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CLEVELAND — “FirstEnergy Corp, which last month said it was closing six coal-fired power plants in three states, announced today that its Monongahela Power Co. As it did with the prior announcement, Akron-based FirstEnergy said the decision to close the plants is based on the U.S. The three West Virginia plants to be closed — Albright Power Station, Willow Island Power Station and Rivesville Power Station — have a total of 105 employees. Since 1975 Ohio Citizen Action has been working on campaigns for clean air, clean water, and healthier neighborhoods.
After architect, Rolf Disch, built the Heliotrope (the first building in the world to capture more energy than it uses) he set his sights higher.
Solarsiedlung is located in Freiburg, Germany, which is known as the ecological capital of the country.  It is the home of Europe’s largest solar research center.

We are a community of artists and musicians, activists and healers, practitioners and seekers dedicated to contributing everything we possibly can to the massive shift in consciousness that is presently taking place on planet Earth.
Using the most powerful assembly of lasers in the world, a team of scientists at NIF compressed a small amount of fuel enough to induce nuclear fusion in two experiments in September and November of 2013. Characterized by Australian modular building expert ArchiBlox as the world’s first carbon-positive prefab living unit, the Archi+Carbon Positive House is designed to be self-sustainable. Design(dot)fr is a place to discover and share web content about design, architecture and decorative art. Environmental Protection Agency Mercury and Air Toxics Standards (MATS), which recently were finalized, and other environmental regulations. Haney, regional president of Monongahela Power and president of West Virginia operations for FirstEnergy, in a statement.

Aweditoria is a new social media platform where people share small stories and ideas based on interests.
The National Ignition Facility made a nuclear fusion reaction that produced more energy than it used up — a first . One big issue standing in the way of harnessing this energy for electrical power is that it takes more energy to create the reaction than we’ve gotten out of it, until now. These include in-ground cool tubes, sliding edible garden walls to reduce sunlight infiltration, and a green roof for increased thermal insulation.

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