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The small ulcers that develop on the mouth lining are popularly known as canker sores and they can be very painful and sensitive. There are well known natural cures for canker sores that can be brought into effective use in order to get rid of them sores that can turn out to be very painful if not taken care of in the proper manner.
Baking soda is considered to be one of the most effective natural cures for canker sores because it provides instant relief from the sores. A mouthwash made out of baking soda can be used for the sores or a paste made out of water and baking soda can also be applied on the affected area.
Canker sores can also be healed very effectively by the use of a cotton swab dabbed in magnesia milk.
Aloevera is also a very natural treatment for canker sores as it has been found to produce the desired results in this field. Garlic is considered to be one of the most effective of all natural cures for canker sores because of the fact that the qualities that it possesses helps in curing the sores instantly. The pain that is caused by canker sores can be subdued by the intake of yogurt therefore people affected by canker sores should try to include yogurt in their diet on a regular basis. There are various fruits and vegetables that can also be included in daily diet in order to get relief from the pain of the canker sores.
Schizophrenia is a mental disorder characterized by the presence of various delusions (a false rigid belief without any evidence to support it ,also that cannot be altered by argument or reasoning); hallucinations (falsely perceiving things having no relation to reality and without any external stimulus), disorganized speech and behavior  and social withdrawal.
1) The main symptom of Schizophrenia is delusion that is mainly of the persecutory, grandiose, control and jealousy type. 2) Another important symptom of Schizophrenia is hallucination, mainly of the auditory type, in which the person hears voices of people which are not present in reality. 3) The next important symptom is disorganized speech and behavior.  Disorganized speech may be present in various forms like saying meaningless words, repeating the same couple of words, difficulty in maintaining a train of thoughts, starting to talk about a topic and ending it on a totally different subject,  giving a totally different unassociated answer on being asked a question etc.
4) Another symptom is the flat effect in which a person is not able to express his emotions either verbally or non-verbally through gestures and lack of facial expressions in various situations.
Hyoscyamus Niger  this homeopathic remedy is useful for those cases of Schizophrenia where the main symptom is delusion of persecution and the patient feels that others are making some plot against him. Homeopathic medicine Phosphorus also ranks as a top medicine for curing the grandiose delusion. Anacardium Orientale is an important medicine that can be utilized in patients experiencing the auditory hallucinations. Cannabiis Indica is a wonderful homeopathic medicine where disorganized speech is present in Schizophrenia . In 2007 he started having trouble following instruction and would often tell my daughter and I we were second guessing his decisions.
Through some extensive research, whe had found that Aurum metallicum, Hyoscyamus Niger as well as Anacardium Orientalis were the remedies that covered all of his symptoms.
We started with the Aurum metallicum and the Hyoscyamus Niger in 200c potencies and noticed a difference in his symptoms. Also i have kept on following alopathich medication and should i continue with this or stop before giving your prescription.
My son is 25 with classic schizophrenic symptoms but refuses to see a doctor or any professional and doesn’t believe there is a problem.
My son is now 28 yrs old but started off with severe anxiety then started hearing voices approx. Sir I m syzophiniya petient from last 8 year I took the medicine of syzopin 100 ,clonil 75 SR,rinsin plus I want homeopathic treatment please arrange to send me the name of medicine on my mail. Our daughter aged 31 is suffering from schizophrenia from her childhood.We have tried all types of allopathic medicines .

My husband suffers from chronic Lyme disease and has seizures, Lyme rage, confusion, brain fog, forgetfulness, depression, suicidal thoughts, short term memory loss! My younger son aged 23 years passed BCA and doing computer courses,developed schizophrenia. He becomes unattentive and most time when he remains alone talks with an imaginary person placing his face upwards. Sir i m suffering from schizophrenia my treatment is going on but sometime i affred when i stop taking medication when coarse is over it may attack again so allopathic medicine have some side effect so i want to take homeopathic treatment so that it not affect further suggest what should i do?
There have been ups and downs with medication : going to work for a while and getting a relapse. His main complaint is all kind of thoughts, ideas rush to his head and he spends better part of the day on his computer putting down his thoughts.
I have a 20 year old who has had paranoid psychosis over the last 3 years, believing he is being watched on the computer and that he is being talked about by everyone as if he is on a TV show.
I believe his problems started with his adverse reaction to the MMR Vaccination (August 1999) which caused him to have no Solid Movement for 4 years until he was properly diagnosed and I cleared his stomach with Good Bacteria, Garlic and Warm Lemon Juice. This caused him to have a very Toxic Stomach for 4 years which has placed him as high functioning on the Autistic Spectrum. I believe the high anxiety which is typical of an Aspegers adolescent has been the cause of his psychotic break at 17. He has been given various anti-psychotic medications which have made him put on excessive weight and cause frequent urination. He is currently on 10mg clopixol medication daily which keeps him calm but does not alleviate the paranoid thoughts. This appears to have tempered his anger and depression but has not taken away the unshakable delusions he has had since the psychotic break started in 2012. I have also read that Calcarea Carbonica can be used for effective weight loss around the stomach (where he has tripled his waistline due to reduction of metabolism from using the medications). Also that Natrum Mur can be used for effective weight loss around the thigh and buttocks area.
I am urgently seeking a holistic cure for my son, as due to this devastating paranoia he now wishes to live alone. SOME HOW MY MOTHER ACCEPTED THIS AND FOR THE FIRST 3 YEARS SHE WAS OK BUT NOT MUCH OF INTEREST. The scientific name for canker sores is Aphthous stomatitis and one thing that can be noteworthy regarding these sores is that they are not contagious at all. This application should be tried out at least three to four times during the day in order to get the best results. The sap of aloevera can be applied directly on the affected area that would help in relieving the pain caused due to the sores and at the same time this would also stimulate the healing process of the cores. Oil from the tea tree and alum are also found to work well in healing the canker sores if they are applied directly on the sores. The application of onion juice on the canker sores can work wonders for the sores because of the fact that onions contain medicinal properties that would help in doing away with the pain caused due to the sores. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional. Another symptom which points to its use is-  suspicion and the patient’s perception that he will be poisoned, thus refusing to take anything offered, even medicine too ; there is a mistrust that his friends are no longer his friends and he carries on conversation with imaginary people. The patient requiring this medicine usually complains of hearing voices from far away that command him to do activities.
The important symptoms making Cannabis Indica an ideal choice are –  persistent thoughts crowding the brain which make the patient forget while talking and preventing rational speech.

His stools were harder and instead of going three four five times a day it ranged between one and 3 during the day. She keeps on talking to her own self ,she is constantly hearing voices which prompt her to do things against her wishes .
He alternates between being very jovial, funny and loving to very depressed, hostile and angry. This I would gladly welcome if I thought he would be safe, but when he does not take any supplements and medication he becomes uncontrollably angry, which is dangerous. Though she is on medication but every alternate week she gets ready and wants to go and sit in any temple.
In September, he gradually becomes normal again so that by the first part of October he’s fine.
The main reasons behind the appearance of canker sores in the mouth lining can be the intake of acidic and spicy food and accidental biting of the tongue or the cheek while eating. Grapefruit juice and papaya are some of the fruits that contain medicinal properties that help in healing the canker sores very effectively. The delusion of control makes the patient believe that his thoughts, actions, emotions are being controlled by outside factors. It can be recommended for patients in which the disease arises due to past unfortunate love relationships. The next medicine, Lachesis , is also very effective for treating the delusion of persecution and its use is called for where the symptoms of suspicion and jealousy without any reason are present. The patient forgets the last said words and cannot recall them; and has the fear of becoming insane and exhibits uncontrollable laughter. He could sleep more effectively, sexual urges he had not felt in three years are back, he used to be completely or alsmost completely emotionnally flat (didnt feel joy, happiness etc) they seem to have started coming back. The other big problem is with her behavior which has changed and rather troulesome for herself and for the family. However, I do see a few symptoms and I will really get him some help before his symptoms get worse. Other symptoms like aversion to mix with the world and excessive talkativeness also warrant its use. This medicine also works well in case of the symptoms of- excessive talkativeness coupled with the use of abusive words; suspicion at everything around him and anxiety while walking. However for the auditory hallucinations through research we’ve found that Anacardium orientalis is very good. I have gone thru the symptoms you have mentioned above and exactly copying some of them which persist in her.
The patient with the delusion of grandeur feels that he is a very important, worthy person with much power and status, possessing great wealth and ability.
Another feature that needs a special mention for this medicine to be used is that the symptoms get worse during thunderstorms. He has terrible headaches starting at the base of his head to the crown of his head along with episodes of feeling like he is fading out of consciousness but never loses consciousness.
There is times when it seems like the medication is working but than I see other symptoms happening.

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