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Surnommee « graine miraculeuse » chez les Azteques et les Incas, la graine d’amarante, a la saveur a peine plus epicee que la noisette, renferme une teneur importante en acides amines essentiels (lysine) et en mineraux (calcium, fer, magnesium, potassium, cuivre, manganese, selenium, phosphore, potassium et zinc). Kamiya Farm, a pig farmer in Itoman City, collaborated with Kanemasa Meat, a meat dealer, processor, and seller in Yonabaru Town and mixed pineapple into the feed to co-develop Pineapple-Pork. The characteristics of a€?Pineapple-Pork Juna€? is obvious when one looks at the table of ingredients.
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Gaviscon Regular Strength Antacid provides fast-acting relief for heartburn, acid indigestion, sour stomach, and upset stomach associated with these symptoms. Gundry Lane is powered by data scientists and analysts who figure out what people are searching for, then track it down. With the intention of wanting to have people a€?eat safe and delicious porka€?, he raises brand name pigs that ensure high standards in every aspect: taste, constituents, and quality. Chew 2 to 4 tablets after meals and at bedtime as needed (up to 4 times a day) or as directed by a doctor.

Co-developed Pineapple-Pork with Kamiya Farm and distributed it not only within Okinawa Prefecture, but also nationwide.

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