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In a society where everyone defines themselves by labels, I often get the question: What is mind-body medicine? It was then that the filmmaker and former Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) journalist decided to make a documentary – including interviews with such notable mind-body medicine experts as Jon Kabat-Zinn, Herbert Benson and Dean Ornish – to help others do the same.
Aside from what she discovered on Google, the real turning point for Harvey came during an interview she did with George Jelinek, an emergency medicine professor who was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, a disease similar to what she was suffering from. Jelinek attributes his complete recovery from what is considered an incurable disease to such things as an improved diet and regular exercise – what he calls “the easy part” – as well as meditation, a practice Harvey adopted as part of her own healing process. As it turns out, stories like Jelinek’s and Harvey’s aren’t that unusual, dating back at least three millennia clear up to present day. For Suzann Wittenberg, her healing of multiple sclerosis wasn’t so much a brain-based adjustment as it was a prayer-based recognition of what God, or what some refer to as “divine Mind,” was telling her about her innate spirituality and consequent freedom from disease.
Certainly there are those who read stories like this – or watch films like “The Connection” – with a hefty dose of skepticism. Imagine that: A new generation of doctors being trained to appreciate, if not incorporate, a new-old approach to medicine, aspects of which could, at the very least, greatly reduce the need for drugs and surgery.
Eric Nelson’s columns on the link between consciousness and health appear regularly in a number of local and national online publications. Correspondingly, Communities Digital News, LLC uses its best efforts to operate in accordance with the Fair Use Doctrine under US Copyright Law and always tries to provide proper attribution.
Mind-body or behavioral medicine is the area of medical science that deals with the idea of the mind influencing the physical health through approaches or techniques which control the mind and emotions. Psychologists and mental health personnel examine the effects of ones mind, attitudes, thoughts and beliefs on the physical well-being and implement various techniques and therapies such as meditation, yoga, deep breathing, relaxation training and guided imagery which coordinate with the immune system and improve illnesses.
Clinical experiments conducted under purely scientific conditions have exhibited that mind-body techniques are authentic and they have a very strong remedial effect.
Mind-body techniques can help alleviate health conditions as they are based on relaxation, tension and pain reducing methods and trim down the use of medications. Our individual achievement of optimal health does not begin with a lower health insurance premium.
For over 6,000 years Yoga Science has provided tools to help human beings learn the art of healthy living. You can live in an optimal state of balance and healthfulness––if you simply learn to make living in that state a priority and unite the intuitive wisdom of the spirit with the healing power of your mind.
Mind-body medicine is a new way of understanding health and disease which recognizes that emotional and psychological issues influence whether we are sick or healthy. Mind-body research has shown that our emotions, beliefs, relationships with others and behavior habits can influence our immune system, making it stronger or weaker, and thus move us towards sickness or health. Beliefs: believing that you must die from being HIV-infected can trigger fear, decreases in immunity, avoidance of health-promoting behavior and ultimately result in a shorter life-span. Stress: being stuck in "survival stress" for many months -- where you feel somehow unsafe or threatened -- can wear down immune system functioning and speed up the progression to developing AIDS. Grief: feeling grief is normal after a significant loss of an important person, pet or cherished goal. Self-Disclosure to Trusted Support: science has learned that talking about your problems honestly with someone you trust provides a boost to immune system functioning. Life Purpose and Goals: research studies on HIV+ people who remain healthy for long periods show that these HIV+ folks typically have "reasons to live," whether they are general purposes ("I want to enjoy my friends and family") or specific goals ("I want to take a cooking class next month").
Self-Assertiveness is defined as the ability to say "no" to something you really do not want to do, and "yes" to something that you want or like. Body Care is defined as making sure that you are doing the right things on a regular basis to keep you body healthy. How can you use this new information about the mind-body connection to enhance your HIV+ health?
Ancient wisdom and modern science integrated under inspirational stories of how the heart works as the seat of our lives.

A book of 63 short stories that imparts the wisdom of the ages – appealing to all age groups.
Power animals are spirit guides in animal form who provide protection, guidance, and healing. Romie's nationally recognized mind-body medicine practice in Orlando, FL or to schedule a complementary health and wellness life coach session via telephone contact Dr. Romie" Mushtaq, MD is a physician and professionally trained and certified life coach through the Foundation of Holistic Life Coaching.
Apparently it’s just taking us awhile to figure out how it all works, even in this age of modern medicine. Since receiving treatment from a Christian Science healer more than 40 years ago, she has been symptom free. Others see them as much-needed reminders that our health has a lot less to do with our body than it does our thought about the body or, in Wittenberg’s case, our thought about the deeper, more spiritual aspects of our lives. Maybe then we wouldn’t have to read so far into our Google searches to discover something that could radically change our outlook and our health for the better. He also serves as the media and legislative spokesperson for Christian Science in Northern California. If you have reason to believe that any written material or image has been innocently infringed, please bring it to the immediate attention of CDN via the e-mail address or phone number listed on the Contact page so that it can be resolved expeditiously. Eric also serves as the media and legislative spokesperson for Christian Science in Northern California, likes to go for really long bike rides, and is more than happy to chat with anyone, anytime, about baseball. The concept of mind body medicine is a fast growing one and is generated from the comparatively new theory of Psychoneuroimmunology, or PNI in short, which is basically a study of how the mind and body affects each other. Therefore the mind body medicine investigates the connection between the mind and immune system of the body and helps toward better health and healing through approaches which affect the mind. These curative methods are specially designed to direct energy pulses from the mind to aid the healing process.
Together, these researches and experiments have nullified the separation of mind and body and have validated the idea of the synthesis of the two, leading towards the acceptance of mind-body medicine. Examples of mind-body techniques being used with medication in cases of treating pain, anxiety and depression are pretty common in general medical science. We are breathing and thinking beings also––living with complex thoughts, desires and emotions. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta, Georgia report that the key factors influencing an individual’s state of health have not changed significantly over the past twenty years. They have looked at why some people get sick and die from HIV, while others remain free of symptoms and healthy. If that grief is "held in" and not expressed for many months, it can trigger a decrease in immunity and speed up the progression of disease. Medical research shows that being self-assertive promotes the strength and quantity of Natural Killer (NK) cells of the immune system.
This includes being aware of your breathing patterns and correcting any problems (like shallow breathing or unconscious breath-holding).
An example of moderate exercise is a 20-minute brisk walk that gets you to breath a little harder and perhaps some sweat on the forehead. For each of the issues mentioned above, rate yourself on how well you are doing: good, OK or poor.
This deck of 44 oracle cards by Steven Farmer will connect you with animal spirit guides who will advise you about any aspect of your life. Shannon Harvey got sick, really sick, and began trying all sorts of therapies, both conventional and alternative, to get better. Still others seem them as harbingers of an evolved – and evolving – mode of medicine, one that takes into account more than just our biological or physiological components. Although these methods of healing are being used by traditional healers from a very long time, only recently they have gained scientific acceptance as researches done all across the globe have shown positive results which have shown evidences supporting mind-body medicine and thus reinforce its notion.

As far as patients are concerned, this new concept of synthesis- in other words, mind-body medicine- is a significant one indeed because it means that only by controlling mental and emotional states, diseases can be cured or revived from.
Yoga Science (including meditation)  views the body as a covering outside the mind, and the mind as a covering outside the center of consciousness (the soul).
With active and discriminating participation in our own health management, we can form a healing partnership with our physicians––and stop working against our own best interests.
As part of a complete daily wellness program, meditation, diaphragmatic breathing and an easy-gentle yoga practice can improve mental, emotional and physical well being and give you the necessary skills to become an active partner with your physicians in maintaining health and vitality.
This is important because NK cells can kill HIV in the body and can do so in people with very low CD4 counts. You should be drinking a minimum of eight glasses of water every day and having good nutrition and eating patterns so that all of your body, including immune cells, gets the nutrition it needs. Then, make a list of the issues rated "poor" and pick someone to talk honestly with about each problematic issue. Then she happened to read something on Google – on page 20 of her search results, no less – that made her realize that, in her words, in order to change her health she needed to change her mind.
To experience health and well-being, we must properly care for and feed the body, regulate our breath, coordinate the functions of our mind and base all our actions on the inner intuitive wisdom of our spirit, as reflected by the conscience (buddhi). Mederi implies a sense of attending to or paying attention to something in order to facilitate well being.
Elmer Green of the Menninger Foundation, Swami Rama demonstrated the ability to stop his heart from pumping blood for 16.2 seconds and to produce an eleven degree difference in temperature between different parts of the palm of his hand.
Getting regular sleep that allows you to wake up "feeling rested" most mornings is also important.
In meditation, you sit quietly and ask the mind to let go of its everyday tendencies to think, analyze, remember, solve problems, and focus on past events or on expectations of the future.
Through these studies at Menninger Swami Rama repeatedly demonstrated full mastery of his autonomic nervous system, which until then most Western doctors had assumed was impossible.
After the discussion, create a plan for improvement for each "poor" issue and begin working on your plan. Meditation increases theta waves (the electrical waves that appear in the brain just before one falls asleep) while the meditating person remains alert and focused.
The decisions people routinely make about their daily lives are by far the greatest factor in determining their wellness. This, in turn, slows down the mind’s rapid series of thoughts and feelings, and replaces that mental activity with a calm, inner awareness and attention. If people could be introduced to some essential, basic information and be motivated to make more skillful choices, they’d experience better health and, as a consequence, lower health-care costs.
As a consequence of this quiet, effortless, one-pointed focus of attention, the body and mind both become rejuvenated. By maintaining a daily meditation practice, symptoms of stress, fear, depression, fatigue, high blood pressure and addictions can be diminished and the body can become free to function to its healthy potential.
By choosing one modality of healing, we limit ourselves from healing at the fullest potential. I will dedicate many of my blog articles and my lectures to showing the scientific evidence that has been collected over the last 50-60 years showing the health benefits of these Eastern modalities of healing. This is a failure to recognize an opportunity for physical healing of the body in a diseased state and saving lives.
We can’t let the fact that our healthcare system in the US is broken stop us from using these life altering and life saving treatments of Western medicine.

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