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Questions about the future begin to haunt the psyche–questions such as when to take the proper classes, when to take the MCAT, when to apply, what to do with those three months in the summer, etc. Answering these initial questions about scheduling your pre-application life will make you a more prepared applicant and allow you to apply early. This urgency is a cardinal rule of the med school applications monster: Rolling admissions means that there are fewer spots the longer you wait, leading to fewer interview offers and thus fewer chances to show off your awesome self.

For example: When will I get my score, when should I submit my primary (or secondary) application, when will I interview, and what am I doing with my life?
I had convinced myself that I would have to take a gap year and start making a new study schedule. The morning before I found out, I went for a run and planned my response to the inevitable inquiries from my peers and mentors. I had submitted it early in the application season (twelve days after submissions opened) without reference letters or MCAT scores in order to initiate the verification process, but now I had to update it based on my scores. This search engine provides information on schools’ requirements, matriculate information and so much more. The summer before I took the MCAT, I researched every private school and entered all the pertinent stats into a spreadsheet. Later, I would use SDN, Prospective Doctor, MD Applicants, and suggestions from my pre-med peers who had made their rounds in the interview circuit to help me finalize the list for both M.D.

Don’t cut yourself short, but don’t waste your time applying to schools that may be unrealistic.
I believe that I have put together a realistic list with a good balance of fallback and reach schools, but we will see.
Originally from Las Vegas, she has traveled from the desert to the rain in hopes to get closer to her dream of becoming a doctor.

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