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Pitcher-plant was thought to be effective against smallpox by American Indians, but medicinal merit has never been proved. Peppermint – Another fragrant plant, peppermint leaves are one of the oldest medicinal herbs. These plants allow you to treat yourself and your family naturally without the side effects of medication. Growing them in your garden is not only a good idea, but much more affordable then buying them from the pharmacy or herbal shop.

With calming qualities it is usually boiled into a tea and drank to relive stress and cure insomnia.
It can be eaten in quantity to relive blood pressure problems, lower cholesterol and even boost the immune system. It can be brewed as a tea to relive bowel problems and aid digestion or rubbed directly on the skin to soothe itches and rash.
When juiced and consumed, the Aloe Vera plant has stomach calming qualities and helps with bowel problems.

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