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What is laryngitis?The larynx is the voice box that allows us to speak, shout, whisper, and sing. Question: What types of treatment, including medication, did you receive for your laryngitis?
I often get a sore throat and cold during the summer months and that is when I reach for my tried and trusted Boots Sore Throat relief Dual Action throat tablets.
I have had a lot of colds and sore throats this year and have been trying out a variety of different products and over-the-counter remedies to try and combat the symptoms, which have left me feeling pretty miserable for the most part.I had asked my husband to pick me up a box of 'Strepsils' which are hard medicated lozenge type sweets, which can be used in combating sore throats. I have been using a packet of these, which are black cherry flavour but you can also buy these in other flavours. An effective relief of sore throats, the dual action lozenges contain an antiseptic which fights against bacteria causing a sore throat and a local anaesthetic action which brings soothing relief of pain and discomfort.
The larynx consists of a cartilage skeleton that houses the vocal cords that are covered by a mucus lining.
Ben Wedro practices emergency medicine at Gundersen Clinic, a regional trauma center in La Crosse, Wisconsin.
The cause for both being the Head Cold From Hell, though unusually for me it started with a very sore throat. I normally just have itchy eyes which is quickly relieved with the aid of taking some sort of antihistamine but for some reason this year my hay fever has come on quite strong. It hurts to swallow and I'm a bit sniffly making me believe I'm coming down with something not too good. Muscles inside the larynx adjust the position, shape, and tension of the vocal cords, allowing us to make different sounds from whispering to singing. His background includes undergraduate and medical studies at the University of Alberta, a Family Practice internship at Queen's University in Kingston, Ontario and residency training in Emergency Medicine at the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center. Not having been afflicted with those since having my tonsils out in my late twenties - and can I say, that is one seriously embarassing reason for your forthcoming abscene to have to give out to clients - my normally capacious first aid cabinet could not sort me out.As I was beginning to feel feverish and achey, I went to the nearer but smaller of the two Boots near me. I don't feel too ill or anything like that but my throat is really sore and dry all the time.So when I was passing Boots a few days ago I decided to try find some things to help me out and I came across these Sore Throat Lozenges. Any change in the air flow (which is generated by the lungs exhaling air) across the vocal cords will affect the voice and the quality of the sound. Stöppler's educational background includes a BA with Highest Distinction from the University of Virginia and an MD from the University of North Carolina. I nearly bought the brand leader, as I should have done, but at this point I was still well enough for my Inner Skinflint to win on two falls and a knockout in its conflict with Inner Sense. May be I am finally acclimatising to the Lincolnshire weather but waking up and having to go through the working day feeling like I do is not pleasant so I am all for trying out products in order to keep things at bay.

Please note that I am not reviewing the Dual Action ones but Dooyoo have told me they are the same product and to review them here! The larynx is located at the junction of the mouth and trachea and has a flap-like covering called the epiglottis, whose job it is to prevent food and saliva from entering the larynx during swallowing.Laryngitis (larynx + itis = inflammation) is an inflammation of the voice box, causing a person to lose their voice. She completed residency training in Anatomic Pathology at Georgetown University followed by subspecialty fellowship training in molecular diagnostics and experimental pathology. Besides, the Boots brand were much, much cheaper and I didn't have that much left on the Boots Gift Card I would be using and if I got these I could snag some Halls Smoothers for later on it the sore throat's course.
Waking up with a sore throat is never pleasant especially when you have a blocked nose so you find that you have slept with your mouth open as you can't breath through your nose and not only do you have a sore throat but you also have a very dry throat.
The quality of the voice becomes hoarse or gravelly-sounding and sometimes too quiet or soft to hear. For the past few weeks I have been heading straight for the sore throat lozenges in order to give my throat a little bit of relief and comfort.
Other information on the box includes being given dosage advice and being told what they are meant to do, the ingredients of them are listed as are warnings and contact details for Boots are given. I know that sounds silly but Halls Soothers for example look suspiciously like Werther's Original tofees and kids need to see obvious differences (not that I leave any lying around for my little one to grab and stuff in his mouth!)They come in large boxes full of 24 lozenges at a price of ?1.65, which works out to just under 7p a lozenge. Boots Sore Throat Relief claim to be Dual Action, with an antiseptic and anaesthetic componant to help with both the infection and the pain.
The lozenges are called dual action because they contain both antiseptic and local anaesthetic. They contain hexylresorcinol as well as sucrose, glucose, flavouring, menthrol and carmoisine (E122).
At this point in the illness, it was clear I needed something to clear the pain and the infection was also starting to show up big time. I currently have the blackcurrant variety although I am aware that they do a honey and lemon variety but I prefer the taste of blackcurrant so this is what I opted for. My lemon flavoured ones are sweet, slightly zesty and refreshing and rather sweet and very soothing indeed if sucked and they melt into the throat slightly numbing down pain as they go and refreshing the mouth.
The anaesthetic is supposed to numb the throat (sounds great when you have a painful sore throat).
These seemed to be a good call and while not cheap, at ?2.39 for 24 lozenges, still cheaper than the brand leader. We have all heard of Boots, the pharmaceuticals company which provides a whole host of health care products so I wasn't too hesitant in buying this product a few months back. These are suitable for children 5-11 years to suck no more than 4 lozenges in a 24 hour period and any older than that can suck 8 of them in a 24 hours.

They come in the box in drug trays and you can easily pop them out from underneath through the foil. I, therefore, squandered the last of the gift card on this and the yummier Halls for later and stumbled home, mainlined a pot of tea, for the mainline liquids part of the treatment and opened the box. Apart from the branded neighbours on the shelf being more expensive I do find that Boots provide a good range of cheaper alternatives so I didn't have any concern that they wouldn't be effective.The lozenges have been specifically designed to give effective relief of sore throats as they contain Hexylresorcinol which is an effective antiseptic which helps to combat bacteria which is the main cause of having a sore throat. Because they contain glucose they may not be suitable for all diabetics to take.I like the way they numb pain slightly though that effect only lasts a few minutes after you have finished sucking it but that relief is welcomed if you have a sore throat even for a while.
The black cherry flavour I currently have taste quite nice but the menthol flavour is quite overpowering too.
The lozenges come in a foil-backed blister pack, which makes it easy to see which you have already taken. Not just do they contain an antiseptic but they also have a local anesthetic action which is the ingredient to help sooth the pain and offer a little relief against the discomfort. One negative with these though is they do leave a slight tinny taste in the mouth after consuming them.They are pleasant tasting if not a bit on the sweet side and work partly and I can recommend them for temporary relief though they are not a cure!Only available in Boots stores and in a few different flavours. I think another reason these work is because they encourage the production of saliva and that eases sore throats.
I took them every three hours, as per instruction.They did take the edge off the pain, but did pretty much nothing for the infection, which stayed put and managed to head off into my sinuses and lungs, where they are now encamped. I could have lived with this, with a trip to the doctor and the existing medical cabinet stash if it had done a good job with the throat pain.It did not. These start off like sweets with a harder shell coating then they crack open and the liquid inside soothes your throat (like Halls soothers).
Even after sucking on the lozenge, my throat was still scratchy and swollen and definitely sore.
However, they only give temporary relief and i wonder if honey and lemon mixed into a glass would do the same job!
As I bought this product to deal with 'Sore', as it claims to on the packet, I am not a happy customer.
I guess when you're ill you cant be bothered to make up a drink like that for yourself so if like me you're lazy, try these!

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