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The York 5kg double grip medicine ball is easy to clean and has a textured surface providing an anti-slip, firm grip for added safety during workouts. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. The Rope Medicine Ball from CoreX Fitness is a great tool for increasing core strength, abdominal muscle definition and cardio fitness. A versatile workout tool, you can use the Rope Medicine Ball for various exercises including, slams, in which you keep a hold of the rope and slam the medicine ball down on the ground before pulling it towards you again, using the rope, and repeat. Made from high quality rubber, the Medicine Balls are similar to basketballs in construction with the added weight to add resistance to your workout. Sign-up to the Core-X newsletter for your chance to win, plus the latest on products and offers*.
The Rubber Slam Ball from CoreX Fitness is a great tool for increasing core strength, abdominal muscle definition and cardio fitness.

Extremely versatile, you can use the Rubber Medicine Ball for various exercises including throws, sit ups, lunges, push-ups, slams, squats and much more.
Exercising with a medicine ball is a friendly version of weightlifting and improves your core strength, agility and hand-eye co-ordination. This 5kg (11lbs) ball can help you strengthen core muscles of shoulders, back, arms and legs. Alternatively the Rope Medicine Ball is ideal for wall rotations, where you turn side to side with your back against a wall and the medicine ball ricochets off the wall. Complete with textured surface for gripping and yellow stripe, these are ideal additions to your routine. Use in conjunction with a Gym Ball to improve balance and core strength or hold during squats or lunges to boost your training up a notch. Complete with textured surface for easy grip and weight labeled for easy identification, these are ideal additions to your routine.

This high quality ball features dual handles for easy and comfortable grip and is made from a durable rubber compound material. It has a textured surface that provides an improved grip and a large diameter that enables you to perform a variety of exercises.
It weighs 5kg (11lbs) and is perfect for a variety of exercises including v-ups, overhead slams, bicep curls, tricep extensions and medicine ball push-ups. Can be inflated or deflated to suit required hardness.More details --> By buying this product you can collect up to 3 loyalty points.

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