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Having pain in the face may sound like a minor ailment but Trigeminal Neuralgia is not something mild .
Trigeminal neuralgia is a condition in which there is acute, severe pain in the trigeminal nerve of face. Homeopathic Remedies for Trigeminal Neuralgia  have a great role to play in the reducing the recurrence of attacks ; Not only do they  relieve the pain associated with this Nerve disorder but a well prescribed homeopathic medicine also makes sure that the recurrence of the attacks also wither away slowly .
Magnesium phosphoricum is a very useful homeopathic medicine for trigeminal neuralgia of right side of the face . Spigelia  is a one of the most effective homeopathic remedies for Trigeminal Neuralgia when facial pain is on left side. Homeopathic Remedies for Trigeminal Neuralgia in which Facial pain is accompanied by Numbness. Belladona is very well indicated medicine for this condition when the face is very red hot and swollen.
If Trigeminal Neuralgia is triggered by emotional excitement , Coffea cruda is the best choice. If the complaint begins from cold exposure Two medicines  Aconitum napellus  and  Dulcamara can be used. For Trigeminal Neuralgia arising  after tooth extraction, homeopathic medicine Hekla lava is nearly specific in treating it .For neuralgias arising due to caries of teeth , medicine Plantago major works wonders . Although Homeopathic Remedies for Trigeminal neuralgia are very Safe but  make sure you consult a homeopath before you use . I am suffering from TN on right face since 2007, I had 50% alcohol injection on right face which helped for few months. I am 50 yr old lady who’s been suffering from acute pain in the right cheek extending to the corner of the right eye and the right nostril since last four days. I have pain near 3rd molar, when the ENT specialist examined me with my complaint of swelling in the palate just behind the tooth, and he put Nueralgia? Dear Doctor, I have recently been experiencing left sided burning facial pain mainly around my cheek bone and tracking towards my eye and would say that I have slight decrease in sensation on that side. Sir , please suggest me the potency of Spigelia for treatment suggested in above coloumns for Trigeminal neuralgia facial electric shock like pain on touching the left side of face and exposure to rush of air.If any other medicine is to be used also may pl.
Sir , please suggest me the potency of Spigelia for treatment suggested in above coloumns for Trigeminal neuralgia facial electric shock like pain on touching the left side of face and exposure to rush of air.If any other medicine is to be used also may pl. On the 27th of September 2015 I had very severe neck pain and then very bad throat infection on the Right side. I live overseas and on my return since 5 days I have been having sharp stabbing pains in the RIGHT Trigeminal area.
Dear sir, I m suffering from facial paralisis almost last 3 years effected on right side of face mostly from right side eye to lips not normal like left side. Dear sir, I m suffering from glassophyrageal nuralgia, also I under wenth acoustic neuroma microsurgery surgery 4years before, now from 2 months I m suffering from electric shock like pain on my tongue,and my creatinine level is 3.5, now I m using oxetol 150 twice a day but so many side effects please tell in homoeopathy thir is cure r good pain controler.

Im looking for a homeopathic remedy for a horse with exercise induced trigeminal nerve pain. I have a personal history of piercing pain with lacerating pain on the left side of my face radiating to my eyes nose lips and head.
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Although not life threatening ,it can be a very painful condition .The pain can be so severe that at times it is like electric shock . The main symptom of trigeminal neuralgia is facial pain which spreads over the forehead, eyes, nose, cheeks, teeth, chin. The main indicating  symptom for its use is that the right side is affected , pain is better by applying warm applications and pressure. First one is Allium cepa when left side is affected ;  Second one is Hypericum perforatum when trigeminal neuralgia on the right side .
The differentiating point between the above medicines is that the former is used after dry cold wind exposure and the latter after wet cold wind exposure. She was prescribed a medication normally used to treat seizures and it worked for a few months but now it barely works again. There is an additional factor complicating my case: I have herpes appearing also on my right upper jaw, and according to diagnosis it has infiltrated the facial nerves on the right side. I am suffering from severe pain in the left cheek since 1997 and concluded it as Trigeminal Neuralgia after the diagnosis. My mother had severe pain in her left cheek last year which resulted in the condition called Trigeminal neuralgia. I was already in an Ayurvedic Clinic In Kerala and had massages and Shirodharas, for a week along with tretament assuming it ws sinusitis. You can explore our unique collection and experience activities that you would not expect to find at a railroad Museum. Ride the Polar Express, enjoy live music, or visit a haunted mansion – you can do it can all at the National Railroad Museum. Check out the online Event Calendar to make all your museum plans today, whether it’s one week out or three months away!
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In most cases it affects only one side of face depending up which sided trigeminal nerve is involved (Right or Left).
Another medicine for left sided condition is Lachesis when much heat in face and head are present  along with the pain. Since I wear dentures, it causes me severe and constant discomfort, making it often difficult to sleep. I work and need to try and ease the symptoms so if you could recommend something for me I would be very grateful. It felt like a electric shock and stabbing pain and got relieved after the medication in Homoeopathy. For this  medicine to be used  trigeminal neuralgia pains get  better by cold applications. I would be very grateful to you if you can recommend one (or more) homeopathic remedies for my ailments. I will be seeing my GP in a few days but would prefer if possible not to take medicine unless its necessary. After a year now, from last 2 months she has been feeling numbness and mild twitching on her right cheek. In some cases numbness and twitchings of face can also be the symptoms accompanying the pain. And if this complaint affects right side of face then medicine Mezereum gives very good result. It is not so regular or continuous but it happened never predict able when it would appear. This nerve pain is usually caused  a ) when a  blood vessel compresses on the nerve  b) aging  c) damage to the sheath of nerve  d) at times it is uncertain as to what could have caused Trigeminal Neuralgia . This pain at times can be triggered by simple routine activities like brushing teeth , washing , applying make-up , exposure to cold air and washing face . This was the best thing that has happened since I’ve been diagnosed the surgery STOPPED the pain for about a year. They say there is no cure and just think of controlling with drugs with serious side effects. I just want to know if there is any other form of medication or treatment I can take or use instead of the tegrotal I truly despise taking it. Also the pain is on the right side of my face and just about anything bringss on a attack, which have been lasting almost up to 20 minutes PLEASE HELP ME im only 27 and dont want to continue living my life this way.

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