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Ponche Navideno is a hot punch served with or without alcohol during the holiday season and most generally during Las Posadas. Since starting this blog, I’ve had a lot of fun experimenting with holiday drinks and learning about traditional Mexican ingredients. It was exciting to learn about some of the unique ingredients that are commonly used in a traditional ponche. My mom sold tamarind in our family’s neighborhood grocery store and although all the barrio kids loved it, it never appealed to me. Here’s hoping you will venture out to your nearest Mexican grocery store and purchase some of these exotic ingredients to make your ponche Navideno. In a large pot, over high heat, boil water, cinnamon sticks, cloves, tamarind, and tejocotes.

My grandma made a very similar calientito (warm drink) around the holidays but it did not have all of the unique ingredients listed below.
The ones I used were yellow, over ripened, soft, and very sweet, but that was perfectly fine because they dissolved in the water and added a uniquely sweet taste to the ponche. The intoxicating aroma and perfumed air in your home will certainly entice your guests to give the drink a try.
After it starts to boil, lower the heat and simmer for about 10 minutes until the tejocotes are soft. I make mine with hibiscus tea to give it a crimson color and that slightly tart taste that balances the sweetness from the fruit and piloncillos. Grama used to make one similar but only used apples, oranges, and of course cinnamon, cloves, and piloncillo. I LOVE the smell of canela simmering and with all these additional ingredients it’s just amazing.

We are flying to Idaho this Christmas and I plan to smuggle my ingredients to make this over there. LOL This sounds like a nice alternative to Che’s favorite Chicha Morada (peruvian punch). I share plenty of home-style Mexican recipes served with a side of heartwarming family stories. They have a sweet and sour taste, which is reminiscent of something between a plum and an apricot. I feel that food is one of the best ways to tie us to our past, our heritage, and memories.

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