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Before starting please do the following: turn off and unplug all appliances that you have in the house. The refrigerator is constantly connected and running 24 hours a day, every single day of the year. As we have seen in Build Home in interior design, if you have a room painted a very dark shade you are more likely to use more light and energy to illuminate the room.
Ceiling lights are usually used to illuminate a whole room, so it is better to opt for the use of floor lamps or table lamp that focus on specific areas of the room where you need the light.
In your living room you can reduce energy by only plugging in your TV or stereo when you need to use them. If you are using air conditioning, thermostat setting is the first step to saving electricity.
Place plants near the windows of the living room to stop the passage of the winds in winter. Imperial Building & Roofing Co Inc recommends having your attic inspected and properly insulated to ensure you are not losing unnecessary energy because of poor ventilation or cracks. We all know that an iron is a major consumer of energy which is why we try to use as little as possible.
Remember that reducing energy consumption in your home will help reduce monthly payments up to 50% – making it a great year for your savings! Flooring kitchen – chess pattern as a classic from the old days Unique Flooring kitchen with chess patterns Chess pattern as flooring for the kitchen is perhaps not too big news. Wall Murals for an original and excellent design staircase Creative ideas for stairwell with wallpaper and other decorative wall The stairwells have key importance for the Interior. The pantry for the kitchen is a useful piece of furniture with an antique accent Sideboard Kitchen – Ensure a rural retro charm in the kitchen Sideboard for the kitchen is a practical idea.
Penthouse set up – you profit from the color white in all respects Ideas in the White Penthouse Setting An inspiration in white, we want to introduce to you today. If you are currently renting an apartment (or still planning to get one), below are some design tips that you can apply without breaking any apartment rules and regulations.
Hanging up a chalkboard with colorful art (just like what you usually see at coffee shops) at your wall can add some decorative touch at your apartment too. Painting a portion of your wall makes a huge difference at your apartment’s overall design.
And since you only painted a portion, it’s easy to repaint them back with its original colors when you move out. If painting is not an option and using a curtain is not your thing, then a large canvas painted with your chosen color could do the trick. All of the above said tips are proven to be effective in transforming a boring and dull apartment into a livelier and livable one. I am absolutely in love with the idea of living in a place where I am so close to the nature. If you are going to buy new appliances, better buy the ones that promises low energy consumption. Have you just got back from an amazing vacation and started to go through the snaps you took only to find that some of them didn’t turn out the way you wanted?
Improving and enhancing the image quality of the photos by tweaking the contrast and brightness, hue and saturation, temperature, exposure, and so on. Transforming the orientation and framing of the photo by flipping, cropping, rotating, leveling, and resizing it. Replacing and removing elements in the photo as is required, including the background if need be.
Applying attractive filters to morph the photo’s style to lomo, sepia, black-and-white, acid, oil painting, and many other options. Go ahead and try it out for yourself and you’ll see that it really is user-friendly and easy to use. If you ask anybody who has ever had a home renovation or remodel done, chances are you’ll hear them tell you that a good general contractor is worth his or her weight in gold. Getting a list of contractors to talk to isn’t enough – you need to conduct real interviews. In every single area a general contractor needs to be licensed, and in other areas they need to be certified by professional organizations to do their work. When you check this information you need to make sure that the contractor’s license is in good standing and that there aren’t lots of complaints on their record. Doing a little research now can go a long way toward helping you find the right contractor and crew for your build, renovation or remodeling project. Most retail store facilities cost including energy accounts for their largest operating expense after the cost of products and labor.
Home Energy Consumption: To know where to focus to improve your home energy efficiency you need to have an idea of what consumes the most energy and start with those areas first as they will have the largest impact. The is the first of a two-part series about residential technologies being developed or explored in the region.
Welcome the convenience of living in a smart home, technology developments for residential properties that are coming fast. When it comes to home technology needs, there certainly are plenty of options to fulfill them, says Patrick Griffen, owner of Philadelphia Smart Home, a technology installation company that specializes in smart home technology. There are many popular features currently available to make houses smarter, like climate control, lighting, security and entertainment.

Smart homes give homeowners the ability to control and automate their thermostats, for example.
Smart homeowners can also combine many or all of their light switches into one easy to use switch or touchpad.
While smart homes are not necessarily green and green homes are not necessarily smart, the two concepts have many overlapping features. Smart house technology improves green house technology by giving homeowners more control over the systems in their house.
As much as you need to be aware of your energy-consumptions, you must also be aware of your exteriors in order to lower the energy bills. This entry was posted in Funny Videos and Images, Green Ideas, Home Improvement, Home Remodeling and tagged green remodeling, home energy, home infographic, house infographic, smart home, smarter home.
Spray Foam Systems is a leading supplier of spray foam equipment, including ProPAK Mobile Spray Rigs and NiTROSYS, and is also a Top 20 Graco. Air Krete insulation is fire proof, environmentally friendly, safe and non-toxic insulation that is free of CFC's & formaldehyde, while also being. Based in Houston, TX, Lapolla is a global spray foam insulation and roof coatings manufacturer. Household Heating Systems: Although several different types of fuels are available to heat our homes, nearly half of us use natural gas. Heating and cooling your home uses more energy and costs more money than any other system in your home -- typically making up about 48% of your utility bill.
No matter what kind of heating and cooling system you have in your house, you can save money and increase your comfort by properly maintaining and upgrading your equipment. Set your programmable thermostat as low as is comfortable in the winter and as high as is comfortable in the summer, and -- depending on the season -- raise or lower the setpoint when you're sleeping or away from home. Clean warm-air registers, baseboard heaters, and radiators as needed; make sure they're not blocked by furniture, carpeting, or drapes.
Eliminate trapped air from hot-water radiators once or twice a season; if unsure about how to perform this task, contact a professional.
Turn off kitchen, bath, and other exhaust fans within 20 minutes after you are done cooking or bathing; when replacing exhaust fans, consider installing high-efficiency, low-noise models. During winter, keep the draperies and shades on your south-facing windows open during the day to allow the sunlight to enter your home and closed at night to reduce the chill you may feel from cold windows. There are many areas in your house that use energy that can be detected and reduced which will save you money on your monthly  energy bill payments.
Place it between 16 ? C in winter and 26 ? C in the summer.  Check for drafts and leaks in your windows and doors to cut back on the amount of air that is passing through the holes. Like ironing, washing one per week as opposed to several days throughout the week can make a big difference. You’ll also be helping the environment, so get to work and start implementing all this great advice!
They are pretty easy to do and if done correctly, can give your rented space a brand new face, feel and look. Play with the light fixtures a bit and if possible, install a dim light.  You will be surprise how this simple trick can give your rented space an instant upgrade.
The living room and the kitchen are the perfect spots for this kind of unique wall decoration.
Try painting a wall portion at your bathroom or some parts of your living room. All Around Roofing and Exteriors Inc can give you some pointers if you get stuck. Check out some ideas via Pinterest and you will be amazed how much curtains can do in terms of decorating small spaces.
Buy a big canvas and paint it with the color you wanted.  Hang it up and feel the difference. I just the love the thought of waking up to a serene view of the lake reminding me that amidst life’s craziness, serenity is still possible.
Checking online for options and ideas, I came across Lake wylie Homes, just exactly as I imagined my home would be. Have you ever thought of doing something to somewhat lower your energy consumption so you can save some money? Those light bulbs are proven to consume lesser electricity compared to the old ones that our parents use during their days. Imagine if all of your appliances are left plugged in and you go out of town for a week or so? It is fairly common to find that vacation photos may not turn out ‘perfect’ due to circumstances out of your control, but that doesn’t make it any less disappointing.
That way you can fix whatever is wrong with them, improve their overall quality, and maybe even crank up the style by transforming them in other ways too. Instead of confronting you with a plethora of technical options, it has a carefully engineered user interface that emphasizes an intuitive and accessible standpoint. As you’ll find, the Movavi Photo Suite has literally everything that you need to edit photos and make them look absolutely stunning in the process. In fact, you’ll undoubtedly master it in no time and be able to edit much more than just your vacation photos. That’s because general contractors are in charge of every home build, renovation and remodeling project, and if you’re having something done, you need one that understands your project. The fact of the matter is that most homeowners simply don’t know who they want to do the work, or who they should be hiring.

In fact, most homeowners simply don’t know where to look when it’s time to find somebody to work on their home. Talk to friends, family, neighbors and coworkers to see if they have worked with somebody who did a good job, finished the work on time and came in on or under budget. Find out about past work history, what type of projects they specialize in and get a quote on your job.
Before you hire anybody you need to check on this information to make sure you’re not going to be scammed.
In addition to licensing and certification you’ll also want to check the Better Business Bureau rating of any contractor you’re thinking about hiring.
While home technology is not yet able to allow all of these tasks, industry experts say we’ll quickly move toward a state of complete home automation and remote user-control. According to Baldwin, homeowners can setup a system where the control unit opens or closes the window blinds based on the time of day and position of the sun. This also allows users to create different lighting presets, like a setting to automatically dim the lights for a movie. Simplifying a system can be combining all your light switches into one unit or taking a complicated TV and DVD remote and putting all of the important features into a simple touch-screen.
Smart grid technology may also allow people to consumer more energy when rates are lower and vice versa. Without smart technology it will be harder to dramatically lessen your carbon emissions, Baldwin says.
It appears to be a viable, realistic option that homeowners will be able to take to reduce their individual carbon footprints.
As a result of his excellent work our heating costs so far this winter are 50% of what they were last winter at this time, despite much colder conditions. But remember, an energy-efficient furnace alone will not have as great an impact on your energy bills as using the whole-house approach.
Your contractor should be able to give you energy fact sheets for different types, models, and designs to help you compare energy usage. The national minimum is 78% AFUE, but there are ENERGY STAR® models on the market that exceed 90% AFUE. These drafts can cause your air or heat to work extra hard to compensate for the temperature change.
Keep the old handles in a safe location so you can re-install them once you decided to leave. While at this point of my life I love everything urban like going out and mingle with friends over coffee or in a bar, shop, and some night outs,if given the chance and the choice, I will definitely choose to settle down and live somewhere quiet and peaceful, away from the busy and noisy city life like those Homes on Lake wylie. By the lake, that’s given already, beautiful and unique architecture of the houses, the presence of wildlife and plants in the area. If you are living in an old house with old lighting fixtures, consider replacing them with the energy efficient bulbs. Although many people feel that editing photos is rather complicated, the fact of the matter is that with the Movavi Photo Suite it really isn’t. Long story short, you should be able to find and utilize all of its powerful features without needing to jump through hoops to do so.
The only real limitation on what you’re able to accomplish with it will be the borders of your own imagination – so let it free, and see what you can get done. Uses like these could reduce that amount of time the air conditioning or heat needs to run, cutting down on electricity use. The Energy Conservation Enhancement Project found that dimming the lights by 50 percent can save 40 percent of electricity and extends the life of the bulb 20 times. For example, a particular playlist can begin to play when a particular person enters their security code upon entering the front door, Griffin says. It is important, then, for smart home technology to be as simple and user-friendly as possible.
Energy Saver can show you countless ways to reduce energy bills in your home with our energy-efficient solutions. By combining proper equipment maintenance and upgrades with recommended insulation, air sealing, and thermostat settings, you can save about 30% on your energy bill while reducing environmental emissions.
And of course because I am used to the urban life and lives quite an active lifestyle, amenities such as fitness center, pool (because I love to swim), and a walking trail is a more reason to settle in!
Aside from lowering your energy consumption, it can also drastically improve your home’s overall look. Although they might come in a bit costly compared to appliances, it can save you a good amount of money in the long run.
According to Griffin, a smart system can be programmed to turn on the foyer light if the front door is opened at night.
Griffin says a smart house could alert the homeowner when their child enters the house by using individualized security codes. You should also make sure the door closes completely to maintain a stable internal climate.

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