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Every atom is a perfect rainbow of Divine Light - splitting the light into all seven colours. Quartz crystals are able to assist us to perform many different types of healing and Light work.
Rock Quartz will perform most of the Quartz functions, but a perfect and complete pointed Quartz crystal is most ideal for working with.
Natural grown clear Quartz crystals are energizing, activating, and bring light into their surroundings. Quartz crystals are six-sided (vertical sides) - therefore they look hexagonal from above - looking straight down onto the point.
These perfect Dow crystals have a 3 x 7-sided top faces, and 3x 3-sided, arranged alternately.
The seven-sided faces represent valuable life lessons, which the guardian of the crystal (U!) encounters on the way to transmitting and receiving clear messages and unconditional love.
The Dow perfectly combines the magical 3 and 7 is a more finitely balanced and symmetrical way than any other Quartz or indeed crystal formation. As well as increasing the flow of energy through these higher planes an chakras, the Dow crystals seek to transmit this higher consciousness into every energy centre and part of the body. Due to the precise way that the 7 x 3 x 7 x 3 x 7 x 3 faces form - on EVERY Dow Quartz crystal, the internal angles are always the same.
If you look through any of the 7-sided faces, you will look down upon one of the 3-sided faces - on the other side of the crystal. This is of course VERY sacred indeed - complicated geometry using mirror images, light and symmetry, all grown from Silicon Dioxide crystal arranged in a double-helixical matrix! Choose purely natural crystals for best connection to crystals & the mineral kingdom!
If you require further details regarding the transaction data, please contact the supplier directly. The Quartz family grows in a staggering amounts of different ways, all based on the same atomic shape.

They are able to channel healing energy direct through their bodies, from base to tip, and out through the point. As they can split light into all the colours, they will seek to enhance cells of all different types and vibratory rates.
Specific Quartz crystal formations are often identified by counting the number of edges of each of the top 6 faces.
To describe this a different way, they have a 7-sided face, with a 3-sided face immediately next to it. 3 - Divinity, the Trinity, represents Unity, Order, Harmony and Perfection throughout the Universe. The number seven reflects the amount of major chakra points on a human body, the seven major planes of existence (within many eastern and Shamanic philosophies), seven rainbow colours of light, and seven notes in a musical scale, between each oc8tave. This lends to us the lessons that we have to strive for a balance of Divinity (3) with our inner truth (7). These crystals can teach us how to channel more purified Unconditional love and healing energy into our environments and to our fellow beings. It can help to attain clarity and calmness in any situation, but is itself a Storm element crystal, and works with the transformational and energetic aspects of the Storm energy. New cells are made all the time, but are copied as exact replicas including any disharmonic blueprints. The shapes of these six top faces, which make up the point, determine the qualities of that Quartz crystal, which chose that shape at its creation. The Triangle is an ancient Universal symbol of unity, strength, balance, communication & wholeness. Seven also symbolises the mystic, a€?seeker of trutha€™, one who studies the path, intuition, and anything else seven means to you. The Dow crystal, named after the renowned crystal healer and channeller Jane Ann Dow, has also been called the Trans-Channeller, because of its obvious relation to the Channeller and Transmitter Quartz formations. These are the Crown chakra (top of the head), Causal chakra (back of skull) and also the higher non-physically-situated Chakras.

They strengthen our connection to our source, our connection with the Universe of intelligent energy streams which manifest, nourish and guide Us. This meditation about to be described should only be attempted when feeling balanced, grounded, strong and cleansed, and with a Dow you know well.
You will notice that on both sides of the triangle, is a reflection of the triangle, tapering away from you.
Pyramids are an ancient symbol representing the bringing down of wisdom and energy from above, and grounding it on the Earth plane - spreading it out.
They cleanse, clarify, lighten and amplify the healing energy, and then focus it via the point. It is both an activating and balancing crystal, whereas most crystals are one or the other.
Aside from many other benefits this enables us to sense more clearly the reality of any given situation, and what dynamics are at work. So looking down from above, counting around the crystal in either direction, the numbers of sides on the top faces go: 7 - 3 - 7 - 3 - 7 - 3. It is as if the actual traingle that you're looking at in the front face of a Pyramid, with the other three sides of the Pyramid being filled in by light reflections. They seek to create the perfect union of spirit and matter, instilling light and divine wisdom. A pyramid is a triangle from the side - and represents bringing down light from above onto the Earth plane, and a€™splaying ita€™ out. They are the sum of all of other chakras, and allow or block energy flowing between us and the rest of the Universe.
They exist only in an enlightened reality - where all healing is possible, and any pain can be transcended via Love.

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