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There are literally hundreds of vitamins and essential nutrients that the body needs to function and exist, but there’s that special lot that works just to shed the pounds, build the muscle, and improve your overall wellness at the same time. Most people are familiar with amino acids and vitamins and how they’re important to human health. Low levels of l-arginine can bring on many unwanted and dangerous symptoms that are related to heart conditions, male infertility, erectile dysfunction, high blood pressure, and premature infant conditions. Many athletes and body builders supplement with this amino acid because it increases growth hormone levels, efficiently synthesizes proteins, and because it’s the precursor molecule to nitric oxide that helps to widen blood vessels. You can work out longer and harder because blood oxygen levels have improved with the widened vessels allowing more nutrients to be supplied to the body.
L-arginine benefits for men include increasing libido, arousal, and sexual desire, improving blood flow to the penis to be able to reach and maintain an erection, and endurance levels and stamina increases because of the increased oxygen and blood flow. Although this pro-sexual amino acid is touted for male benefits, it has also shown the same benefits for women. Several studies have shown that l-arginine is an effective organic compound to combat and treat hypertension. Most people believe that l-arginine is not a supportive form of treatment for the herpes simplex virus. L-lysine is an effective form of alternative treatment for herpes and actually works as a counter to l-arginine.
Because of the marvelous effects of l-arginine, the market is flooded with various supplements that range from obviously dangerous to high quality product. Ensuring that you get the right high quality, pure liquid l-arginine requires you do your research.
Arginine blasts in to get proteins and growth hormones to step it up 100% to aid in building that new muscle while supplying the life-force to the body. Carnitine makes itself known by appealing to nerve endings and androgen receptors to be more responsive to testosterone levels and proteins to allow new muscle tissue to take up space.
Despite the fact that l-arginine is a natural and organic compound that the body needs in order to survive, many ask is l-arginine safe to take? As with all pharmacy grade supplements and medications, it’s always advised to consult with a physician prior to use in case of serious underlying medical diseases, blood abnormalities, and respiratory conditions.
The good news is that you can enroll in a telemedicine program where you get both the much-needed doctors supervision and prescription AND the benefits of convienent online ordering. To get rid of those last few stubborn pounds and the belly fat, you may need more than time at the gym and an apple a day. Many ordinary people and professional athletes suffer with burning out too quickly, not having enough energy and stamina to last through the workout.

Meet one of those hard workers that is part of the best kept secret in the health and nutrition realm: L-Arginine. Some of these organic compounds need to be introduced to the body and others can be made by the body. It’s also used for treatment for cancer, skin applications for diabetics, and for enhancing weight loss and muscle building effects. Getting the right nutrition and quality vitamins into your body can be more than just a boost of energy, it can be the change to your life that you’re desperately needing.
Because this amino acid supports immune function, helps to remove ammonia, quickens wound healing, is directly involved with cell division, and also triggers the release of hormones, there is a wide variety of effects that the entire body is exposed to. This gas stimulates delicate blood vessel walls to widen and open, allowing an improved flow and speed. Females can also suffer sexual dysfunction and with increased levels of l-arginine, the improved blood and oxygen supply to the vagina can boost libido, sexual desire, and arousal. The same way it works in the above benefits is the same way it works to control blood pressure. Bone loss is a danger of high blood pressure levels, and l-arginine is actually an efficient witch-doctor to bone. Against common belief, this natural compound can be effective if taken correctly and at the right time. For this reason, if using both to combat herpes outbreaks, it’s recommended to supplement with the two compounds at least two hours apart from each other.
When l-arginine rich foods are consumed, nitric oxide is converted and released throughout the body.
Many over the counter supplements are diluted and don’t contain enough of the amino acid to make any changes in your body. Purchasing from a licensed United States pharmacy allows you to get access to pharmacy grade supplements at the best prices for the best quality. Combining the amino acid arginine and amino acid composite carnitine, it’s a recipe for success. It also goes to work to making sure the metabolism is as hot as ever and is burning up as much adipose tissue as possible for fuel and energy so that you can work out harder and longer. Although the body is able to synthesize this amino acid, at times not enough l-arginine rich foods are consumed in the diet to allow the body to make what it needs. There are rare incidences of reported adverse l-arginine side effects that range from nausea, diarrhea, and abdominal pain.
But there is a caveat: this is a prescription product that you should not even consider purchasing without the supervision of a licensed doctor – or it might be both your health and your butt on the line!

You will simply enroll in the program, a doctor will review your medical information (all submitted online) and instruct the pharmacy to dispense the product to you (if suitable).
Give your body injectable amino acids to put your hormones into balance and your health back on track. Because blood vessels carry blood, nutrients, and oxygen to muscles, organs, tissues, and cells, l-arginine for ED has been proven to be an effective treatment. L-arginine and blood pressure have been best buddies since it has the ability to reign in high blood pressure levels. In 2009 there were studies that were performed that concluded it was all about the timing of taking l-arginine. While encouraging the growth of new muscle, it also protects existing muscle tissue while supplying the body with enough energy and oxygen to endure long after the last mile. The best l-arginine supplement comes in the form of injectable arginine because it gets delivered straight into your bloodstream. Plus, since you are purchasing l-arginine injections from a licensed US pharmacy, you can be sure of the quality of the product you are ordering. Although exercise and diet is important, it’s not commonly known that having your hormones in balance and your full supply of vitamins is ultimately what brings about lean muscle tissue and improved health. At the same time, it’s supporting the production of more lean muscle by signalling the release of growth hormone levels and proteins to cells while boosting the metabolism.
Under medical supervision this nutrient is also effective to treat pregnant women with gestational hypertension and pre-eclampsia to control their blood pressure. Because high blood pressure can damage and scar your arteries, narrowing of the vessels happen and fats and cholesterol can build up and block them. If taken within six hours of the physical herpes outbreak, it could reduce the amount of blisters, increase dormancy periods, and can possibly wipe out the blisters all together. It passes the digestive system so that none of it gets diluted down to numb the effectiveness.
All these metabolic processes that are simultaneously taking place helping you to achieve that cut, lean body you’re working hard for. Also an aneurysm can occur, and a poor quality of life, a disability, or a heart attack can be the result. Other supplements offer pills and powders, but they don’t give the same quality, potency, or performance as arginine injections.

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