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If your cat suffers from an upper respiratory infection, it's likely that the feline herpesvirus is behind it. While antibiotics can't cure the virus, they can help treat any secondary bacterial infection.
Your veterinarian might prescribe topical antibiotics to prevent secondary bacterial infections. One of the most common viruses in cats is herpes, which is different than the herpes viruses that infect humans.
Cat bites should be disinfected, treated with sterile water and dressed with gauze and medical tape. Enisyl-F Lysine Treats help lessen the severity of symptoms and the frequency of flare-up of FHV-1 infections in cats.
Optixcare has provided a supplement for cats and kittens, containing Lysine, which may help reduce the severity and frequency of eye herpes outbreaks. L-Lysine Supplements client information sheet for pet parent reference opens in a new window. Cats contract the virus from contact with these fluids, either directly from an infected cat or from contaminated objects, such as a food dish.
Known as feline herpesviral rhinotracheitis, an affected cat exhibits fever, nasal discharge, sneezing, drooling, enlarged lymph nodes and an eye infection. Lysine is an amino acid produced by the body, and this product provides it in a convenient soft-chew formula which contains 500 mg of lysine per chew. This soft chewy bite size product was recommend by my Vet to help maintain a strong immune system which is important for her well being.

Treating feline herpesvirus consists primarily of attending to the symptoms, which include respiratory and eye issues. Once infected, cats become symptomatic in less than a week, but can transmit the virus before symptoms become apparent. She might recommend keeping your cat in a room with a humidifier or placing your cat in the bathroom when you and other family members shower, as the steam helps to relieve swollen nasal passages. If the eye is painful and inflamed, your vet also might prescribe topical anti-inflammatory medication. The manufacturer recommends giving kittens ½ - 1 chew daily and cats 1-2 chews daily or as directed by your pet's veterinarian. While the actual infection lasts up to three weeks, once symptoms subside the cat carries the inactive virus for the rest of his life.
Newborn kittens -- whose eyes haven't even opened yet -- often suffer from herpesvirus conjunctivitis. Because your cat's sense of smell suffers with a congested nose, you might need to feed him smelly canned food, such as fish, to stimulate his appetite. VAT Quantity: The minimum purchase order quantity for the product is 1 Add to cart Lysine Aid is a new L-Lysine Supplement for the management of Feline Herpes (FHV-1) in kittens and cats. In severe cases affecting the cornea, your vet might refer you to a veterinary ophthalmologist, who can debride the area. Lysine administration has been shown to inhibit replication of the Feline Herpes Virus (FHV-1) More details Reference: 333955 Warning: Last items in stock! Feline rhinotracheitis virus (feline herpesvirus type 1 or FHV-1) causes acute respiratory illness known as rhinotracheitis (or feline herpesvirus infection).

This is for my newest cat, he came to us as a stray, but is very choosie on what he eats, & his treats. Some veterinarians have found success with Interferon, which helps to boost the immune system. L-Lysine : Positive results have also been found with the administration of L-Lysine in a dosage of 250-500 mg twice a day. It has also been shown that L-Lysine supplementation in cats limits the intensity of both virus shedding and clinical signs of herpes virus infectionMode of ActionL-Lysine is an amino acid which is naturally present in proteins and can play a key role in the management of herpesvirus infection. She loves them and I am able to stick a little pill inside of it so it's serving two purposes: Lysine supplement AND grain free pill pocket! It has been shown that during replication of feline herpesvirus an increase in L-Lysine levels has inhibiting effects on the virus, as it competes with arginine (another amino acid) in the replication process.Presentation50ml Salmon flavoured gel with oral measurements for ease of use. For kittens give 1ml twice daily for one week before periods of stress and for at least 2 weeks afterwards. Apply to cat’s paw or add to food: 1 Pump = 2ml• Ensure good hygienic practises are followed in the cattery • Isolate newborn kittens until vaccination is effective • Institute a regular vaccination programme Special attention should be paid to nutrition with URI-infected cats.

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