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The 5kg Adidas dual grip medicine ball is manufactured from a heavy duty rubber and has easy-grip dual handles for flexibility and comfort. Medicine balls are a common sight in any gym and are used for a wide variety of exercises to develop virtually every muscle group, including the Abs and the upper body. Medicine balls are a great way to exercise any area of your body, whether upper, lower, or core.
Medicine ball training is one of the oldest forms of strength and conditioning training ? the first reference to wrestlers training with sand filled bladders appears in Persia nearly 3000 years ago.

Medicine Balls are not designed for slamming as they are not Slam Balls doing so may cause the balls to split.
This full-color poster features 12 Medicine Ball exercises for working the whole body, chest, back and legs.
Medicine balls (also known as exercise balls, med balls, or fitness balls) are weighted balls. There are different sized exercise balls that you can use for numerous different exercises.

One common activity is to have athletes hold the ball against their chest and thrust it at another athlete, who catches it against their chest. For the first time ever, the Air Trainer Huarache will adapt that navy and ginger colorway that has served as one of the dignitary Trainer colorways from the 90s, and we must say the concept works seamless on the Trainer Huarache.

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