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L’inglese ha due parole per dire “casa”: house, che indica la casa come costruzione e home, che si usa per parlare del luogo in cui si abita. Vediamo insieme le varie parti della tipica villetta inglese  monofamiliare con un  pianterreno e primo piano.
Al primo piano, dopo aver salito le scale (stairs), ci troveremo sul pianerottolo (landing).
La camera da letto sara arredata con un letto (bed) e  un guardaroba (wardrobe) mentre in bagno ci sara una vasca (bath),  una doccia (shower) e un lavabo (washbin). I Trasporti pubblici in Inglese – Esercizi di LessicoConosci lo spelling dell’alfabeto in Inglese? Questo sito e impostato per consentire l'uso di tutti i cookies, per migliorare la tua esperienza di navigazione. High temperatures can impact your monthly electric bill because your air conditioning system must work harder to keep your home comfortable. My concern with the above chart is that I was convinced I spent more money cooling my home in the summer than I did heating it in the winter.
You can see that cooling definitely makes up the most of my energy spend.  What I like most about the report that was generated is that it relies heavily on charts and graphs, which really help users visualize where their money is going. Please select a temperature that is the effective average temperature in your home during a 24-hour period. While I'm missing August in the real world comparison, if you compare the image above to the one at the top of the post (which was taken from the report), you can see that they are very close to each other!  Once I update the graph with the August bills, I expect them to be much lower than July because August was not nearly as hot. If you live in a hot climate where your air conditioning system makes up the bulk of your home's energy load, you may want to dig a little deeper and check out our post on Air Conditioner Power Consumption.

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You can use Solar Energy For Your Home in small applications that can have a large impact on your energy consumption. The following five factors are important considerations if you’re evaluating whether solar energy would be right for your home.
Recently, it seems that people are starting to understand the benefits of home solar power. The price of solar technology continues to drop, making home solar power kits affordable enough to be within the reach of virtually every consumer.
Regarding your home solar energy project, installing the solar panels may be a bit intimidating step.
Solar power goes along way when it comes to home assessments, to help with saving money on the homeowner’s energy bill, and it also increases the value of a home. Then you have to see what’s inside this GreenDIYenergy Guide Package If you are looking for a guide that teach you How to build a Solar Panel or How to Build Wind Turbine , then this is the right product for you.
Per dire che si e a casa, bisogna usare proprio questo secondo termine preceduto dalla preposizione at: at home. Al pianoterra troviamo il soggiorno (living room), un’accogliente sala da pranzo (dining room), la cucina (kitchen) e un bagno (toilet). Nel soggiorno ci sara un divano (sofa), una o due poltrone (armchairs) e probabilmente anche la televisione (TV).
To help manage this potential impact, I invite you to use our free online tool to find personalized ways to save.

For example, if you keep your thermostat at 70 degrees during the day and at 64 degrees for 8 hours each night, your effective average temperature would be 68 degrees. One of the most popular ways to do so is to invest in green, renewable energy to power all or part of your home. Bathroom di solito indica la stanza da bagno completa di vasca o doccia, mentre toilet si usa per il gabinetto. Nella sala da pranzo si trovano il tavolo (table) e delle sedie (chairs) mentre la cucina sara arredata con una cucina elettrica o a gas (cooker), dei pensili (cupboards) un frigorifero (refrigerator o fridge), un lavello (sink) e forse anche un freezer.
You’ll also find out where you use the most electricity in your home and why your bill changes from month to month. But, even if you don’t have the resources or the time to install a full Photovoltaic Solar Kit on your roof, there are dozens of other ways to cut your bills, save money, and generally be more kind to Mother Earth. Although you’ll need to get and install a Home Solar Energy system before you can begin collecting the power, this is a one-time cost. Home owners are choosing to set up home solar power systems to assist with saving money on their electric bill as well as provide support for renewable energy. Fuori dalla casa troveremo il box per l’auto (non si dice box che in inglese vuol dire scatola ma garage) e senz’altro un giardino (garden), senza il quale nessuna casa inglese sarebbe completa. So, learn how to build and install a Solar Panel and begin to generate free, clean Energy for your Home.

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