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I've gotten an estimate from another company to replace one half-moon window (with inner grids and low-e) and it was $600. A: "Safety glass" or a€?tempered glassa€? is glass that when broken breaks into very tiny pieces in order to minimize injury.
A: Laminated glass is a form of Safety Glass created by sandwiching a layer of Polyvinyl Butyral (PVB) between two pieces of glass. A: Tempered glass is a form of Safety Glass created by heating regular annealed glass then chilling it quickly to create an inner tension in the glass. A: From the time we order your new glass units to the day we install them is typically one to two weeks. Testimonials"The quality of work and attention to detail by Distinction Windows is outstanding. There is no such thing as a window that will last a a€?lifetime.a€? That is simply a marketing gimmick used by window replacement companies. Any window within 24 horizontal inches of a door AND within 60 vertical inches of a standing or walking surface.
An IGU, double pane or thermal pane window is composed of 2 pieces of glass separated by a spacer, which creates a sealed air space between the two panes. Low-E coatings are invisible, microscopically thin metallic oxide layers deposited on an inner window or skylight surface primarily to reduce radiative heat transfer entering or exiting the window.
If you have an older home subject to frequent temperature changes IG units can help balance the indoor climate. When they are finished with the windows I don't have to check if everything is cleaned and polished - it is.
This is why many Installers wona€™t even do one or two window jobs or they have to set minimum job prices.

A quality wood framed window that is well maintained (caulked and painted regularly) should last from 20-25 years. Standard glass can be deadly due to the large sharp spear-like pieces that are created when it breaks.
Any window greater than 9 sq ft AND within 18 vertical inches of a standing or walking surface, with the top edge of glass greater than 36 inches above a standing or walking surface OR within 36 horizontal inches of a standing or walking surface. However, when it does breaks, it breaks into small pea sized pieces than eliminate the deep wounding cuts caused by regular annealed glass. Thermal pane windows are manufactured as airtight units that resist fogging due to desiccant in the spacer.
Window Replacement is replacing the entire window, frames and all, down to the rough openings. This is caused by a weakness in the seal that holds the glass together and when broken allows moisture to get between the panes of glass and can make the window almost impossible to see through. In the winter IG units reduce cold transmittance at windows and help maintain a consistent temperature in the home. Aluminum framed windows routinely last 17 a€“ 20 years, while vinyl framed windows may last 15 if they have quality spacers (see our Double Trouble article for more information about vinyl windows). When broken, the glass is held in place by the inner PVB layer and provides a high level of both safety and security. It's the dry air space that creates the insulating properties that makes these units so energy efficient. Argon gas is less conductive than air and nitrogen and in extremely cold climates can result in a noticeable difference in heat transfer. The difference can be often be felt by warmer rooms in the winter and easier to cool homes in the summer.

Glass Replacement leaves the frames intact and only involves replacing the glass (IGU) part of the window.
Here at Distinction Windows we offer Free In-Home Estimates to assess the damage and properly replace the issue glass. And one or two window jobs will always cost more per unit than they would if it was a ten window job. Uniform building codes exist for specific applications for residential and commercial buildings to insure safety.
In warmer climates like Seattle, however, the additional cost of Argon gas is not as beneficial or even necessary. All window frames from wood, aluminum or vinyl are designed so that the glass units can easily be removed and replaced without removing the frames. Ask today how we can upgrade your windows to high efficiency-low-e  glass and save on costly energy bills.
Windows facing south or west will not last as long a windows facing north that do not get direct sunshine. Window Defoggers installs glass according to the required building codes in order to reduce your risk of harm or liability.

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