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Parents were asked about the importance of different areas of research for children’s health.
Research on the environment and on cancer and other childhood diseases are viewed as comparatively less important.
Each year, hundreds of millions of public and private dollars are spent on medical research to improve the health of children – yet parents have little input regarding how those dollars should be spent. In this Poll, parents overwhelmingly endorse the need for research on the safety of vaccines and medications given to children.
Similarly, the safety and effectiveness of medications given to children is viewed by parents as a very important area of research. This report presents findings from a nationally representative household survey conducted exclusively by Knowledge Networks, Inc, for C.S. Lebera€™s Hereditary Optic Neuropathy (LHON) symptoms usually begin as sudden, painless loss of central vision.
A brief, basic medical overview of LHON is provided in this video by another US LHON Expert, Dr.
About 100 people in the United States lose central vision due to LHON each year, joining the 4,000 or so Americans who are already vision impaired due to LHON. LHON is a genetic disorder that can cause the optic nerve to atrophy but does not always do so.
Because there is a clear pattern of LHON inheritance, those with a family member on the maternal inheritance chain with LHON should expect that any sudden, painless central vision loss is caused by LHON. Those who are not aware of any family members with LHON are taken by surprise when they suddenly lose central vision.
It is important to find a medical professional who is aware of the most current research regarding LHON, as there has been much new learning in recent years and the condition is so rare that most medical professionals are not up-to-date on recent developments.

Another option is to use the Register tab above, and request a referral to an experienced LHON doctor. Since LHON is a rare disorder, it may be helpful to discuss these reports with your ophthalmologist, neuro-ophthalmologist or other health professional to determine if this supplement may be right for you, as well as possible side effects.
Many LHON specialists suggest that people carrying a LHON mutation, both carriers and affecteds, should avoid environmental factors that could create additional stress on the mitochondria.
Having a discussion with your own LHON medical professional about these factors is encouraged.
It is important to avoid getting caught up in the hype of for-profit organizations located in China and other countries who offer a€?stem cell treatmentsa€? to a€?curea€? LHON and other disorders. Making new RCGa€™s means nothing if they dona€™t know where their axons need to connect to. This website should be considered general information only and should not be considered medical guidance or professional advice. 3.Making new RCGa€™s means nothing if they dona€™t know where their axons need to connect to. As a result, fewer kids die from infectious diseases, and tremendous strides have been made in the treatment of certain childhood cancers. In August 2010, the CS Mott Children’s Hospital National Poll on Children’s Health asked parents to rate the importance of different types of medical research for children’s health. Nearly 9 in 10 parents rate research on the safety of vaccine and effectiveness and safety of medicines as very important for children’s health (Table 1). Less than half of parents rate medical research on the leading causes of childhood injuries as very important. Parental concerns about the safety of vaccines has increased markedly over the last decade, due to alleged (but later disproven) links between vaccines and autism and related concerns about mercury and other preservatives used in vaccines.

These views may be prompted by high-profile recalls of medications, or by recent reports suggesting that some common over-the-counter medicines are ineffective for kids.
Mott Children's Hospital National Poll on Children's Health, which do not represent the opinions of the investigators or the opinions of the University of Michigan.
The classic pattern is for one eye to suddenly lose central vision, then on average 8 weeks later the other eye also loses central vision, though many variations on this pattern are possible. However, as threats of some diseases have faded, concerns have increased related to patients’ safety and to links between the environment and children’s health.
For parents, assurances from health care providers and government officials that “vaccines are safe” have been insufficient.
Clearly, parents recognize the importance of continuing research about medications, and see the potential for research to help them be better informed about the potential benefits and risks of treatments for their children. The survey was administered on August 13 - September 7, 2010 to a randomly selected, stratified group of parents aged 18 and older (n=1,621) from the Knowledge Networks standing panel that closely resembles the U.S. Valerio Carelli made very informative presentations about the LHON clinical profile and therapeutic options. Valerio Carelli made very informative presentations about the LHON clinical profile and therapeutic options.A  Click on the photos below to watch their presentations.
Rather, parents want more research about the safety of vaccines for their young children and adolescents.
The margin of sampling error is plus or minus 2 to 3 percentage points, depending on the question.

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