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Indigenous people of the Eastern Himalayas believe that Dendrobium orchids can cure eye ailments.
The Dendrobium nobile plant is listed as one of the top fifty herbs used in Chinese medicine. Of the nearly eighty species of Dendrobium orchids, Dendrobium nobile is probably the most notable.
The medicinal plant is usually cut prior to flowering or harvested toward the end of its growing season where it is subsequently dried until ready for use.
Remedies made from Dendrobium nobile have commonly been used throughout history to help boost the immune system. While Dendrobium nobile is quite popular in herbal medicine, it is also widely grown for its exotic, multi-colored blooms.
Despite the fact that many women are going through this period without ruffle or excitement and drop out of this period without complications, there are severe cases.
In the case if you are experiencing the phenomenon of the menopause sever you have to consult a doctor. To avoid these complications, there are such methods as hormonal replacement therapy, homeopathy and herbal medicine.
This orchid has been highly valued and used in traditional Chinese medicine since ancient times and is still widely grown for this purpose today.
Typically, the dried stems are used for making herbal remedies, but they are occasionally used fresh.

Although Dendrobium nobile is thought to be quite safe in appropriate doses, the wrong dosage can have adverse effects on the body. Women, who lead a quiet life and who are encompassed by the loved ones, have the menopause easier. Some women may experience temper tantrums, nervous system’s instability, insomnia and blood pressure’s discontinuity. Often the menopause’s complications can grow out of to the chronic diseases such as hypertension, cerebral accident, ischemia and infarction. Decoctions and tinctures of Dendrobium nobile are created by steeping the dried, shredded stems in alcohol and then steaming them. Dendrobium increases salivation and is often prescribed to treat complaints associated with dry mouth, dry cough, and severe thirst.
The plant also has a history of medicinal use in treating pulmonary tuberculosis, impotence, and anorexia. For example, overdoses of Dendrobium can lead to heart and lung problems as well as convulsions. In fact, many people have described the flower as having various aromas throughout the day. In the case, if you have had surgery in the pelvic organs, it may complicate the menopause.
They have the general strengthening effect and have a positive effect on the nervous system.

It is a native of the Himalayas and surrounding area, found growing at high elevations within the deciduous forests. Additionally, the plant is effective in treating conditions related to dry, hot weather, such as sunstroke. Since Dendrobium nobile is known for increasing fluids, it should come as no surprise that the plant can also moisten and enhance the skin.
The undergone abortions and the natural interruptions of pregnancy may have adverse impact on the menopause. Indigenous people of the Eastern Himalayas believed that these flowers could also cure eye ailments. Living in a polluted metropolis has a negative impact on the work of all organs and systems. Involuntary urination may appear that has negative impact on the quality of woman’s life very.

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