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The college has been an instrumental part of the community for decades, and it's changed dramatically since officially opening in 1965. In 1983 the neighbouring Cultural Centre opened, and in the last decade alone several new wings of the campus have been constructed along with a new library. Despite not staying in the Hat for my post-secondary education, upon returning I've ended up doing a lot of work for them with Stream Media in helping to create a few of their recruiting videos and College Day productions.
Located in Central Park in Medicine Hat, Alberta this one-of-a-kind piece of playground equipment seems lost in a foggy history.
A week ago I was invited back to Medicine Hat High School to tour the construction site and to photograph the ongoing demolition. Around the Hat is a history based photography series about the natural and cultural landmarks located in Medicine Hat, Alberta. Roadside California is a road trip based photography series that highlights landmarks throughout California.
Aloha Hawaii is a travel based photography series focused on landmarks around the island of Oahu, Hawaii.
Motor City is a travel photography series showcasing landmarks and attractions around Detroit, Michigan. Pacific Northwest is a travel photography series that highlights natural wonders and cultural landmarks throughout Oregon, Washington, and British Columbia. Around Alberta is a travel based photography series that highlights the culture, history, and natural wonders of this Canadian province. Shambhala Music Festival takes place every summer at the Salmo River Ranch in British Columbia, Canada. History of Alberta is a facebook page dedicated to archival images, photo essays, and stories surrounding this Canadian province. Explore your faith and understand the background and inspiration of the Bible, its history and composition, the overarching themes and message. Rocky Mountain College (RMC) first opened its doors in Calgary in 1992 but has over 130 years of experience providing quality Christian education.
RMC is built on two solid foundations resulting from the merger of Hillcrest Christian College (Medicine Hat, AB) and Mountain View Bible College (Didsbury, AB). In June 1989, the district conferences of the Evangelical Church and the Missionary Church voted to approve in principle the merger of their two institutions, sell the existing campuses, and elect members to the Founding Board of the new urban college, RMC in Calgary. Mountain View Bible College, the oldest of the two merging colleges, opened in 1926 in Didsbury.
Mountain View Bible College was probably best known throughout Alberta, British Columbia, and Washington for its a cappella choir. The Canada West District of the supporting denomination had, on average, about 20 congregations. King's Kattle was the creation of cattleman Stanley Kellsey with the assistance of Donald Taylor and Lynn Hunsperger. Magsig indicated that Hillcrest was needed because the district in western Canada was far from other institutions of the denomination, and because other inter-denominational colleges in the west were Calvinist in tradition.
The College opened in Medicine Hat in rented facilities for one year until the district approved purchase of a former fire hall.

Hillcrest Christian College served a total of 1,755 students and of those, 646 graduated from its programs.
For much of its existence, Hillcrest had a high school department and a liberal arts program. Medicine Hat College students study in Canada’s sunniest city, with 2,512 annual hours of sunshine and very little rain.
The college offers more than 35 certificate and diploma programs, including global tourism, addictions counselling, information technology, and social work. The college’s Rattlers athletes compete in men’s and women’s basketball, soccer, volleyball, and golf at the Alberta College Athletic Conference.
At that time it was actually operating in space provided by Medicine Hat High School, and it wasn't until 1971 that the Medicine Hat College moved onto their own brand new campus. Centennial Hall also opened in 2005 and made the main entrance the dramatic focal point that the college had been missing.
Last year MHC provided education to 8844 students, and with so much recent growth you can bet that the college is going to continue to be a hub for a lot of locals. Featuring original photo essays, archival images, postcards and artifacts, this series paints a vivid portrait of this Canadian prairie community. From the coast to the desert, from Los Angeles to San Francisco, this series strives to paint a vibrant portrait of this incredible state.
From Waikiki in Honolulu to Pearl Harbor to beaches on the North Shore, this series captures highlights from the most populated island in the state. From Motown to the North American International Auto Show, this series highlights some of the incredible stories and history in the area. From Portland to Seattle to Vancouver Island (and a bit of everything in between) this series is a snapshot of the region. From Banff and Jasper in the Rocky Mountains to the Canadian Badlands and attractions in Calgary and Edmonton, this series features the dynamic scenery and culture found throughout Alberta. In August 2015 I attended this massive electronic music festival to go behind the scenes, capture the culture, and showcase the experience.
The page was created to support my original photography and content on historic landmarks throughout Alberta. That's because RMC is built on two solid foundations resulting from the merger of Hillcrest Christian College (Medicine Hat, AB) and Mountain View Bible College (Didsbury, AB). The choir tours included many concerts in settings not related to the supporting denomination.
Investors contributed units of $100 towards the purchase of cattle that were raised by farmers free of charge.
Early on, faculty had graduate degrees and gave strong leadership in personal spiritual growth. In its 66 years, 214 of its graduates became pastors or pastors' wives, and 62 entered missionary service. Regina Bible Institute (RBI), which opened as an independent institution in 1938, was moved to the Calvary Evangelical Church in Regina in 1941 under the direction of Rev. Property in south east Medicine Hat was purchased for a larger campus on which classes began in 1961.

A joint program was later operated with Medicine Hat College which required students to take course work at both institutions and apply credits towards degree programs at Hillcrest. This accreditation was transferred to Rocky Mountain College upon its opening and affirmed two years later by an accreditation team from AABC.
The college offers certificate and diploma programs, degrees, apprenticeship training, adult learning programs and university transfer options.
Medicine Hat also has more than 10 degree programs, including commerce, education, and nursing, and apprenticeship programs such as welding, plumbing and carpentry. Students who want to study abroad, whether short or long term, have the opportunity to do so via the college’s International Mobility Program.
Rocky Mountain College is sponsored by the Canada West District of the Evangelical Missionary Church of Canada.
Most of the student body sang in the choir – a fact that surprised and interested most people who heard them sing. Accreditation examiners were impressed at the financial success of the college in light of its very small supporting constituency. At the time of sale of the cows, the original purchase price was returned to King's Kattle and the profits went to MVBC. It took a major investment to develop the campus which was the college's location until it moved to RMC. Hillcrest graduates have faithfully supported RMC in recruitment of students and in financing its operations. The vast majority of students attend its main campus in Medicine Hat, while the remainder attend the Brooks campus, about 110 km west.
The college has more than 300 international students, mostly from China, South Korea, India and Japan. The faculty, staff, Board of Governors, and student body represent more than 25 denominations.
Many of those who listened went for training in the United States and never returned to serve in western Canada. The giving of denominational people was supplemented by alumni giving and from agencies such as King's Kattle.
The sale of this property was important for the financing of the purchase of the facilities for RMC. Please check your email, click the link to verify your address, and then submit your comment. At times, when more beef was donated than the College could use, the animals were sold and the profit went to HCC which was a significant boost to the success at Hillcrest.
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Rocky Mountain College: A Centre for Biblical Studies welcomed its first students in the fall of 1992.

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