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For years, the medicine ball is a key instrument for strength building to many athletes, no matter the sport. Medicine Ball exercises are also great for training specific body movements which are key factor for a particular sport.
The weight of a medicine ball can be from 2 to 25 lb (1-12 kg), constructed with leather or nylon cloth covered vinyl. The 8kg Adidas dual grip medicine ball is manufactured from heavy duty rubber which provides durability and flexibility. My partner and I wanted to start doing some exercises at home together so purchased this ball to use as part of our mini circuit training set up. Your use of this website constitutes acknowledgement and acceptance of our Terms & Conditions. I always know which exercises kick my butt the most because they quickly become the exercises that I dread when they come around in the circuit. I didn’t think the medicine ball toss would be all that challenging, but after doing it for 60 seconds in a row, I found that it really pushed me. I actually enjoy using the medicine ball while working out as long as I can find a room in my gym that’s empty because I feel silly throwing it around with a bunch of people near.

Every time I see your breakfasts I think to myself I should try the jelly and cheese combo, but then never do. Medicine Ball Slams are so absurd looking, but honestly I think they are one of the most empowering things (at least for me).
I thought about having that sandwich this morning … then started reading blogs and got distracted.
I admire you a lot for doing the med ball exercises in your gym, despite feeling uncomfortable. I did two workouts that had me doing bridges in the middle of the gym yesterday and felt embarrassed for the first two sets, then finally got over it.
The 5kg Adidas dual grip medicine ball is manufactured from a heavy duty rubber and has easy-grip dual handles for flexibility and comfort. Tennis for example, forehand and backhand are most important, no doubt about it; a medicine ball exercise (Russian twist) simulates these movements and trains the core muscles for strength, explosiveness and endurance. There are variations other than just a rounded shape; with handles on the ball (one or two) or rope through the middle of the ball. It began with 20 minutes on the elliptical followed by a circuit workout that took me through three rounds of exercises that focused on bursts of cardio and power strength movements.

Hippocrates, the ancient Greek physician, made them by sewing animal skin and filled them with sand. Other then performing the usual medicine ball exercises (which I’ll present them further in my articles) they simulate punches by dropping the medicine ball on the boxer’s abdominals. I’ve needed to tone down the intensity of my workouts a bit because I think I was overdoing it and pushing my body too hard. I hope you enjoy little glimpses into my life and have fun trying the sweaty workouts I frequently share and making some of my favorite recipes along the way! This worked pretty well for injury recovery and still does today as many rehab centers uses them every day.

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