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The energy services industry is changing, and we in turn must continue to set the bar higher so that we continue to deliver reliable energy services for our customers. Strengthening the electric grid is important for developing renewable energy and maintaining the reliability of service. Approximately a quarter of our generating capacity comes from renewable and noncarbon sources. To be the best energy company in serving our customers, while delivering sustainable energy solutions. Our core principles define our values and our vision – today and for the next 100 years. This team consists of leaders at the Berkshire Hathaway Energy level as well as those who head up each of our businesses. Find and download annual and quarterly financial reports for Berkshire Hathaway Energy as well as our family of businesses. Quarterly and annual regulatory reports for Berkshire Hathaway Energy and select businesses are available for download as PDFs.

Today, MidAmerican Energy Company announced a major project that will provide a cleaner energy future for Iowa.
MidAmerican Energy Company is a rate-regulated utility that provides reliable, affordable and environmentally responsible energy to customers in Iowa, Illinois, South Dakota and Nebraska. With a diversified generation portfolio that includes wind, coal, natural gas, nuclear, hydro and biomass, MidAmerican Energy demonstrates environmental respect by proactively engaging in emissions-reduction projects. In 2012, MidAmerican Energy was recognized with the Platts Global Energy Green Energy Supplier of the Year Award for its wind expansion projects.
Years of strategic investment in multiple wind projects illustrate MidAmerican Energy's commitment to a diverse generation portfolio and the environment. Approximately 42 percent of MidAmerican Energy's total owned generation capacity comes from energy generated by the company's 1,782 owned wind turbines.
By the end of 2015, MidAmerican Energy had approximately 3,500 megawatts of wind generation capacity in Iowa. In addition to their commitment to the environment, MidAmerican Energy has demonstrated a strong commitment to their customers, providing multiple billing and payment options, community support and numerous energy efficiency programs.

In October 2012, MidAmerican Energy sent more than 275 employees and contractors to the Eastern U.S.
Backed by Berkshire Hathaway, we invest in hard assets and focus on long-term opportunities that will contribute to the future strength of the company.
The announcement is a giant step toward realizing the company‚Äôs vision of 100 percent renewable energy for customers in the state. In fact, it's MidAmerican Energy’s wind projects that not only foster economic growth, but have established the company as a recognized leader in the use and development of renewable energy. Power 2015 Electric Utility Business Customer Satisfaction Study℠ ranks MidAmerican Energy highest among large utilities in the Midwest for the second year in a row. Department of Commerce, PacifiCorp, and the states of Oregon and California today signed an agreement that, following a process administered by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, is expected to remove four dams on the Klamath River by 2020, amounting to one of the largest river restoration efforts in the nation.

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