Fair Trading Act this month for failing to provide a refund within 15 days after a prepaid contract to supply a furnace and air conditioner was cancelled by the homeowner.
In November, department investigators charged the company with four counts under the law involving two separate incidents.
In one case, Direct Energy is alleged to have enrolled a consumer in an energy contract even though the person had made a request to cancel the agreement within the legislated 10-day “cooling-off” period. The other case involved another furnace contract in which the company failed to provide a refund of a deposit within the required 15-days after the deal was cancelled by the consumer. Penalties under the Fair Trading Act include a maximum fine of $300,000 and up to two years in jail.
In addition to any penalty meted out by the courts if a company is convicted under the legislation, a Service Alberta spokesman said the department’s director of fair trading can suspend or cancel its licence to operate as an energy marketer or direct seller within the province. The company says it employs approximately 5,500 workers across the continent, with an unknown number based in Alberta.
The recent charges are not the first time the company’s business practices in the province have been called into question. Earlier this year, Direct Energy’s regulated provider in Alberta agreed to pay $9 million to settle a class-action lawsuit in which it was alleged the company’s late payment penalties were effectively charging customers an illegal interest rate of up to 91 per cent. In 2009, the company entered into an agreement with Service Alberta to pay $500,000 in penalties and to take steps to ensure it did not accidentally or intentionally mislead consumers when it was signing them up for unregulated energy rate plans.
Direct Energy saw its operating profit increase 81 per cent in the first six months of this year to approximately $375 million as it increasingly bundled the sale of gas and electricity with products like service protection plans and smart thermostats that can control usage. Sixty-nine of the complaints, or nearly one-fifth of the total closed by the consumer advocate staff in the past four months, took over a month to resolve. The company told investors it wants to resolve more queries the first time it gets a calls and is on track to deliver a nine per cent year-over-year reduction in the cost to serve each customer. A recent report from Citizens Advice found that, each year, 20% of all British households are compelled to complain to their energy supplier. Just in the past year, Ofgem handed more than a few hefty fines and warnings to suppliers over billing issues.

In some cases, suppliers apologised and either paid back affected customers or wrote off old charges.
However, these issues are little consolation to consumers who, according to the Citizens Advice report, had reason to increase their complaints year-on-year by 27%.
You can also view a quick video about understanding what’s on your bill and why, featuring Energy Expert Tom Lyon below. However, if you are building up a large debit or credit balance, take a meter reading and contact us to discuss. It will also show details of any price changes during the bill period, along with any discounts and VAT. It includes the previous balance of your account, the amount of this bill, and any payments and refunds that have been made, all of which contribute to the current balance of your account which is shown here. If you have a 2 (or more) rate meter there will be a line for each reading register displayed here.
The first column shows it for the period of this bill, the second shows it for the period of your last bill and the third column shows your average daily consumption for the same period last year (as this bill). We may have had to estimate part of this and the accuracy of this information will depend on how many actual meter readings we hold.
If the amount of electricity you use or our prices change then this figure will become less accurate.
This operator is responsible for the local network that delivers power to your home (or business). Please follow the links below for further information on the separate gas and electricity pages of your bill. We make ours as straightforward as possible – and we've created this guide to explain each section of it.

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