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Emergency crews in Medicine Hat have prepared for the worst as water levels in the citya€™s major river continue to rise and are expected to peak Monday morning. The water flow in the South Saskatchewan River is projected to top 5,000 cubic metres per second on Monday. Flooding on the Bow and Elbow Rivers devastated parts of Calgary on Thursday and Friday, and more than 20 communities in Alberta have been on alert after heavy rains.
Approximately 10,000 people have been asked to leave the low-lying areas of the city as the South Saskatchewan River continued to rise over the weekend. Volunteers sandbagged areas around city hall and the downtown core in preparation for the high waters.
Soldiers have also worked to build a dyke around the citya€™s drinking water treatment plant.
1st cruise from a US port in decades leaves Miami for Cuba46 mins agoElephants perform for final time at Ringling Bros. Mohawks ready for football campMedicine Hat News The Hat High Mohawks high school football team will start working toward another competitive Rangeland Football Conference season Monday with the opening of spring camp. By Lana: Then you are looking at a new "chicken coop" houses like when you first coming into Southridge, on Southridge Cresent? Heartfelt farewell as reporter rides off into the sunsetAs this is my final opinion piece for the Medicine Hat News as a reporter for this venerable publication which has served this community well for more than 130 years, I’ve been provided an opportunity to express my gratitude to the people of this city. Lots are too small in new Saamis Heights subdivisionSomeone should be in line to lose their job over the new Saamis Heights subdivision Not one lot has been sold because they are too small — 39 feet wide, leaving 29 feet to build on.

We email you MLS listings the instant a house, condo or other real estate that matches your search criteria becomes available on the Medicine Hat market.
About Medicine HatMedicine Hat, Alberta is located in the prairies of southeastern Alberta, in the South Saskatchewan River valley. Natural gas, coal, clay, and farmlands provide Medicine Hat with abundant natural resources. Dubbed Canada’s Sunniest City, Medicine Hat has dry, cold winters with temperatures varing between -15° C and 0° C, and warm to hot, summers with temperatures ranging from 5° C to 27° C.
Medicine Hat hosts a number of annual events including the Medicine Hat Exhibition and Stampede, with its parades, pro-rodeo, nightly shows and rides, and the internationally respected Medicine Hat Jazz Festival which draws legendary performers. There is always something to do in and around Medicine Hat, with more than 92 km of hiking and biking trails, extensive parks, first class golf courses, and the Esplanade Arts and Heritage Centre to keep you busy. Medicine Hat has a variety of neighborhoods ranging from exclusive golf communities to suburban residential areas. Similarly high flows in the river in 1995 caused widespread damage across southern Alberta. The Mohawks clinched a second-straight RFC championship in 2016 with a 20-14 victory over the Crescent Heights Vikings.
With an abundance of trees, clean air, the scenic river valley and sparkling waters, Medicine Hat is a natural oasis in the prairie landscape. Plentiful and cheap energy has attracted large industries, and the nearby Canadian Forces Base Suffield also contributes to the local economy.

If you want to know more about real estate around Medicine Hat or find homes for sale, a good place to start is to see what homes are on the market. Read More »By joerockhead: I guess you think seniors like 2 story houses which are all these stupid lots are good for. With its unique city-owned gas utility and power generation plant, Medicine Hat continues to be an economical place to live and do business. Moose Lodge 1073 handed out $80,600 in funding to 14 community organizations Thursday evening. Seven local athletes earned themselves a trip to the ASAA provincial championships, May 6-7 in Edmonton, with a silver medal finish or better. The quarterback for the Saskatchewan Roughriders made the trip into town for a fundraiser for the No.
That word issuing out of the mouth of an infant seemed not only hilarious but also remarkable. Quinn Butt, 5, died in a house fire and her father has been charged with first-degree murder as a result.

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