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The Mount Sinai school of Medicine is a very prestigious institution and is amongst the leaders in its field in many subjects; particular strengths include geriatrics and medical research.
Other colleges in New York state include Columbia, Cornell, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, CUNY City College, SUNY Stony Brook, Syracuse University, Downstate Medical Center, SUNY Albany, Rockefeller University, University of Rochester, Yeshiva, and the University at Buffalo.
Sign up to our Newsletter to receive regular updates on new site content, advice on selecting the right college for you, and tips on cracking the SATs, ACTs, and the interview process. Taking into account the architecture, campus landscape, and local environment, here are our editors picks for forty of the most attractive medical school campuses in the U.S. Boston University Medical Campus is located in the historic South End of the capital city of Massachusetts. The historic allure of Boston figures prominently in Harvard Medical School’s graceful 20th century design. At the Geisel School of Medicine at Dartmouth, it’s hard to take your eyes off of the ages old brick buildings that have since merged with modern window accents.
For some Puerto Rico is a vacation destination, but at the University of Puerto Rico School of Medicine, it is home.
Located in the heart of Durham of North Carolina, Duke University School of Medicine is rich in historic architecture and world class medical facilities. With its classical architecture and its immaculate courtyards and lawns, it is easy to see why Yale is considered one of the most beautiful urban campuses in America. Weill Cornell Medical College is located in the heart of New York in the very middle of Manhattan, a city famous for its attractions and wonderful architecture.
The state of Utah is world renowned for its breathtaking mountain ranges and stunning desert valleys. The Feinberg School of Medicine at Northwestern University sits a block away from Lake Michigan in Chicago’s Streeterville neighborhood. Founded in 1893, the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine is located in the city of Baltimore, Maryland. Located in the heart of New York state’s capital city, Albany Medical College offers a stately red brick campus for its students.
Located near Downtown Chicago, Rush University Medical College has an urban campus in the largest city of the Midwestern region. Located in a small hamlet of Suffolk County of New York, Stony Brook University School of Medicine offers a wonderful setting for bright medical students. The University of Cincinnati campus feature deep pockets of woods and proud historical edifices alongside new buildings designed by some of the world’s most renowned modern architects. The University of Iowa Carver College of Medicine sits in bustling Iowa City providing convenience to necessities and entertainment. The campus around the Temple University School of Medicine in Northern Philadelphia stands out for its unique styling, brownstone walls and mirrored windows. As one of the best schools in the nation for medical research, the University of California, Irvine School of Medicine is on the cutting edge of health and innovative care. College of Medicine is an attractive school in a contemporary Mediterranean style sure to please fans of the city and coastal life. Located in La Jolla, California, the UC San Diego School of Medicine has quite a reputation.
This campus is filled with California’s abundant sunshine and boasts museums, libraries and one of the most distinguished sculpture gardens in the country. The University of South Carolina School of Medicine enjoys its own 100 acre campus a few miles from the main USC campus in downtown Columbia, SC, though the two share in a mix of both modern and federalist architecture.
When it comes to location, it is hard to beat Nova Southeastern College of Osteopathic Medicine. Located close to a peaceful residential section of the Bronx, Albert Einstein College of Medicine of Yeshiva University is designed to blend the contemporary and traditional. Case Western Reserve School of Medicine is located in the state of Ohio, right next to the shore of Lake Erie. Located in University City, Philadelphia, The University of Pennsylvania Perelman School of Medicine is the oldest medical school in the United States. The University of North Carolina School of Medicine is a part of the UNC Health Care campus that includes several hospitals. At Morehouse College, not only will you enjoy top-notch academics, but you will also be greeted with beautiful surroundings.
Rutgers Robert Wood Johnson Medical School is located in a nice suburban area of New Jersey, between an urban center and rural locations.
Wake Forest School of Medicine is the fourth most selective medical school in the country, according to a ranking released this week by U.S.

The School of Medicine, part of Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center, had an acceptance rate of 3.1 percent for the class that entered in the fall of 2012, admitting 256 of 8,161 applicants. Obviously, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and there’s nothing scientific or objective about this list, but we hope you enjoy looking at it as much as we enjoyed putting it together.
The beautiful campus is located near heavily wooded parks and the Downtown Burlington area on Main Street. Well-known for the high quality of teaching, research, and community service, the school provides an exceptional learning environment for its students in the heart of the city. Burns School of Medicine at the University of Hawaii are certainly worth the consideration of future medical professionals. Simple, elegant buildings form a distinct boundary around the lush green landscape that makes up its quadrangle.
This Ivy League college boasts lush green lawns in a town that overflows with that quaint, New England feel. Gothic and revival architecture dominates the campus of Duke University and it’s affiliated medical school. The estate-like university built in Victorian and Gothic style is centered right in Nashville, Tennessee, so you can take in all that Music City has to offer while you’re there.
The Yale School of Medicine is located adjacent to the Yale-New Haven Hospital and includes the striking Sterling Hall of Medicine, with it’s stately columns and domed roof, as well as the Boyer Center for Molecular Medicine, Anlyan Center and the Amistad Building.
This campus is home to a Medical Center complex that includes Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital. The new modern architecture and a campus surrounded by lush green landscape, palm trees, and lakes on all sides make Central Florida College of Medicine an especially luxurious place to practice the healing arts.
At the University of Utah School of Medicine, students can get a great education while enjoying the natural riches of Utah. It is also close to the famed Magnificent Mile, known for its nightlife and high-end shopping. The JHU Medical School and Hospital share a classic Georgian architecture and the distinction of being the first medical school-teaching hospital pairing in U.S. The school is rooted in the Jesuit Catholic tradition that medicine is about caring for the mind, body, and spirit of the patient, which is reflected in the inspiring architecture of the medical school. This college has its own large hospital complex that includes more than 600 beds to treat the local population.
Several of the main buildings at this medical college have a contemporary architectural style with a white facade. The long island sound, part of the Atlantic Ocean, is only minutes away from Stony Brook University. The UC College of Medicine is set in a busy urban area and boasts a diverse student body and a thriving campus social life. The College itself combines century old brick and mortar style buildings with the more modern architecture of its newest facilities, including the Medical Education and Research Facility, the Carver Biomedical Research Building and the soon to be completed John and Mary Pappajohn Biomedical Discovery Building. On a slightly cloudy day onlookers can see each cloud in detail reflected by the beautifully curved upper building.
The school boasts the UC Irvine Medical Center, one of the top 50 hospitals in the country. However, just because it is in a major urban area does not mean there is no natural beauty to be found.
They are a leader in medical research, ranking high in different fields such as neuroscience and family medicine.
The Ronald Regan UCLA Medical Center was just reopened in 2008 after completing an amazing architectural project which brought a center that is both functional and aesthetically appealing. The school is located in a quiet suburban area and is roughly midway between the Blue Ridge Mountains and the Atlantic Ocean.
Located in southern Florida, just outside of Miami and Fort Lauderdale, students here never run out of sights to see. No place proves this better than the University of Arizona College of Medicine in Tucson, AZ. Practical but beautiful landscaping borders easy-access walkways that encourage peaceful strolling with friends, classmates and colleagues.
Located in lovely Chapel Hill, NC, known for its stately Southern colonial-style architecture, the medical campus buildings features simple modern lines. With its unique architecture and lovely modern design, America’s first medical school at a Historically Black College makes a striking statement in Atlanta, GA. Here students can have the best of both worlds, with great views of the countryside and the city skyline right on campus.

Additionally, the Vermont College of Medicine is within walking distance from the beautiful Lake Champlain.
However, it could be the location and campus of this school of medicine that turns it into a top choice. Gordon Hall serves as a visually striking focal point that now includes flattering natural lighting from the addition of glass ceiling panels.
From nearby Lake Sunapee to further jaunts like Portsmouth, the central location is one of its best attributes, making the Geisel School of Medicine at Dartmouth a special place.
Traditional buildings make a nice contrast to contemporary facilities such as the large Medical Center at Duke University.
Recognized as one of the top medical schools in the nation, Vandy also boasts true southern charm. Nestled in the center of the SLU campus, the towering School of Medicine embodies a long history of groundbreaking medical study and the Jesuit mission of embracing the whole person, body, mind and spirit. The campus itself has a beautiful view of multiple mountain ranges, as well as on-campus parks and walkways featuring local plant-life.
The college is also within walking distance from Downtown Albany, Empire State Complex and urban green spaces such as Washington Park and Lincoln Park. Shaped like a geometric star, the East Tower is perhaps the most interesting building on the campus of Rush University. The school also consistently makes the list of the top three medical schools in the United States, proving that its beauty isn’t just on the surface. The natural colors and modern design add a nice touch to the Northern Philadelphia medical university complex. This school has multiple park areas and walkways filled with local greenery for students’ enjoyment. The large campus has an early modernist feel, with the facilities reflecting a 21st century outlook. Whether relaxing at the Gardens of Peace, marveling at the sculptures, or simply enjoying the architecture of the buildings, the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA is pleasing to the mind and body.
First built in 1967, the campus’s 550 acres are set in a scenic rural area of farms, woods, and rolling hills.
Here students enjoy great mountain views, lush desert gardens, and shady palm tree walkways.
While the college offers students a top-notch education, they’ll also enjoy the modern architecture and stimulating setting.
The campus is surrounded by museums, gardens, and art institutes, so students can enhance their education through intriguing, out-of-class activities. The John Morgan Hall building is an example of classic architecture sharing space with the modern, sleek buildings on campus. The campus is located on the waterfront in Kaka’ako, Hawaii, making it possible for students to enjoy the tropical atmosphere of the mid-Pacific as they pursue their studies. The campus buildings are designed in the style of traditional Spanish, desert dwellings, featuring sandstone walls, beautiful archways, and curved red roofs. Local flora, including lush trees and bright flowers, can be enjoyed throughout the campus.
Not only that, but the school is just outside of Salt Lake City, meaning students can enjoy both urban and rural Utah life all at once.
The 14-storey Montgomery Ward Memorial Building, dedicated in 1930 and made with Indiana limestone in a modernized Gothic style, is the campus’s focal point. Stony Brook University school of Medicine also boasts its own modern hospital building that includes the unique Clinical Sciences Tower.
The Center for the Future of Surgery is a new center aimed at providing versatile care and research with state-of-the-art structure. While the campus buildings aren’t a testament to architectural ingenuity, they do a good job of letting the regional landscape speak for itself. The campus itself is filled with tributes to local flora, with shady walkways, lush parks, and even a garden food court.

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