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The tyre that reduces running costs(1), respects the environment(1), and enables a shorter braking distance(3)!
In 1992, Michelin launched its 1st generation of low fuel consumption a€?green tyresa€?, made possible by the partial substitution of carbon black with silica. MICHELIN Energy Saver uses the latest generation silica which almost completely replaces the carbon black.
By maintaining the rigidity of the tread rubber, the Durable Security Compound ensures efficient braking during the whole life of the tyre (Michelin Patent). This exclusive Michelin process allows for simultaneous combination of all the tread ingredients, with perfect control of the mixture consistency and molecular interaction. Tread rubber performance is very dependent on the quality of the molecular bonding of its 14 individual ingredients (elastomers, sulphur, antioxidants, silica, etc.).
The new mixing process enhances the performance of the 100% silica-based compound and the DSC compared to using a non-Michelin process. Michelin profite de la fenetre sur le monde que lui procure le salon de Detroit pour lancer sa technologie de pneu Energy Saver toutes saisons pour vehicules automobiles de tourisme qui parcourent moins de 16 000 kilometres par an. The new patented ECO'N'GRIP technology uses a formula that improves molecular cohesion and limits heat build-up in the tyre. INNER LAYER, a layer of polymers underneath the tread improves rolling resistance and reduces energy consumption.
Specifications shown are as accurate as possible based on the information provided to us by the tire manufacturers.

For assistance selecting products for your vehicle, please contact our sales specialists at 888-541-1777 or via email. New vehicle Original Equipment tire warranties often differ from those covering replacement tires. Can eco-friendly, low rolling resistance tires make a difference in fuel economy, driving costs and the environment?
Tire Rack arranged to get a small fleet of the 2009 2nd generation Toyota Prius hybrids to test low rolling resistance tires.
La 3eme place du podium revient a un fabricant moins connu mais qui merite de faire parler de lui, c’est le pneu Nokian H. Bonjour, les pneus presente sont encore vendus cependant les fabricants ont sorti de nouveaux modeles (comme le MICHELIN Energy Saver +) avec des performances ameliorees. Formation obligatoire pour les 125cm3 : combien coute-elle vraiment, et dans quels cas peut-on l’eviter ?
Chewing-Gomme est un blog qui parle d'actus, de voitures, de motos, de quads, et de tout ce qui roule en general. Mozesz okreslic warunki przechowywania lub dostepu do plikow cookies w Twojej przegladarce. It is aromatic oil free (complying with the European Directive which came into force in January 2010).
We have over 8,000 independent Recommended Installers and one that's probably just around the corner from you.

Tell us about your vehicle or the specific size you want so we can help find the right tires for you. The dimensions reflect average values for tires measured on the specified measuring rim width. The tire manufacturers and Tire Rack reserve the right to change product specifications at any time without notice or obligation. Je vous conseille de jeter un oeil sur le dernier comparatif pneu ete 2013 que nous venons de publier. Avec Marine Le pen,Arnaud Montebourg,Jean luc Melanchon et tous les autres .Je reclame des comptes a Michelin en particulier. This compound is molded into a symmetric design that features siped, independent tread blocks to combine predictable handling, no compromise stopping performance and all-season traction without trading fuel efficiency. Circumferential and lateral grooves direct water through the tread design to help resist hydroplaning and enhance wet traction.Michelin Comfort Control Technology uses computer-optimized design and precision manufacturing to reduce vibrations and road noise to keep the vehicle quiet.

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