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The subject of employee engagement and motivation is not a new one but, as Tom Robinson investigates, it is one that is important in keeping your team energised at all times.
Resilience is the key to keeping your call centre staff engaged and ready to handle any situation in the most positive way. Shrugging it off – Some people find this easier than others; but after a difficult call, sustained busy periods or times of adversity, take a deep breath, try to let it wash over you, take it for what it is, and let it go. Think about it differently – Every day, every call is not necessarily a drain; it could also be seen as an opportunity to make someone’s day. Allow time for recovery – If you’re still emotionally drained, allow some quality time for emotional renewal. Listen – One of the biggest ways to connect emotionally with someone is to listen like your life depends on it. Choose how you’re going to ‘be’ – Practise choosing what attitude you will have from moment to moment. Always eat within one hour of waking – Your energy is used while you sleep, if you don’t have breakfast you’ll be running on empty until you eat. Drink plenty of water – Aim for six to eight glasses per day; even mild dehydration leads to headaches, lack of energy and confusion. Snack strategically – Never leave more than four hours between eating or your blood glucose level will fall. Eat until you’re satisfied –  large lunch can cause glucose levels to rise sharply, resulting in an energy ‘crash’.
Stretch and move – The brain needs oxygen to function properly, so stretch every 30 minutes and physically move around at least every 90 minutes. Know where you are going – Often a lack of mental focus is a result of not having a clear goal, or not knowing how to get there. Avoid multi-tasking – When someone is driving a car while talking on the phone and putting on make-up, they’re not doing any of them properly. When trying to keep motivated and engaged when things are stacked against us, we have a tendency to fall into New Year’s resolution syndrome and give up at the first hurdle.
Rather than in the religious sense, this is more one of purpose – a unique force for action.
Emotional energy is simply the capacity to manage emotions skilfully during day-to-day work.
Resilience and bouncebackability are increasingly being seen as the number one way to have a motivated, inspired and energetic workforce, able to deal with whatever life and work throw at them.
Tom Robinson is Head of Training for front-of-house company MITIE Client Services that specialises in delivering and training five star customer service.
With the increased use of mobile devices and the increased need for information exchange with small devices such as sensor nodes, new requirements are placed on connectivity options. There is a clear trend that information exchange between various apparatus and devices is growing.
Based on the rapid infrastructure coverage and Internet access all these devices can be accessed over the Internet. A cellular connection is a good alternative for many applications but requires a substantial power source and is relatively expensive both to purchase and to operate in relation to the cost of smaller devices or sensors.
There are several low power wireless technologies available including Ant+, EnOcean, ZigBee and proprietary technologies operating in the 2.4 GHz and sub 1 GHz bands.
Bluetooth low energy technology becomes particularly interesting as a wireless technology option due to its ultra-low power consumption and connectivity possibilities with smart phones and tablets. Bluetooth low energy is substantially different from Classic Bluetooth technology which is ideal for continuous, streaming data applications including voice. Power consumption is kept to a minimum as a Bluetooth low energy device is kept in sleep mode most of the time and only wakes up when a connection is initiated. In order to obtain a very low power consumption Bluetooth low energy uses a lower data rate. Bluetooth has a determined set of “profiles” that in essence are application defined behaviors that Bluetooth devices use to communicate with other each other. Bluetooth low energy technology profiles are different from those used in Classic Bluetooth and are based on the Generic Attribute Profile (GATT). Unlike Classic Bluetooth, product developers can develop their own profiles and services to add to those from the Bluetooth SIG.
Just as Classic Bluetooth, Bluetooth low energy is based on a master connected to a number of slaves. Many features of Classic Bluetooth are inherited in Bluetooth low energy including Adaptive Frequency Hopping (AFH) as well as part of the Logical Link. To get a better idea of what use case Bluetooth low energy is ideal for the below examples cover both theoretic and live use cases in medical and industrial applications.Monitoring of Unmonitored Patients Many patients are not monitored and reports rely on manual vital signs entry for their EHR (electronic health records).
Rolf Nilsson is the CEO and founder of connectBlue with over 30 years of thorough insight and know-how from industrial automation and communication.
Loft insulation is required to delay the escape of warm air, from the heated parts of the house, through the roof. Cavity wall insulation must be installed to delay the escape of warm air, from the heated parts of the house, escaping through the external walls. In suspended timber ground floor construction, care is needed to minimise the draughts from the ventilated space beneath the floor. Concrete ground floors can have high density rigid board insulation fitted above the concrete slab or below the concrete slab. If the existing loft insulation material is in good condition it can be left in place and a layer of top up loft insulation can be added to it to bring the thickness up to the level of the top of the joists. Cavity insulation involves the mechanical injection of a suitable insulation material into the wall cavity of an existing house. It is essential to find the most effective way of insulating external building elements to the highest affordable standard.
Many flexible options and simple design variations are available for those who are interested in pursuing our ZED affordable housing concepts. A south side solarium a€?thermal buffer zonea€? is recommended for improved thermal performance. This two-bedroom one-bath floor plan uses essentially the same core module as the one bedroom one bath floor plan, with only minor modifications. Behaviour Change – working with business and social communities to encourage behaviour change through workshops, seminars and the bespoke on-line CRed system. LCIC build on the UEA’s expertise gained from procuring and developing award winning low carbon buildings on its own campus over the past two decades. LCIC part of a working group at UEA commissioning of one the first commercial-scale Biomass Gasification Combined Heat and Power (CHP) plants in the UK, and actively promoting its use as a sustainable source of bioenergy and “biochar” at the national and international scale. Making the transition to a lower carbon future requires a combination of doing what we can now with the technology to hand, but also relies on developing new innovative low carbon technologies and services.
The Fund has a broad low carbon remit supporting low carbon technologies, products, services and low carbon company growth. Launched in 2006 Carbon Connections is managed Knowledge Transfer Innovation Fund using ?3.3M to encourage and invest in low carbon innovation projects arising from partnerships between universities and businesses.
Several of the projects supported were already generating revenue before culmination of programme either through royalties or through equity investments made in the new companies.
The programme supported partnerships with over 50 commercial enterprises and 16 Higher Education Institutes.

The Good Energy Solutions sun logo shines bright even at night due to the energy stored in our on-site battery.
We save money every night by using energy collected from the sun by our 10.9 kW solar array instead of drawing power from the electric company. We have installed and are currently testing a variety of the latest battery technologies at Good Energy Solutions. Our technical interest and commitment to the future development in the market enable us to provide the best equipment for our customers.
The Solar Array at Good Energy Solutions  collects energy that powers our signs and provides shelter for employees cars. The term has now entered the dictionary and is the perfect word to describe resilience – the ability to recover from adversity and discomfort to be able to perform at your best.
Take a short break, have a stroll at lunch, talk to a loved one on the phone or look at some photos. Whether it was saving for your first car or a pair of shoes, you were most probably unstoppable in achieving your goal. Precise, consciously acquired behaviours to deal with adversity need to be automatic to have the biggest impact. Like running a car with little fuel, like driving at top speed at all times, or like not taking care of the machinery – if we misuse our bodies we will soon be heading for a breakdown. Take the example of two athletes of similar physical ability on the start line of a 100m race.
These are the situations in which our character is truly tested and our choices about the way we manage energy are critical. Thank you for helping to recognize the effect of continued high call volume on call center agents.
Sintomas, tratamiento y complicaciones Somnolencia.orgInformacion sobre la somnolencia. The below paper covers the new trends with Internet of Things, the demands on low power and mobile connectivity, wireless technology options, wireless coexistence and potential low energy applications. For instance, there is a rising need to continuously monitor equipment usage, energy consumption, stock supply, and remote control of devices. This evolution is called “Internet of Things,” “Web of Things,” or “Embedded Web” and typically requires a local low power wireless connection besides the Internet connection. In these cases preferred is a local low power wireless technology that covers the distance between the device and a gateway connected to the existing infrastructure or the cellular network. Low power Wireless LAN versions are also available but for many applications they consume too much power.
Classic Bluetooth has successfully eliminated wires in many consumer as well as industrial and medical applications. In theory, this data rate is 1 Mbps but in practice the transfer rates for Bluetooth low energy technology are less than 100 kbps.
Examples of Classic Bluetooth profiles include headset (HSP), object exchange (OBEX), audio distribution (A2DP), video distribution (VDP), file transfer (FTP), serial port (SPP) and personal area networking (PAN). For example, connectBlue has developed the Low Energy Serial Port Service which is a GATT-based service that offers transparent serial communication and thus is an ideal solution for devices with lower data rate and episodic transmission. However, in Bluetooth low energy the number of slaves can be very large; how large depends on the implementation and available memory. The master communicates with the slaves and it can also communicate simultaneously with multiple slaves. But with the addition of Bluetooth low energy there are also single-mode Bluetooth low energy devices known as Bluetooth Smart devices. This inheritance makes Bluetooth low energy very easy to set up and robust and reliable in tough environments.
Therefore, in order to get a robust and reliable communication, it is essential for many wireless technologies to utilize frequency planning. This manual process results in increased workload and potential issues from unmonitored patients or transcription errors. Because heat can be lost through the joists themselves a second layer of insulation is laid across the top of the joists, at right angles to them.
Because heat can be lost by conduction through the roof timbers themselves, additional insulation is required above or below the rafter line. In recent years, because Building Regulations have demanded higher standards of thermal insulation in buildings, wider cavities have been created to accommodate more thermal insulation.
Timber battens and ply board supports, or proprietary netting supports, are constructed between the joists.
If insulation is installed above the slab, the building will heat up and cool down quickly in response to the heating system.
A further layer of loft insulation material can be laid across the joists at right angles to reduce heat loss through the joists themselves.
Holes are drilled into the joints of the outside brickwork and the insulation material is blown into the cavity, via an injection nozzle, until it completely fills the void. The difference between the two is the empty space that is site built around the core module.
The Low Carbon Innovation Centre has expertise in mapping sectors for opportunities in low carbon innovation ranging for technologies that reduce energy demand, improve efficiency, help to decarbonise energy supplies and provide long term carbon storage.
It uses ?8M of European Regional Development Fund support and will source ?12M to from private investors to provide venture capital funding for new, early stage and growing companies (SMEs) in the East of England.
We want to provide optimal systems to our customers when the scale of manufacturing makes batteries a viable return on investment.
A person who has the passion to succeed, no matter what, will be a far bigger asset than someone just there for the money. If the values are integrity and responsibility, do agents ever exaggerate or tell little white lies? The bigger the storm, the more inclined we are to revert to our survival habits, and the more important positive rituals become. To engender a level of spiritual energy in your teams, you need to start by thinking about your organisation.
Positive emotions of enjoyment, challenge, adventure and opportunity buoy energy – whereas negative emotions of fear, frustration, anger or boredom actually drain energy. If one is determined and focused on crossing the line first and the other is thinking about that night’s dinner, which one will win? For most such applications and solutions, a gateway is required to connect sensor nodes to the Internet via a local infrastructure or over a cellular network. Caption: A key requirement in the Internet of Things vision is an easy to deploy and cost efficient low power wireless solution. Bluetooth low energy technology is ideal for applications requiring episodic or periodic transfer of small amounts of data. It is possible to power a small device with a coin cell battery – such as a CR2032 battery – for several years. Described in the Generic Access Profile (GAP) is device discovery, connections and bonding. The new “advertising” functionality makes it possible for a slave to announce that it has something to transmit to other devices that are “scanning.” “Advertising” messages can also include an event or a measurement value. These devices are optimized for small battery-operated devices with low cost and low power consumption in focus.

However, Bluetooth technology has already solved these issues thanks to its built-in AFH feature and high tolerance for interference. The solution is a Wireless Bedside Hub where Wireless LAN is the preferred choice for the connection to hospital IT systems. The relative thicknesses of the two insulating layers will depend on the thermal value of the selected insulating material.
If the insulation is installed below the slab the thermal capacity of the building will be increased and the solid floor structure will absorb heat and release it into the rooms gradually over a period of time. When the injection process is finished the holes are made-good to match the existing mortar as closely as possible.
A simple sunroom can be constructed inexpensively with single pane tempered patio door glass, and a dirt floor for planting a small year-round garden for fresh tropical fruit, vegetables, and flowers.
This empty space has a lower actual cost per square foot than the core module square footage (due to plumbing, appliances, etc.). These large energy efficient reversible fans are perfect for warehouses, manufacturing facilities, restaurants, refrigerated warehouses, gyms, pavilions, and more.For more information about high velocity low speed fans, please call us toll free at 1-800-803-1083 or send us a message. Developments in design enable batteries to fit discretely into a space and eliminates the need to create additional space for storage.
Do they have the right physical, emotional, spiritual and mental energy to do the job, or are they running on reserve power?
Connecting all small devices and sensors directly to the fixed or cellular networks would be too costly. Bluetooth low energy has unique characteristics and new features that that are not practical with Classic Bluetooth. Caption: An advertiser periodically sends and will always act as a slave when it is connecting. These features also make Bluetooth low energy technology co-exist smoothly with other wireless technologies in the 2.4 GHz band as Bluetooth will not use frequencies occupied by other nearby wireless technologies.
Bluetooth technology provides for local connectivity to patient connected and data collection devices. If a solarium is added to the floor plan, all of the rooms on the south wall can have sliding glass doors(or French doors) into the solarium to improve the daylight and sweeping views to the south.
The exterior dimensions of all these ZED homes can be increased in two-foot increments with minimal additional square footage cost.
Especially when it comes to a new installation of sensors or other smaller devices, it is of interest to go wireless.
For instance, coin cell battery-operated sensors and actuators can now smoothly connect to Bluetooth low energy enabled smartphones, tablets or gateways. Dual-mode devices will rarely gain in power saving since they need to support both technology implementations; the power savings will only be achieved with the single-mode option. In addition, there is also a possibility to apply the principle of not using designated channels via the so-called channel blacklisting.
Classic Bluetooth is used for higher data rates, streaming devices and Bluetooth low energy gives longer battery life to intermittent and lower duty-cycle patient worn sensors. On sunny winter days, the doors can be opened to allow warm air from the sunroom to flow through the interior of the home.
It’s a fun word, and even more fun to put in a PowerPoint presentation, because they have an action that can make a word bounce. Going wireless also includes “wireless power” which is typically achieved through batteries.
Bluetooth low energy uses a simple star topology which simplifies the implementation work significantly.
Estos incluyen una serie de condiciones, de los cuales la apnea del sueno, el insomnio y la narcolepsia son los mas conocidos.Apnea del sueno. With yearly shipments of more than 10 billion microcontrollers that all can exchange information locally or through the Internet, a huge variety of so called “intelligent devices” are enabled.
For many smaller devices a coin cell battery would be enough for several years of operation. This topology fits very well with the commonly used system architecture with several small devices connected to a master in a production island. A Bluetooth low energy unit can thereby offer a range of 200-300 meters in line-of-site without the need of an additional power amplifier. Es una condicion en la que usted deja de respirar en el medio de la noche, a menudo varias veces por noche.
When a battery solution would not fulfill the requirements there are several energy harvesting alternatives. In most cases, infrastructure or Ethernet networks are available and there is no need for mesh networks to extend the geographical coverage.
Although industrial sensors and actuators often only need a range of only 20-50 meters, it is important in the aspects of robustness and reliability to have a large reserve in order to bridge temporary obstacles and interference.
La privacion de oxigeno, asi como la constante interrupcion del sueno, lleva a una constante somnolencia durante el dia, el letargo y la fatiga. Energy harvesting alternatives include solar light, temperature differences and movement (e.g.
Tambien se asocia con enfermedades mas graves, como enfermedades del corazon, la diabetes y la obesidad. In addition to cloud connectivity there is rising need for wireless in personalized Human Machine Interface (HMI) pertaining to local monitoring and control via smartphones or tablets. The operating systems (Apple iOS, Android or Windows) require low power wireless technologies and built-in connectivity to these types of devices. Deviation from those requirements will result in reduced shelf life or even discarding of the specific blood unit. Es la percepcion de que usted no esta durmiendo lo suficiente o que el sueno que esta recibiendo es pobre. Caption: Increasingly important is connectivity to smartphones and tablets where an “App” can serve as a local HMI as well as an access point or gateway.
Leer mas >SintomasLa somnolencia puede acompanar de otros sintomas, que varian dependiendo de la enfermedad subyacente trastorno o estado. Leer mas >CausasLa somnolencia puede ser consecuencia de situaciones que afectan el sueno, tales como depresion o estres, trastornos del sueno como insomnio, narcalepsia, etc. The Bluetooth low energy module in the tracer also handles temperature logging, calculations and user information indications. La aparicion repentina de sueno puede indicar una afeccion potencialmente mortal, especialmente si esta relacionado con una lesion en la cabeza, la exposicion al frio extremo, o una intoxicacion por medicamentos.
Leer mas >ComplicacionesDebido a que la somnolencia puede ser debida a enfermedades graves, no buscar tratamiento puede dar lugar a complicaciones graves y dano permanente. Leer mas >TratamientoLa depresion, el estres, la ansiedad y el dolor tambien se asocian con la falta de sueno. El tratamiento para reducir al minimo estas condiciones puede mejorar considerablemente la capacidad de conciliar el sueno y permanecer dormido. In addition, the proximity feature can send a message if the user is within the production cell or not in order to allow for elective interaction.

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