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IF YOU ARE NOT 100% SATISFIED WITH MED SCHOOL ADMISSION GUIDE, YOU GET YOUR MONEY BACK - NO QUESTIONS ASKED! The personal statement is the only place in the AMCAS, ACCOMAS and TMDSAS primary applications where you get to present yourself directly to the admissions committee. The post What Not to Do in a Personal Statement appeared first on Accepted Admissions Consulting Blog.
Many students will reveal medical conditions or those of family members in their personal statements. One of the creepiest essays I’ve ever read—it still sends shivers down my spine just thinking about it—was a student’s description of how much she enjoyed anesthetizing and removing the brains of mice. The least fun essays to read are those that contain more promises than a politician’s speech.
Criticizing or pointing out the failures of healthcare professionals who have treated you or whom you have observed in the past will only reflect negatively on you. Alicia McNease Nimonkar is an Accepted advisor and editor specializing in healthcare admissions.
The months, weeks, and days leading up to a major admission test can be a major source of stress for students.
The post 5 Ways to Cut Stress After an Admission Test appeared first on Accepted Admissions Consulting Blog. After the test, remember to keep the focus on your own test performance, not anyone else’s. There’s no use spending time or energy on the test anymore when you can’t go back to change your answers.
Catherine writes for the Magoosh Blog to support future grad school students by unlocking tricks of the test prep and application trade. We asked some of our consultants for the top piece of advice they would give to applicants just starting the med school admissions process. The post The BEST Advice for New Med School Applicants appeared first on Accepted Admissions Consulting Blog. Cydney Foote: I often hear applicants say “I thought the admissions committee would want to hear about _____” (fill in the blank with research, a medical mission, or a leadership role). In the last post, we illustrated 5 key story elements with these opening application essay line: The moment I found the lump, I suspected my life was about to change – in a big way.
The post 4 More Elements to Telling an Attention-Grabbing Story appeared first on Accepted Admissions Consulting Blog. It was tempting to wish the lump would just go away, and for a few days that was my strategy. These seven lines contain important story elements including a killer opening (more literally than usual, in this case), context (mid-20s consultant, Chicago, 2011), stakes (life and death), obstacles (cancer), and character (fear and determination). It was time for some deep research: with my wife’s help and inputs from my oncologist and other doctors, I pored over journal articles and other materials to understand my treatment options and their risks. Here we have more evidence of character (how our guy took a methodical approach, rather than just picking a treatment impulsively or based on one doctor’s opinion), along with process, or the exact steps he took to approach the obstacle.
After weeks of research and deliberation, I opted for two rounds of outpatient chemotherapy. The last part of our story brings more process (how our survivor made a decision) and another twist (his low white blood cell count), along with the outcome and lessons learned. It’s also always recommended to wrap up your story by returning to your opening, to end with a killer ending with a broader theme or key realization or glimpse of the future. The post The Inspiring Story of a Resilient Young Physician [Episode 151] appeared first on Accepted Admissions Consulting Blog.
As the clock winds down for medical school admission decisions, many applicants are wondering what’s next.
8. The Commonwealth Medical College MS in Medical Science has a 70% placement rate at professional colleges with a guaranteed interview at TCMC for graduates in good standing. A post-baccalaureate program can make a big difference in your reapplication to medical school, not only shoring up your science foundation but also demonstrating your commitment to this career. By Cydney Foote, Accepted consultant and author of Write Your Way to Medical School, who has helped future physicians craft winning applications since 2001. The post 5 Tips for Requesting AACOMAS Evaluations (Letters of Reference) appeared first on Accepted Admissions Consulting Blog. If you are planning to apply to osteopathic schools, the AACOMAS allows you to upload up to six letters of recommendation.
DO schools want to ensure that applicants understand osteopathic medicine and have some exposure to it.
Rather than asking your recommender to say that you are “kind” or “punctual,” give the recommender some examples of how you have displayed these traits. When you ask someone for a recommendation, you should provide a resume as well as a draft of your personal statement, if you have one. For the final installment in our Postbac Admissions Series, med school blog series, we’ll discuss what YOU can do to ensure the BEST letters of recommendation. The post Letters of Recommendation That Will Get You Into the Postbac Program of Your Choice appeared first on Accepted Admissions Consulting Blog. Your letters of recommendation strongly influence the admissions committee that reviews your application. Only request letters from professors in whose classes you earned A’s or mentors with whom you established a strong rapport. Prepare a packet for each letter writer that includes a copy of your personal statement, resume or CV, and any other information they might need to write you a strong letter. Using these guidelines can help you to formulate a successful strategy in gathering the types of letters that will lead to your acceptance. The post 5 Elements to Telling an Attention-Grabbing Story appeared first on Accepted Admissions Consulting Blog.
It’s not about lifting plots from Harry Potter or hoping you suddenly gain magic storytelling powers. To get the admissions reader to keep reading – and even better, to keep reading enthusiastically – start with something attention-grabbing. This keeps the reader interested because it brings in two new elements: an obstacle (cancer) and character (your personality traits).
By this point in the story, your readers will know that you are the main character – you’re the consultant, father, etc. In a medical school interview, a first impression is often the only impression you get to make.
In an interview situation, it is important that your interviewer get a sense of who you are from you, not from your clothes.
Skirts – If you are going to wear a skirt suit, sit down and make sure the skirt does not ride up too high.
Bag – A medium size purse that will fit your portfolio folder (with extra copies of your resume and application) and any papers or handouts you receive that day. Ramsey Powell is one of four Labradorians conditionally accepted to Memorial University's Medical School this fall.
Scoring an acceptance letter into medical school is no easy task, with stiff competition for those coveted seats. At least four students from the coast of Labrador were recently accepted to Memorial University's fall 2015 medical program.
With 80 places available each year in MUN's undergraduate program, that's an impressive number.
Both Powell and Chubbs found out about the news a couple of weeks ago, and were accepted on their first try.

She said she's known since she was a teenager that eventually she'd enter one of the health care professions. Chubbs is leaning toward family medicine or obstetrics, and like Powell, wants to return to a rural setting to practice. Jeremy O'Brien and Cody O'Brien are the other two Labradorians accepted to start medical school at Memorial University in the fall. Here, you can persuade them to give you an interview or unknowingly reveal red flags that undermine your entire application. If you share details of painful events, losses or failures that you have not yet processed or come to terms with, you may not have had time to decide how these experiences will impact you. Her intention was to share her love of science, research and learning but the feverish glee with which she described these procedures lacked compassion for the creatures that lost their lives for her research project.
Since your application will be reviewed by doctors, as well as admissions professionals, it’s critical that you do not insult those from whom you are seeking acceptance.
Prior to joining Accepted, Alicia worked for five years as Student Advisor at UC Davis’ postbac program where she both evaluated applications and advised students applying successfully to med school and related programs. Unfortunately, that stress doesn’t necessarily go away once the test is over. In this post, we cover some of the best ways to manage stress after handing in your test. How your best friend, neighbor, classmate, or study buddy feels they did on the test really doesn’t matter.
We know it can be tempting to worry over potential missed questions, but it won’t be worth the stress. Put your energy toward your personal statements, essay supplements, resume, and interview prep, and you really won’t have time to stress out about your test score. Catherine spends her free time checking out local farmer’s markets, reading food and lifestyle blogs, and watching Bravo.
But those are not what the admissions committee wants to hear – they want to hear about you.
The application process involves more writing than most students expect and it catches them off guard. The options had the exact same survival rate (very high), but very different side-effect profiles. Twists, or surprise turns in stories – in this case, the challenge of choosing treatment – are not essential for grad school essays, but they can certainly make them more engaging: a teammate with a secret, a client’s abrupt shift in expectations, etc. For example, we learned that the surveillance course could take over five years before one could consider themselves cancer-free.
Too many applicants leave out their process, skipping from “My team faced several major hurdles” to “The client loved our solution, and I got a raise.” You need to tell the adcom what you did, how you did it, and ideally how you engaged others to overcome the challenge as well.
These last two elements typically tie together: the outcome (surviving cancer) reinforced multiple lessons, as noted above. Check out our 1-on-1 services for more information on how we can help you use story elements to write effective essays. Post-baccalaureate programs can be a great way to strengthen a future application, as well as to take advantage of dedicated professional development opportunities. Tulane offers six programs covering different aspects of medicine, all of which earn a master’s degree and all geared toward different aspects of medical school preparation. The programs are all geared toward professional development as well, offering optional MCAT preparation and advising.
Boston University MS in Medical Sciences has a very good reputation and is therefore quite competitive. Loyola MA in Medical Sciences claims an impressive 95% acceptance rate for their graduates. Drexel is another school with multiple programs to address a candidate’s targeted areas. Case Western Reserve University offers an MS in Medical Physiology and The Physiology program offers intensive study in human physiology over two years, as well as opportunities for shadowing, clinical volunteer work, and research.
University of South Florida MS in Medical Sciences offers a Pre-Professional track or a Medical Anatomy track, both within the Morsani College of Medicine.
The AACOMAS does not allow you to upload different letters for different schools, so make sure that your recommenders know that they should write general letters of recommendation. You should try to have at least one letter from an osteopath that you have worked with or shadowed.
I also suggest that clients remind their recommenders about some details that should be in the letter.
Evaluations are a very important part of your application, so you should do everything you can to ensure that they are strong. Thanks for joining us for this postbac series — comment below if you have any questions!  Your letters of recommendation strongly influence the admissions committee that reviews your application. By making a list and thinking carefully about who knows you best and is therefore in a better position to write about you knowledgeably, you’ll be ensuring that you receive strong letters.
Some students even include an addressed pre-paid envelope so that the letter writer can mail their letter easily and without any additional cost besides their time. I was a busy consultant in McKinsey’s Chicago office, the proud father of a boy about to turn one, and a generally happy guy in his mid-20s.
Context (person, place, time) is important because readers want to understand the story’s circumstances; it helps them relate to the story, even if they’ve never been in that situation. Stakes further help the reader relate to a story – if there’s little for the main character to lose, then the reader won’t care much about what happens next. But the text above shows your reader what kind of character you are: one who is human (tempted to wish something bad away) but also one who takes action in adverse circumstances (going to the doctor). Don’t be trendy- you are not interviewing with Vogue and now is not the time to channel your inner fashionista. Three seats are reserved for applicants of Aboriginal ancestry who meet the Newfoundland and Labrador residency requirements. But I found out half way through my program that engineering wasn't what I wanted to do for the rest of my life," he said. Since it plays such a powerful role in how you are viewed as an applicant, you’ll want to spend a significant amount of time on preparing it. This lack of respect for the sacredness of life made it an easy decision to reject her application. If you really want to demonstrate what you are capable of achieving during your medical education, give examples of what you have already accomplished. While it is true that medical mistakes and lack of access to care have devastating consequences for patients, their families and communities, identifying ways to improve in these areas without pointing any fingers would be more effective. To write a personal statement that is honest (not bitter), reveals your personality (not your medical history) and delivers a compelling explanation for your motivations for entering medicine (not empty promises) will serve you best. Stay away from Internet forums, which are a popular place for people to gather and discuss how the test went online.
If someone asks how you did, just say you’d rather not talk about it and change the subject.
Follow up with your professors about the status of your letters of recommendation; ask your school’s registrar about when they’ll be sending your transcript. Take a few days off to have some fun – whether that means going on a shopping spree, taking a weekend trip, or going out to a fancy dinner, there’s no shortage of ways that you can treat yourself. You are the topic, and your experiences are simply ways to demonstrate that you have the qualities that medical schools want. Note that this does not mean your stories need to be as life changing as the one in our example; we’re talking about structure and storytelling technique here. For example, the surgery was associated with potential nerve damage, while the chemo could have resulted in lower lung capacity.

In this story, the unexpected challenge also represented an obstacle, in that our courageous subject had to choose from three very different treatments with similar levels of effectiveness.
But the experience reinforced the importance of a proactive approach (I found out most men wait over six months to get lumps checked), of careful due diligence in health and other matters, and of never giving up. I’ve had several clients graduate from this program and go on to top tier medical schools. If you’re at all interested in learning about the Jesuit curas personalis approach to medicine, this program would give you a strong foundation to apply to those medical schools.
Sinai MS in Biomedical Sciences is also very strong, especially if you’re interested in incorporating research into your medical career.
There are two one-year programs: Drexel Pathway to Medical School and Drexel Interdepartmental Medical Science, both of which provide extensive advising and support for your future application. Although there is no guaranteed admission, they claim that 85-90% of graduates go on to attend allopathic medical schools. While they say they have no absolute minimum scores, the average matriculant has a GPA of at least 2.9 and MCAT scores of 29 or above.
Bioethics is a hot topic in medical schools at the moment, and part of the curriculum includes practicums in clinical bioethics.
It’s a partnership between George Mason University and the SOM at George Washington University.
Both programs aim to strengthen applicants’ science skills through an interdisciplinary perspective. You should request your letters through AACOMAS, which sends an email to your recommender with instructions on how to upload the letter. And, if someone waffles when you ask or seems ambivalent, that is not the recommender for you. For example, if you wrote an essay for the class and received an A, provide the instructor a copy to remind them what you wrote. Most professors are not easily accessible during the summer months or towards the end of each semester or quarter. If you only have a couple of names on your list, start going to office hours and networking to find a suitable mentor.
When you request the letter, it’s best to look the person in the eyes and ask, “Would you be willing to write a strong letter of recommendation to support my postbac application?” Based on the person’s response, you can provide them with the materials they need. Even the most intimidating professors were students once who also had to request letters from their mentors. The best way to distinguish yourself from other applicants is to tell the admissions board a good story, a tale of your greatest achievements, dreams, and challenges.
If you started an essay with One day I decided to watch TV, then your readers probably wouldn’t really care what happened next.
Luke Skywalker had to destroy the Death Star to prevent Darth Vader from taking over the universe, which would have meant a lot of suffering for everyone. It is okay to wear a necklace with a religious symbol like a cross, but make sure it is understated. The musicians put on several concerts and workshops in schools, including Queen of Peace Middle School in Happy Valley-Goose Bay.
It may alert them to conditions that could impact your ability to perform in medical school, indicate that you lack boundaries by over sharing, or suggest a lack of maturity in focusing only on yourself and family—rather than helping others or serving the community.
Research was probably a better path for her, especially since she wasn’t able to gauge the reaction her statements would have on her audience. By demonstrating your realistic knowledge of patient needs and sharing potential solutions, you can present yourself as an asset to their team. For more individualized guidance, you are welcome to contact me or one of my colleagues at Accepted. Practicing deep breathing (for about three to five minutes daily) can calm your mind and balance out any emotions you have about the test. Remember, no one will have their score back yet, so there’s no point speculating about your scores.
Once you get your test score back, you want to be ready to submit your applications (particularly so if the programs you’re interested in practice rolling admissions).
You’ll be a stronger applicant if you take your time and live a balanced life, even if that means applying a year later. But as I neared the second, my doctor called: the chemo had pushed my white blood cell count too low, compromising my immune system. It also offers strong links to a variety of Chicago-area hospitals and individualized support for medical school applications. The Pathway program is designed for students who are underrepresented in health professions or come from disadvantaged backgrounds. Although there is no official linkage with their medical school, students are taught by SOM faculty and the program notes that outstanding students are brought to the attention of the SOM admissions committee. Although there is no official link with the medical school, program graduates make up about 13% of the USF medical school class.
Provide the due date to the instructor, and then follow up about a week before the deadline to ask if the instructor has questions. However, how you request them and whom you request them from actually determines the type of letters you will receive. It may be that you were watching TV when you found a worrisome lump, but your bored readers likely won’t get to that point because of the snooze-inducing opener.
If Dorothy couldn’t navigate Oz’s Yellow Brick Road past the Wicked Witch, she never would have gotten back home to Kansas. The program is generally completed in two years; it is possible to complete in one year, but there is a significant research component so it can be challenging. The two-year program requires MCAT scores of 23 (old) or 496 (new) and is especially designed for students with little clinical shadowing and volunteer work.
This would make you a very competitive candidate for medical school, if you have the time to invest. In addition, a student mentorship program is offered through partnerships with MS graduates now attending Morsani. The following guidelines can ensure that you will get the best letters to support the success of your application. On the other hand, an opening like The moment I found the lump, I suspected my life was about to change – in a big way will do a much better job of drawing in your readers. If you had never figured out the source of the lump and treated it (if needed), then you wouldn’t have been able to continue your life as a busy consultant, proud father, and generally happy guy. Until you have integrated this information into your identity, depending on how important it was, you may not be able to use the experience to shed insight on yourself quite yet. Craft your statement carefully so that admissions reviewers understand the arc of your life: where you’ve come from, who you are now, and who you want to be.
A minimum 3.0 GPA is required for this program, along with scores above the 50th percentile on the MCAT, GRE or DAT. Use negative experiences that are at least a year or older depending on how long it takes you to process and reflect.
Medical school admission is not guaranteed for either of these programs, but strong candidates will receive an interview at Drexel University College of Medicine.

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