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Do you ever find yourself walking through Gibbons Park and wondering, can I eat this plant? WARNING: This tea should always be strained (as it contains tannin, rotenone and coumarin, which can be potentially dangerous). Clumped, perennial herbs, to 10cm tall, basal rosette of elliptic to lance-shaped leaves 4-18 cm long and abruptly tapered to winged stalks. Large plant over 1.5m tall with 8-20mm wide leaves, and the male and female parts of its spikes are contiguous.
Now before you go out and get foraging, you must know that it is essential while foraging to be aware of not only your surroundings (are the plants downstream from a factory, right beside a busy roadway – both signifiers of plants which may hold toxins), but also of foraging in a way which respects life. Medicinal plants on display at the Expo organised in connection with the Indian Biodiversity Congress in Thiruvananthapuram. Kerala has become the first State to form biodiversity management committees in all panchayats.The committee, chaired by the panchayat president, is to ensure conservation of biodiversity and use and equitable sharing of benefits from it. Okay, yes, I realize that not everyone is as curious about the natural world as I, but food and medicines can be found in your very back yard people, so start looking! Many leaves, 10-40cm long, in basal rosettes, first and sometimes second year, and alternate on flowering stem (second year).

Flowers greenish, about 2mm across with 4 whitish petals, forming dense, slender 3-30cm spikes with yellow stamens, blooming May to September. Foraging in a way which leaves food for others (people and animals), and respects the life of the plant itself. The committee has been formed in all 978 grama panchayats by October and will come into being in 60 municipalities and five city corporations in two months. We also study and gather desert medicinal plants which we can cultivate ourselves and use in homemade medicinal teas and herbal tinctures.
Flowers bright yellow, 1-2 cm wide, 5-lobed, forming dense, spike-like clusters 10-50 cm long from June to August.
With this, Kerala would become the first State to have such committees in all local self-government institutions.The State Biodiversity Board, the apex body at the State level, has completed the task of compiling the data on the biodiversity management committees.
Just as with any new food or medicine, you may not be aware of any allergic reactions, so be cautious. The biodiversity registers to be developed by the people, of their biodiversity and knowledge of biodiversity conservation, will have inventories of biodiversity and people's knowledge that is associated with bioresources at the district, block, village, and municipality levels. They will include availability and knowledge of local biological resources, their medicinal or other uses, or any other traditional knowledge associated with them.

They are also to intervene in case of threat to biodiversity.Besides the chairperson, the committees have more than six members nominated by the local body, of whom not less than one-third is women. The nominees include herbalists, agriculturists, collectors, and traders of non-timber forest produce, fishers, representatives of user associations, community workers, academicians, and representatives of organisations that can contribute to the work of the committees. Each committee has six special invitees from the Forest, Agriculture, Animal Husbandry, Livestock, Health, Fisheries, and Education departments. The secretary of the local body is the member-secretary of the committee, who will maintain the records. The tenure of the committees is three years.Technical support groups, comprising experts in the field of biodiversity drawn from government agencies, non-governmental organisations, educational institutions and communities, have been established at the district level to aid the committees in their work.

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