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Centrecare Kalgoorlie will be celebrating Mental Health Week and we would love for you to join us. Centrecare supports call for additional services in Esperance to assist with drug related problems. One of the sites that I rely on to get behind the news is, which offers independent expert reviews of news stories.
The site featured a great post about a proposed plan to deliver easy to understand information on drug labels, which almost everyone wishes for.

But don’t just trust certain articles and run and get the breast implants or load your child on folic acid supplements.
Publisher Gary Schwitzer (pictured below) runs a blog for those who really want to dive into the public health matters clearly and precisely.
From Medicare issues to how to deconstruct the drug labels, Schwitzer’s site makes you think about giving a second thought before popping the latest wonder pill.
No sabes como sigos tus consejos de ejercicios, alimentacion y especialmente a lo que se refiere a la salud.

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