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Michelle Taylor is a Doctor Of Medicine (Traditional Medicine) who graduated from The Open International University for Complementary Medicines and Medicina Alternativa Institute in Colombo, Sri Lanka, Certificate Approved by the United States.
Member of the National Associations of Securities Dealers, (NASD) Series 24, Series 7 and Series 63. The 49th World Congress of Integrated Medicines was held on Nov 12-13-14, 2010, in Colombo, Sri Lanka. With the dawn of the new Millennium, the human race has to make a commitment to make available health care and health education for all. The challenge to stand up against poverty has captured the imagination of people around the world. Paper on Effects of Sahaja Yoga on Reduction of Stress and Stress Related Diseases was presented at the prestigious Bandaranaike Memorial International Conference Hall by Prof Dr. In his presentation the pioneering researches on Sahaja Yoga from Lady Hardinge Medical College, Delhi carried out under the guidance of Late Prof U.
This was followed by slides which briefly depicted Shri Mataji’s contribution to medical science and world peace, which has made her be regarded as possibly the most reputed spiritual scientist the world has ever seen in recent times.
After the presentation Prof Sandeep Rai with the permission of the Chair initiated for Self-realization programme, which of course was not scheduled on the agenda or attached to this Scientific Presentation. The extraordinary work and achievement done by Shri Mataji over the last 40 years towards the spiritual awakening of the entire humanity across the globe was highlighted. After the Realization programme many Doctors wanted to experience the Realization process again but due to paucity of time it was not possible.
The Conference concluded with hosting of a banquet in honour of the delegates and visiting dignitaries in the conference. Meditation can be an effective form of stress reduction and has the potential to improve quality of life and decrease health care costs.
If you have little or no experience with meditation, "Our Online Meditation Course" will get you up and started quickly and easily.
Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine was first founded in 1995 and operates under the direction of Joanne Pritchard-Sobhani and Darab Sobhani.
Darab Sobhani : A A Darab is a TCM practitioner who has been in private practice since 1995.

Joanne Pritchard-Sobhani is a Brockville native and is well known as a TCM practitioner, lecturer and researcher.
Joanne was the Director of the Institute of Acupuncture & Traditional Chinese Medicine, which she established in 1997-2003. Joanne and Darab are members of the Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture Association of Canada, and The Acupuncture Foundation of Sri Lanka.
No, it brings together the best and presents it to you so you don’t have to wander the world to find them. Taylor is a fully licensed and ordained minister who graduated from The Cathedral of Light Center for Spiritual Truth, The Leadership School of Ministry.
It was organized by Medicina Alternativa International & the Open International University for Complimentary Medicines. All political systems and governments with the dawn of the new millennium have made a sincere commitment to make health care and health education available to all irrespective of ethnicity, religion and political color.
Farsighted initiatives have enabled the field of medicine to embrace the concept of Holistic Medicine. C Rai, along with some new researches carried out at the International Sahaja Yoga Research & Health Centre (Vashi Hospital), in last 5 years were presented to an audience of over 700 Doctors from around 100 countries. But it all happened as if with an inexplicable spontaneity as the Chairman readily agreed for the same as he granted Dr.
Slides depicting the significant global work of Shri Mataji and various academic honors conferred upon her by several world organizations, dignitaries including the Presidents, Prime Ministers and Governors from all across the globe, left the audience spell-bound and speechless. However those who were very keen and expressed their ardent desire were escorted to another adjacent hall and the Self-realization process was again initiated by Dr Madhur Rai.
During the course of dinner the Secretary General and the Chairperson especially sought a meeting with Prof Dr Sandeep Rai. Meditation involves achieving a state of 'thoughtless awareness' in which the excessive stress producing activity of the mind is neutralized without reducing alertness and effectiveness. As a faculty member, he taught in the Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine Program offered by the Institute of Acupuncture & Traditional Chinese MedicineA  from 1997-2003 and supervised the Clinical Practicum. She has taught TCM students, lectured to medical students at Queens University and many other organizations.

The objective of Medicina Alternativa and the open International University for Complementary Medicines is to achieve Holistic Health Care through the integration of medicines worldwide to meet the needs of the public. Thus, the open International University of natural, traditional and complementary Medicines, has explored the importance of natural, traditional and complementary medicines for health-care (including evidence based healing methods, including spiritual healing. In the beginning of the presentation, an introduction on Sahaja Yoga and its founder Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi was briefed by Prof Dr Sandeep Rai.
Sandeep Rai was further requested by the Head of the Chinese delegation and one of the chief organizers to kindly chair the one of the session for the Chinese delegation. Joanne historically has been active on a number of community boards and was Chair of the Child and Youth Worker Program at St. Once regulation is complete, the College of TCMPAO as a governing body will register and license practitioners.
Madhur Rai later initiated the Self-realization process to an interested international audience. Subsequently, expressing his gratitude to him during the course of his discussion he offered Prof Rai a Honorary position of Professor, among other distinguished Professors at the prestigious Open International University for Complimentary Medicines, Colombo.
He travelled extensively throughout Asia, studying acupuncture and the art of meditation, under the supervision of private practitioners. Joannea€™s Doctorate in Acupuncture and Traditional Medicine is from The Open International University of Alternative Medicine, Sri Lanka. Darab completed further clinical training at The Toronto School of Acupuncture, (Diploma), The International College of TCM in British Columbia, (Herbology) and received his Doctorate in Acupuncture and Traditional Medicine from The Open International University of Alternative Medicine, Medicina Alternativa Institute in Sri Lanka. Joanne has an undergraduate degree in Psychology from Queens University and is also a graduate of St. Later he also offered research collaboration with the International Sahaja Yoga Research & Health Centre, Mumbai on Sahaja Yoga.

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