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I will guide you in letting go of the mind chatter, learn how to relax and feel safe being yourself. A beautifully designed Gift Certificate from Holistic Healing Melbourne is the perfect gift to show you care. I was fortunate enough to meet Jackie half way through my gruelling breast cancer treatments, when both, my body and Self were in desperate need of gentle care. At the Flower Essences Workshop Jackie provided a wonderful overview of colours and flower essences, and how they can be applied to raise our positivity and energy levels. Jackie has helped me through some tough times with her counselling and support and has made me see things clearer. I recently attended an appointment with Jackie for treatment for seasonal allergies and sinus pain.

There is no doubt I left the (Indian Head Massage) sessions in way better shape mentally and physically because of Jackie’s expert treatment. I met Jackie at a time in my life that was very stressful, headaches, anxiety and self-doubt plagued me. A thorough and genuine Reiki Master with great workshops where you can completely apply what you have learned. I will show you how to reconnect with your self worth so you feel better about yourself and your future. Jackie has been providing me with a range of treatments that suit my needs on the day of each session, ever since; from soothing and gentle Indian Head Massage treatments to calming and balancing Reiki healings.
Her tips and techniques for reducing stress, and learning to connect with our environments were insightful and practical.

Is what you really want instead is to find a purpose for yourself, to rekindle your joy and zest for getting out of bed each day? I cannot thank Jackie enough for the wonderful care she provides me with and for her professional, yet loving way of delivering treatments. As an adjunct to this treatment Jackie suggested trying a Flower essence spray for the allergic rhinitis I was experiencing. The soothing relief of the massages has been a wonderful assistance in getting me ‘back to normal again’.

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