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I won’t go into the detail of this disorder because most people already have an idea and if you have a child that has suffered this disorder you are not so much worried about what it is but why does my child have this and how can I fix it without drugs. Iron is important for Dopamine synthesis and may explain why symptoms of iron deficiency include inattentiveness, poor concentration, decreased IQ and irritability.
Zinc is an important mineral for all children and lower levels of Zinc have been shown to occur in kids with ADHD and the lower the levels the more severe this condition will be. There are many other nutrients that could be deficient and may help with it but you do not want to be loading your child up with lots of supplements and I find that just using one or two supplements that are of high quality and have all the nutrients needed, will get great results. You cannot talk about treating ADHD without talking about the diet and there is overwhelming evidence now showing diet affects cognitive function and behavior. Dietary factors that have been linked to this condition include food additives, colors and flavors, as well as a high dietary intake of refined sugar, saturated fat, sodium and highly processed foods…which is basically the standard Western diet.
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ADHD Without Drugs: A Guide to the Natural Care of Children with ADHD by Sanford Newmark, MD. I strongly recommend this book to all parents of children with ADHD and the teachers, doctors and other professionals who work with them…We can…help these children fulfill their true potential.
ADHD WIthout Drugs: A Guide to the Natural Treatment of Children with ADHD includes a foreword by Dr. The incidence of American children taking medication for ADHD has risen 1,600 percent over the past 30 years, with up to 10 percent of children now being diagnosed with this disease. From Nurtured Heart Publications and available in bookstores everywhere, ADHD Without Drugs also addresses: accurate diagnosis of ADHD and the causes of misdiagnoses, the neurobiology of ADHD, the surprising implications of nutrition, food sensitivities and toxins, such as pesticides, as well as practical guidelines to feed, supplement, parent, educate and appreciate children with ADHD. Reach out to the author: contact and available social following information is listed in the top-right of all news releases.
Lifestyle changes are difficult to make, but you must make a concentrated effort to improve from day to day in order to be successful.
Aerobic activity has been shown in clinical studies to increase focus in people with and without ADHD.
Scientific research has led many health experts to believe that diet may play an important role in relieving ADHD symptoms. Please see the related In-Depth natural remedies for ADHD main article for more information, including the clinical research and reasons behind our checklist above, and the detailed steps we recommend. In addition to the health risks, legal risks concerning buying, selling, and possessing ADHD drugs illegally are grave. Improving focus, concentration, and productivity in the competitive landscapes of academia, sports, and business is possible without jeopardizing your future. We want to thank Flickr: hipsxxhearts for allowing usage of the Adderall image found in this article through CC license (no changes were made to the image). This article is mainly here to help those who have already decided and are actively trying to quit taking ADHD drugs or those without ADHD who are trying not to illegally abuse ADHD drugs. We urge students, athletes, and everyone else that illegally abuses Adderall to stop immediately and read more of the resources available on this website and across the web.
A leading group of content writers and editors that have an understanding of health and science, with a particular interest in brain health and neuroscience. Product names, logos, brands, and other trademarks featured or referred to on are the property of their respective trademark holders. Please learn as much as you want through our free resources, including our articles, blogs, and reviews. So now that we have a little knowledge of what ADHD is, the question I want to tackle is how exactly should doctors go about helping people with this disorder? So should the answer be giving people drugs to help or should the answer be a more natural method? It is known that these stimulants, such as Adderall, can have negative side effects, but theyre different depending on the person.
Interestingly enough, In my senior year of high school my english class spent a good deal of time debating how to deal with ADHD.
Much has been written about the unhealthy side affects associated with the use of one of the more popular medicine’s prescribed for ADHD children – Ritalin (methylphenidate) or Dexedrine (dextroamphetamine).  Not all children react well to these medications. The nasty side effects as well as the possibility that the drugs mask the problem and do not treat it have left MANY parents scrambling for natural alternatives. The other study, the Sierra Vista Study showed early indications that Algae eaters demonstrated significant improvement in their behaviors. Natural and homeopathic remedies try to address the unbalance in the body without the side effects of sedation.  The goal of these remedies is to improve the balance and health of the whole child – mind and body. I know my 8 yo has some pretty weird behavior problems with concentration, frustration, and anger management (he’s just overall way more emotional) when he gets any sort of gluten in his diet.
We’ve had our 9yr old on a regular sleep schedule for years, and he is still quite intense at times.
This amino acid coupled with the dairy elimination has shown consistent improvement at home and at school. I’ve got my son on a diet for his health right now and have an appointment booked for a holistic doc. I just wish more parents would understand how truely damaging the foods most of us eat really are.
I know that up until a year ago I didn’t realize how bad our typical American diet was. Thanks for contributing this post to this week’s Carnival of Family Life hosted at Beauty and Personal Grooming!
A book that has helped me deal with my sons illness is, Parenting Child with Health Issues, by Dr. We just posted the April edition of The Blog Carnival of Christian Family Information Exchange including recent posting made by you. You have written a very informative and thorough post on alternative and safe treatments for ADD and ADHD. As a piano teacher, I have seen children with ADD adn ADHD symptoms so I know that it is real; however, these children respond well to one on one instruction.
I have just recently found your website and just wanted to thank you for all the wonderful information I have found. Garlic is known to have antiviral properties, which helps the body fight against allergies. In fact, diagnosing your child with ADHD is a process which should only be done by an experienced healthcare provider. Symptoms of children with ADHD appear before your child reaches age 7, and are prevalent for years.
Click any of the links above to be notified automatically every time a new page is added to our site. You could also check with the child’s teacher to see if they have observed any changes in the behaviour of your child. Several studies have shown that synthetic flavours, dyes and additives cause problems in some children. The evidence for artificial colouring agents being responsible for some symptoms of ADHD is substantial enough that in Britain, food manufacturers have been urged to remove 6 artificial colouring agents from the food that is aimed at children. If elimination of artificial colourings and additives does not lead to improvement in the symptoms, then put your child on the Feingold diet. If the Feingold diet does not lead to satisfactory improvement in the child, you can try the complete version of the Feingold diet, which eliminates in addition corn syrup and sugar (as found in sweetened foods and soft drinks), monosodium glutamate, hydrolysed vegetable protein, sodium nitrite (in some luncheon meats) and calcium propionate (baked goods).
The foods that may need to be avoided in this diet, in addition to artificial colourings and additives, include wheat, milk and dairy products, eggs, chocolate, soybeans, tofu, and corn syrup and sugar.
There is some evidence, but it is not very strong, that omega-3 fatty acid consumption can alleviate the symptoms of ADHD. Deficiencies of certain vitamins and minerals (particularly vitamin B6, iron, zinc and magnesium) have been found in some children suffering from ADHD. With the environmental changes and not normal eating habits of children, the risk of having this condition is being increased. There is not one reason why a child (or adult) has ADHD but there is a number of predisposing factors like genetics, diet and nutrition, heavy metal toxicity and dysfunction between the gut and the brain which is an area that is receiving a lot of interest lately due to the amount of research being done in this area. This imbalance in the gut leads to problems with the neurotransmitters Dopamine and Noradrenaline which are both crucial neurotransmitters for brain function and without them working effectively all of the behaviors of ADHD are amplified. The next step is to identify through elimination and challenge what foods, chemicals, preservatives and additives the child is sensitive to, this can seem like a daunting task but I do have a system to make this as easy as possible depending on the child’s situation.

The specific part of the omega 3 that is giving the benefits is DHA and a dose of around 1,000mg of DHA specifically has been shown to improve dopamine levels and dopamine receptor activity.
Decreased magnesium is associated with increased hyperactivity, sleep disturbance and poor attention span.
Sanford Newmark, one of America’s leading integrative pediatricians, is being hailed by preeminent doctors, psychiatrists and researchers as a must-read for professionals and parents alike who want answers to the rise of ADHD based on the best research available and a treatment plan proven to help children with ADHD or ADHD symptoms.
Andrew Weil and is distinguished by its integrative approach, which draws from the wisdom of both conventional and alternative medicine, focusing on the initial use of natural treatments with the least chance of harmful side effects. Newmark’s book to all parents, relatives, and friends of children with ADHD, as well as the teachers, doctors, and other professionals who work with them. Newmark has finally crafted the book that I have long been wishing for: a wonderful self-help guide for parents looking for a thoughtful and science-based natural approach to treating ADHD. In fact, a recent study established by the US National Institute of Health shows that more than 30% of college students are reporting that they have or continue to illegally use ADHD stimulants to try and gain an advantage during high academic stress periods. Stimulants, such as Adderall, are schedule II drugs, meaning that there is a considerable (high) risk of dependence and abuse of the drugs.
Look through the available herbal supplementation that we have reviewed for you on this website. Researchers believe that this is because cardio exercise can help in naturally triggering the release of chemicals in the brain that affect focus, concentration, learning, and memory. Doctors have pointed out that "whatever is good for the brain is likely to be good for ADHD." Following this logic, you should make sure to supplement your diet with a brain supplement, brain foods, high protein diet, fewer simple carbs, more complex carbs, and more omega-3 fatty acids. You are severely down playing the health and legal risks associated with taking Adderall unsupervised. If you have ADHD and do not think about quitting Adderall on a regular basis, then this article is not for you. Adderall abuse is very serious, and can really lead to a wide range of side effects, both short-term and long-term, and some irreversible. Adderall works to increase the brain's access to dopamine, a neurotransmitter that helps control your brain's pleasure center. Feel free to ask us any questions you have through the comments area found on the relevant article or through the Contact Us page. Neither of them struggle with hyperactivity, but they both say they have trouble focusing in school without a type of stimulant drug such as Adderall or Vyvanse. I sometimes inappropriately joke (partially in all seriousness) that I feel as though I may have a form of ADD.
Everyone assumes they have ADHD because they have difficulty focusing on one thing at a time, but is this true. There are many doctors and parents who feel that ADD and ADHD behaviors could be caused by environmental factors (vaccines, pesticide and chemical exposure) poor nutrition (insufficient intake of vitamins and minerals, food coloring) or even allergies (intolerance to dairy or wheat for example). Slip some Super Blue Green Algae inside a smoothie and you have a superfood smoothie sure to help give your kids a brain power boost. It eliminates certain foods that hyperactive children might be sensitive too and in general it is a diet without preservatives, additives, or food coloring.
I’ve been a teacher for years and worked with kids for 15 years and ADHD and ADD does exist and is real but not all hyper kids have it or kids who cannot concentrate. One thing to note with some of the green supplements: they can contain things like spirulina, which are chelating agents and release toxins. My best friend has an autistic son and she’s so amazing coming up with these remedies and she knows exactly what effects her son and what he can have. We are researching natural alternatives to Adderall, which has been prescribed by our neurologist. Simply take one tablet of garlic supplement each day 2 or 3 weeks before the usual allergy season begins. You need time and patient experimentation to find the particular food items responsible for some of the symptoms in your child and eliminate them from the child’s diet. So, to start with, you could eliminate only foods (including also vitamins, toothpastes and drugs) that have artificial colourings. You also could eliminate such items as junk food, candy, brightly-coloured cereals, soda and fruit drinks, which tend to contain artificial colours and additives, for some weeks, to observe if the symptoms improve.
You can start adding back items to see if the child is sensitive to them, so that you can decide which ones to eliminate permanently.
After a few weeks, you can experiment with adding back one item at a time to find out the ones to which the child is sensitive.
So, there is no harm in increasing its consumption because it has also other health benefits. So, vitamin or mineral supplements may help in such cases where these deficiencies are found. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional. That is why just treating the brain with drugs is a very short sighted symptomatic approach and does not get to the heart of the matter. Note that many kids’ formulas only have around 100mg’s of DHA which is far too low and will not give a therapeutic result.
Supplementation of Magnesium and B6 has been found to improve aggressiveness, attention and hyperactivity after only one month. If this does not give great results you then need to eliminate all additives, colors and flavors as these are known to trigger ADHD. Newmark’s book explains the array of causes for this increase based on the most current research. A bibliography of studies cited, plus additional resources and an eight-step treatment summary for parents complete the 237-page book. Andrew Weil’s Program in Integrative Medicine at the University of Arizona to practice general pediatrics, and is now part of the program faculty.
Before going to the pharmacy, we can use an integrative approach to help these children succeed and fulfill their true potential. This is the case even though research across universities in the US have shown that individuals who use Adderall and don't have ADHD don't see performance gains on tests that measure creativity to working memory. If you have been taking Adderall continuously for an extended period of time (or have been abusing Adderall), the initial period of leaving the drug may be difficult.
Subtracting all the mandatory maintenance activities from your life, we know that we don't have a lot of free time (see below). The longer a person uses the drug, the more likely that person will start needing the pleasure state that these stimulants provide. Our top ranked supplements provide short-term and long-term benefits that will help with your focus and concentration.
Furthermore, reports suggest that aerobic exercise may also improve immediate and long-term functioning in regions of the brain relating to attention.
When we recommend eating fewer simple carbohydrates, this includes eating less candy, honey, sugar, products made with white flour, white rice, potatoes without the skin, corn syrup, and similar simple sugars. You will face the same hard time and fines as if you were buying, selling, or possessing Cocaine now. We provide many natural alternatives that won't cause you harmful side effects, but instead actually make you healthier while helping you reach your goals. Please be aware that there are people that may legitimately need a lifelong dose of stimulants in order to just feel normal, and it is not our intention to turn those people away from something that might help them.
Clinical study after study across universities and labs in the United States have shown that Adderall is not a cognitive enhancer in non-ADHD subjects.
You do not know all the possible contraindications that may occur, as your doctor knows you medical history. It would be great if you signed up for e-mail updates to get more updates when we release new articles. In both this site and this one there is mention of other ways to handle ADHD other than stimulant drugs, or things to go along with the drugs.  Below is a chart from a website called ADHD Institute.
There is constant research being done on ADHD and ways to treat the symptoms that come along with it. One of the facts that people are beginning to study, is if a lack of recess will give kids ADHD like symptoms. I have a relative that was on Ritalin and it caused huge bursts of anger and physical violence.
Of course any changes to your child’s treatment (if he or she is being treated for ADD or ADHD) should be discussed with your health professional first. I am a big believer in the Feingold Diet as all three of my kids are at their best when on a diet like this one.

Greens powders can be slipped inside fruit smoothies to help kids get more nutrition from those all important leafy green veggies.
That release, depending on many factors, can trigger a variety of emotional and physical responses that are quite extreme. Our Naturopath tested him food sensitivities, and he came up sensitive to dairy and gluten.
And if you would like to host a future edition of the Carnival, you can check out the schedule here and then let me know the week you are interested in. You may try by eliminating some common foods and then introducing them back one at a time to see if any one of them leads to problems. Feingold diet eliminates artificial colourings (like Yellow 5 and Red 40 – given on food labels), artificial flavourings (including vanillin), artificial sweeteners (aspartame, acesulfame-K, saccharin and sucralose) and preservatives (BHT, BHA and TBHQ). Omega-3 fatty acids are contained in fish like salmon (230 mg in 100 g), sardines (220 mg in 100 g), herring (160 mg in 100 g) and tuna (160 mg in 100 g). Finally if this does not work, which it does in most cases an elimination diet needs to be followed to address food intolerances, salicylate and amine sensitivity which may be causing the symptoms.
He outlines effective treatment strategies used over the past decade that have significantly helped children with ADHD, frequently without medication.
They only believe that the drug is helping them (a dangerous feeling caused as a side-effect of amphetamines). Regardless, even for severe cases, if you utilize the time to make lifestyle changes and progressively work on yourself, you can do exceptionally well and be more successful, without the need for dangerous psychostimulant medications. Humane life between the ages of 18 and, arguably, age 60, is designed to be centered around school, work, or children.
At the same time, they dramatically improve the chances that you will stick by your resolve to stop abusing ADHD psychostimulant drugs.
Complex carbohydrates include vegetables and certain fruits (including tangerines, oranges, grapefruit, apples, kiwi, and pears). That's good because it can make us work harder or allow us to react with increased attention. Again, you will be facing felony charges with significant fines and even jail time with first conviction. In fact, in several studies, Adderall was shown to decrease performance in high-performing students. Manipulation of neurotransmitter systems can lead to diverse vexatious pathologies including serotonin syndrome, depression, anxiety, and stimulant psychosis.
Often the person who is diagnosed with ADHD has trouble staying focused on one topic for extended periods of time.
Often my brother will lose his appetite when he takes Vyvanse, but that is one of the common side effects.
I know that when I was in elementary school I lived for recess and needed to run and play to get my energy out, so now if schools are cutting down on recess do the kids actually have ADHD?
If the causes of ADHD and ADD are environmental or social then using drugs to “treat” them would be merely masking the symptoms and not getting to the root of the problem. My own son was on an anti-seizure medication for a couple years that is also used by some Doctors as a medication for ADD.
Giving kids junk food and other nutritionally void foods and then expecting good behavior is unrealistic. I’ve talked to her about the importance of diet and even though she admits their diet is poor she does nothing about it.
Of course, the use of ADHD drugs as crutches extends well outside school, into sports and careers. Popular stimulant medications include: Adderall, Desoxyn, Focalin, Dexedrine, Ritalin, Adderall XR, Focalin XR, Concerta, and Vyvanse. Your ultimate goal is to receive the mental effects of Adderall, but in a natural and healthy manner. Often children and adolescents with ADHD have a hard staying focused in a classroom setting. My boyfriend doesn’t lose his appetite, but will often be very to himself and quiet when he takes his medicine (a form of Adderall). Its especially hard to categorize all people who have ADHD because there are so many forms and levels of severity of the disorder. Upon researching this theory I found that I am clearly not the only one with these worries due to the significant amount of scholarly articles on this subject matter. Side effects for my son were drastic weight loss, gray coloring, and he used to scratch his arms until they were a mass of bloody scabs. The brain needs REAL food to function properly so parents of hyperactive children need to make sure they aren’t “stacking the deck” against their child with an unsatisfactory diet. It makes me so sad, because I just know that this young man would do much better with a good diet. And by doing so she could probably open her own business, but like she has any time to do that.
Our son has tried Ritalin, Dexadrine and now finally settled with Adderall XR, I hope that by the time he is older, he may eventually not require the medication. He is a frequent presenter on the topics of pediatric integrative medicine, autism and ADHD.
Andrew Weil, Harvard-trained physician, integrative medicine pioneer, best-selling author, and one of Time magazine’s 2005 World’s 100 Most Influential People.
As for people who take Adderall and also have ADHD, a sizeable and increasing percentage of users don't like taking psychiatric drugs with dangerous side effects, and are looking for natural alternatives that can be pursued. Consistently pushing yourself and thinking about performing at you highest level puts undue stress on your body as well. Between 2005 and 2010, emergency room visits related to ADHD stimulant medications used without following a doctor's guidance tripled (300% increase).
All of this can result in hundreds of thousands to millions in fines and lost future income.
Often they will miss part of what is being discussed in class because they were not focusing on what was being said, but instead zoning out or thinking about many other things. This article is very helpful in understanding ADHD a little better. I have often wondered if taking the medicine causes just as many issues, but just smaller ones. Should a patient start with the prescribed medicine and if it causes too many issues, try non-pharmacological therapies, or start the other way around?
One article in particular stated that last year, 1 in 9 children were diagnosed with ADHD, a huge increase from the previous decade. In fact, I can’t fathom why ANY parent would medicate before diet is fully evaluated and adjusted first. When they quit their drug of choice, the biggest problem users have is that they struggle to chase the high. When stress levels remain high for extended periods of time, problems such as heart disease or depression may occur. They both have decided that they only need to take it during the school year, because focusing in a classroom for an hour or more is extremely difficult without it, but they can get through shorter, every day, activities without it.
Often the person is told where to start with treatment according to how severe their case is, but is that how we should handle it? Most people believe that a certain low percentage clearly have enough symptoms for an ADHD diagnosis.Sometimes diagnoses is much more of a judgment call in which behavioral therapy could be used as an appropriate treatment plan. All foods that have been taken to the body were not utilized fully thus a lot of energy and nutrients has been wasted. Your goal should be to find a replacement for that stimulant that provides you with a feel-good high. Having ADHD and a lot of un-managed stress could be dangerous as it could raise your risk of some health problems or worsen symptoms from others. You must understand that the active ingredient in pharmaceutical stimulants is virtually identical to Street Speed. Due to the negative side effects of some medications that you adressed, this type of misdiagnoses is very worrying.
For some people, it will be building and promoting a blog that helps others (that's right, that is our passion), for some it will be writing, for others it will be painting, for other yet it will be community service, and so on. Additionally the drug can induce bipolar illness in people who have a family history of the condition.

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