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A Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office deputy who ran into controversy last year after repeatedly punching a teenager in the face during Carnival has been arrested and accused of acquiring prescription pills by fraud. Nicholas Breaux, 29, a mixed martial arts fighter and former JPSO detective, was booked Friday on counts of possessing a controlled dangerous substance by fraud or forgery and obtaining a controlled dangerous substance from multiple doctors.
Breaux, who has resigned from the Sheriff’s Office, quickly posted a $10,000 bond and was released from jail, according to court records. The Sheriff’s Office said Becker, a high school student from Reserve, drunkenly punched and tried to strangle Breaux as he was being arrested in the parking garage of the Lakeside Shopping Center. Becker and his family said a widely publicized cellphone video of the altercation told a different story. The Jefferson Parish District Attorney’s Office charged Becker with resisting an officer, disturbing the peace and remaining in a place after forbidden in October. MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - The flu has become so widespread the CDC is urging physicians to prescribe antiviral medicines to more patients.Doctors say they don't normally like to prescribe anti-viral medicines like Tamiflu until a patient tests positive with the flu. A bagger at a North Carolina grocery store was photographed helping an elderly woman to her car in the pouring rain and now it’s gone viral. Days of Our Lives spoilers reveal that Jennifer Horton could be getting a really big storyline. Days of Our Lives fans know that Jennifer was mildly injured from the crash that killed Daniel and nearly killed Brady, but she was taken to the hospital and kept overnight for observation. Now, DOOL fans are worried that Jen could actually be getting herself in to some big trouble. Previously, Lucas Roberts suffered from alcoholism and even almost lost the life of his then young son, Will Horton, due to his carelessness.
It seems Andre is already a bit suspicious, and when it is revealed that Stefano DiMera is nowhere to be found, it seems that Andre may stop at nothing to find out what happened to the DiMera patriarch who has caused so much destruction and heartbreak in Salem over the four decades. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, actor Joseph Mascolo, who played Stefano DiMera since the 1980s, has officially left Days of Our Lives due to health issues. Glands lining your intestinal tract, stomach, airways, sinuses, throat, and nose produce one to two quarts of mucus every day. Due to gravity, trickling drainage creates an aggravating feeling that provokes constant throat clearing. Use a nasal irrigation system like a neti pot or saline nasal spray to flush surplus phlegm and irritating substances like allergens and bacteria out of your sinuses. Prop up your bed pillows or use a wedge-shaped pillow overnight so drainage won’t pool in your throat.

Change out your heating and cooling systems’ high-quality standard or HEPA air filters often. Use an air purification system with a HEPA filter to rid the air of allergens and pollutants.
Some foods aren’t problematic in their natural states, but processing adds chemicals that could be culprits.
If standard medications and trigger-reducing measures don’t decrease your drainage, an ear, nose, and throat (ENT) doctor can evaluate your condition with various tests including X-rays and CT scans. But, because the vaccine this year hasn't been as effective as it normally is, the CDC says if someone comes into the office with symptoms, they should get the medicine."We were hit pretty hard pretty rapidly," says Winona McLamb, Director of Health and Education for the Grand Strand Medical Center. While viewers are still reeling from the two huge deaths last week, it looks like another gloomy storyline could be in the works. Daniel Jonas and injured Brady Black and Eric Brady, may be a bit more injured that she’s letting on. Jen was released the next day, but she looks like she’s in pain and is completely beat up with bruises all over her body. However, it looks like Jennifer will be given a prescription for pain medication following the accident after she realizes that she’s in some serious pain. Will Days of Our Lives soon be dealing with another addiction storyline if Jennifer starts to become dependent on the prescription medication. Most recently, Brady Black and Theresa Donovan have been seen partying it up by engaging in some heavy drinking and doing drugs such as cocaine. Maggie Horton has also dealt with alcohol addiction and has been clean and sober for a very long time.
Hope has recently shot and killed Stefano DiMera, and Rafe Hernandez helped her clean up the crime scene and ditch the body. Does this mean that the Phoenix will never rise again and that Stefano will never hurt another Salem resident again, or will DOOL find someway to ensure the DiMera madman lives on and continues causing mayhem?
Fans will not want to miss a moment of the drama that has engulfed Salem and everyone in it. Besides moistening those areas, this thick viscous secretion traps and destroys foreign bacterial and viral invaders so they don’t enter your body to trigger infections.
This liquid’s inflammatory and irritating substances can make you cough with your symptoms worsening at night usually. Keeping your drainage thin will help you avoid blockages in your sinuses and ears that could turn into infections otherwise.

Choose pure water over sodas and coffee, which contain chemicals and sugars that can aggravate your mucous membranes or thicken your phlegm. Sprinkle a little apple cider vinegar on your pillowcase to create an alkalizing vapor that will loosen up your mucus (see video below). A structural abnormality like nasal polyps, concha bullosa air pockets, or a deviated septum could require surgery.
And every year, experts predict the strain of flu that will hit, then they tailor the vaccine to the prediction, and often they're close.
For more information on this site, please read our Privacy Policy, and Terms of Service, and Ad Choices. However, both Brady and Theresa cleaned themselves up and are now the proud parents of a baby son named Tate.
In fact, Days of Our Lives fans can always count on Maggie to reach out to other Salem residents who are dealing with addiction issues as well, serving as a sober living coach, or sponsor, for them. Will they get caught by the police or, worse yet, suffer the wrath of Stefano’s equally evil son, Andre DiMera? But you don’t notice the phlegm and saliva mixture dripping down your throat unless something makes you generate excess amounts or denser consistencies.
Blockages, acid reflux, and aging can cause swallowing problems that allow liquids to build up in your throat and create sensations resembling postnasal drip. Over-the-counter antihistamines like Claritin (Loratidine) and decongestants will reduce postnasal drip that allergies, sinusitis, and viral infections cause. Herbal tea with lemon encourages your cilia’s tiny hair-like projections to move your drainage. That we're seeing a little bit different strain and it's not as effective."So the CDC says during this year in particular, it's more important than usual for doctors to treat certain patients with Tamiflu or other antiviral medications.
If drainage plugs up the tube connecting your throat and middle ear, you may develop an agonizing ear infection. Contact your allergist or physician about bacterial infection symptoms including foul-smelling drainage, a fever, wheezing, or symptoms lingering for 10 or more days. There have been deaths reported."In a hospital like the Grand Strand Medical Center, physicians can tell whether you've got the virus with a simple swab.

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