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Description:Agates are a form of Chalcedony Quartz, they come in various colors and may have banded stripes, variegated sections, mosslike inclusion, wavy lines and any other variation you can think of.
Agates are formed when gas bubbles are trapped in solidifying lava and then become filled with alkali and silica bearing water when coagulates into a gel.
They are polished to bring out the natural color and design, rough agate is dull and not very interesting to look at. Lore & History: They have been used as gemstones, talismans and amulets for thousands of years.
The ancient Greeks believed that amulets made from agate would offer protection from accidents at sea and during Medieval times it was believed that carrying a piece of agate would attract favor from God and make the bearer more agreeable and pleasant to be around. Healing Properties: Agates lend their aid to stomach complaints, and ailments of the colon, liver, spleen and kidneys. There are hundreds of agate varieties but only some are used in healing and metaphysical work, following are some of the more widely known and used types. Description:A beautiful light blue agate with bands of light blue and opaque white running through it in a lacy or wavy pattern.
Healing Properties: Cooling, used for healing the entire body but especially helpful for ailments occurring above the neck. Healing Properties: Used in healing to treat intestinal disorders and ailments of the eyes, ears, nose and throat. Description:A beautiful stone with delicate colors and subtle patterns, usually contains lots of pink to peach color, but may also include violet, browns, blues, and grays. Healing Properties:Lower Abdomen and Solar Plexus ChakrasSimilar in effect to Blue Lace Agate but for the lower chakras. Description:Beautiful stones containing all the colors of the sunset arrayed in various irregular patterns and bands, this agate usually has inclusions of Goethite or Limonite which cause the stones to be iridescent. Description:Moss agate is generally clear to light colored with "mossy" looking areas inside the stone.

Description:Both green and blue aventurine are types of quartzite, the colors coming from the presence of other minerals. About: Often confused with amazonite and jade, dark green aventurine has inclusions of mica and pyrite which give it a speckled appearance. Lore & History: The gem varieties of quartz have been used as gemstones and other ornamental objects for thousands of years. Healing Properties: Used to treat disorders of the lungs and hear and helps increase muscle flexibility. Blue Aventurine helps to release toxins from the body, gives strength to those suffering from debilitating diseases. Blue Aventurine provides patience, eliminates stubborness, controls excitability, and can help give deeper understanding of the cause and effect in situations thus allowing one to more fully understand and to find the optimum solution.
If you have trouble sticking to programs and plans, take thirty days to prepare yourself to easily accomplish any program or goal you desire. From my earliest memories as a child, I couldn’t help but notice how some kids could study, play sports, participate in student government, and have an active social life. He left us a wide variety of wonderful recording and written works as he traveled the world to bring this message to the students.
They are found throughout the world and some agate varieties have become known by the name of the region in which they were first discovered (Brazilian, Botswana, etc.) and retain the name even when found elsewhere. The alkali attacks the iron in the surrounding lava and bands of the resulting iron hydroxide are created in the gel which loses moisture and crystallizes leaving the bands intact.
Use in spells to increase communication skills and to increase the persuasiveness of ones writing and speaking. Use in meditation to strengthen friendships, improve self-esteem, agreeability and persuasiveness.
Aventurine is a form of quartzite, composed mostly of quartz grains interlocked with other minerals which impart the lovely color.

Green and blue aventurine are popular lapidiary materials today, both show a wonderful color when polished. The process in this book can potentially change your life, and once the ride starts there is no turning back.
While others hung out on the street corner and appeared to have little or no interest in accomplishing or achieving anything.
Joel said that the spiritual impartations given by him in the classes, were often the first time he heard them as well. Said to be helpful in treating blockages of the nervous system and in disorders of the pancreas and digestive tract. There is also a blue variety of aventurine which gets its color from aluminous sediments containing boron, present when the stone was formed.
By applying the simple principles that I call “Saturation Busters” you can feel taller, smarter, richer, and more loved than ever before. So many people want to blame the establishment or poor parenting, but I had perfectly wonderful parents and was in one of the best school districts in the country.
Avoid the dyed varieties, while their inherent properties will not be affected the color association is changed and that can lead to unpredictable results when using the stones for healing or magick.
The green moss agate is especially beneficial for gardeners as the stone will help insure healthy, vigorous plant growth.
I graduated from college, ran marathons, and became an entertainment executive with financial abundance. All you need is a little courage, and in thirty days this process will transform your life.

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