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But for reasons you'll soon understand, you may NEVER hear about this lifesaving breakthrough on the news. But for the past few months, I've focused my research on one source in particular – the Holy Bible.
It started when I was reading a passage in the Gospel of Matthew that I'd read dozens of times before.
In fact, it has even cured a case of widespread bone cancer—a form of the disease that most doctors consider untreatable. Could there be "healing verses" for diabetes… arthritis… Alzheimer's… heart disease… and all the devastating diseases we face?
Now imagine doing all this the way God intended—without dangerous prescription drugs, life-threatening surgeries, or astronomical medical bills. In one of the earliest trials on the technique behind the Matthew 4 cancer protocol, researchers at Mount Sinai Medical Center in Chicago injected lab rats with a massive dose of cancer cells. In a more recent study on mice with terminal brain cancer, the ones who received the Matthew 4 protocol along with chemo were the only ones to enjoy long term, cancer-free survival. The laboratory studies pale in comparison to the first-hand account of a cancer patient who used this protocol to win his own fight against this devastating disease. His body was riddled with an aggressive form of bone cancer that was spreading like wildfire. With absolutely nothing to lose, he gave the technique we call the Matthew 4 protocol a try.
The protocol works by exploiting a little-known, but very important difference between cancer cells and normal, healthy cells.
And if future research proves it actually works better than chemo, Big Pharma's $125 billion dollar a year cash cow is in SERIOUS jeopardy. In the pages of this report, you'll find a step-by-step plan that shows you how to harness the power of the Matthew 4 protocol. With your permission, I'd like to send you this life-saving information— PLUS a massive, 542-page book of natural cures — at no cost whatsoever.
The Matthew 4 protocol is remarkably simple, it’s a breeze to follow, and you could see and feel the lifesaving results in just a few weeks. I’ll tell you how to get your FREE copy of this breakthrough cancer-fighting plan in just a moment.
And his reputation for delivering the most advanced, effective natural therapies available makes him one of the most sought after Doctors of Naturopathic Medicine in the world. In fact, in addition to an advanced medical degree, he holds a Masters in Religious Studies from Southern California Seminary. Which is why we sought him out to help us decipher the medical application of the Bible’s healing codes. And amazingly, it made its mark as a cure over a century ago in Victorian era Ireland, but for reasons I’ll explain in a minute, it never got the attention it deserves. See, it's believed that the plant used to make the crown of thorns was a certain flowering shrub native to Europe and the Middle East. No matter how many times he was asked, he would never reveal the recipe for his miraculous heart tonic.
During our research, we unearthed another report of a heart-healing miracle achieved with this Biblical plant. Donald’s doctor immediately administered 15 drops of a solution containing nothing but water and crown of thorns extract. Not only did Donald survive late-stage heart failure—in a few weeks, he had made a full recovery.
Scientists have even found that it helps make the heart’s muscular tissue more efficient, which could help your heart last many years longer! It’s almost as if this plant was designed specifically to heal and protect your most vital organ! But what if I told you one of the wise men was bearing the gift of smooth, flexible, pain-free joints? And just recently, a study was conducted that put frankincense on the front burner for every serious arthritis researcher.
See, frankincense extract works by dramatically reducing the activity of inflammatory enzymes in your joints—similar to non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDS) like Celebrex. Now, NSAIDs are pretty good at dealing with pain, but the side effects to your stomach and intestines could very well be deadly!
Frankincense extract, on the other hand, has the same kind of inflammation-reducing, pain-relieving action, but this natural substance does it better—without the life-threatening side effects. And when arthritis makes everyday tasks like that more difficult, just being able to do little things without hurting can make a huge difference in your life! The memory-boosting powers of this Bible plant could be the key to ending our epidemic of Alzheimer’s and dementia. How to eliminate your dependence on pain pills using the Bible’s secret pain relief plan.
My friend, the Bible seems to have verses that align with CURES to nearly every devastating disease our loved ones face. But the monthly newsletter is only the beginning of the benefits you’ll receive when you RSVP today. Of all the 850,000 physicians in the United States, less than 1% go on to earn the Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine degree.

It's over 500 pages jam-packed with some of the most sought-after secrets in all of alternative medicine. Better than liposuction—this completely non-invasive procedure literally liquefies fat around your waist, hips and thighs, allowing it to be harmlessly flushed out of the body.
You'll discover the under-publicized part of your anatomy that controls energy, stress response, mood, sleep patterns and more. Did you know aspirin is a synthetic version of one of nature's most powerful pain fighters? It's all nicely organized into 12 sections – one for each of our worst health problems – all bound into one volume for your convenience. And when you claim your copy of the Natural Healing Encyclopedia today, they can be yours. Are you starting to feel what a wonderful difference this information will make in your life?
And this money-back promise is good for as long as you’re subscribed, so please enjoy as many issues as you like before making a decision. And no matter what you decide, BOTH of your FREE GIFTS are yours to keep, just for trying out Health Revelations.
Here's how it all works: Click the button at the bottom of this presentation to enter your information into the no-obligation RSVP form. You'll get both of the FREE GIFTS listed above—THE BIBLE'S HEALING CODE REVEALED and Dr. And no matter what you decide, BOTH of your FREE GIFTS are yours to keep, just for trying out Health Revelations. And please do keep in mind—if you're ever less than thrilled with the quality of the information—if it ever fails to solve your greatest health challenges, just say the word. Cd baby – the largest independent music store in the world, Fall in love with your next favorite song or artist. The Illustrated Encyclopedia Of Healing Remedies: Over 1,000 Natural Remedies for the Prevention, Treatment, and Cure of Common Ailments and Conditions by C. This full-color encyclopedia offers over 1,000 natural remedies for the prevention, treatment, and cure of common ailments and conditions. Natural Healing Encyclopedia is a 560-page book that claims to have 80 life-saving reports with step-by-step instructions on how to live and be healthier.
He also claims that certain toxins are the cause for type 2 diabetes, not what is traditional thought to be the cause (overweight, genetics, etc.) Stengler even claims to know a method that can completely reverse diabetes that doesn’t involve drugs or surgery. So essentially, you can’t really just buy the encyclopedia, you have to sign up for the newsletter. In addition, claiming to cure other diseases like Alzheimer’s and diabetes is also risky, especially since we know very little about Alzheimer’s, and we have no proven cure for either of the two diseases. Silalive is a new silica and diatomaceous earth supplement designed specifically to heal the human body. The first revision of this bestselling book since 1998 contains the latest findings in top health concerns, including cancer, stroke, heart disease, and hormone replacement therapy.
The Natural Remedies Encyclopedia, 7th Edition covers over 730 diseases and disorders and over 11,000 inexpensive home remedies, helping your family for a lifetime- for the cost of one doctor visit.
There have been many accolades given this book as being par none, the highest quality they have ever seen.
Edition description: Seventh Edition – Enlarged with Several New Chapters!  570 Color Pictures! But I started to wonder: Could there be more than one "alignment" between ancient scripture and hidden cures? And since the protocol doesn’t involve drugs or supplements of any kind, he was able to do it safely on his own. But first, let me introduce you to the doctor who helped explain the science behind this healing secret. Stengler has quickly become one of the most trusted evangelists in the now crowded world of natural healing.
Well, it was around this time that the first drug companies rose to power, squashing natural therapies as they pushed pharmaceuticals on an unsuspecting public. Stengler, few American doctors are even aware it exists, let alone the volumes of research backing it up.
The frenzy of excitement and research has led to a powerful new form of frankincense extract with the potential to eliminate the grinding pain and inflammation of arthritis. It’s filled with remedies, treatments and cures decoded from the Bible AND the stunning modern science that proves they work.
What could possibly be more tragic than watching someone you love slowly forget who you are?
Stengler's complete A-Z source for the advanced natural cures and remedies he uses in his own practice. And that’s no surprise, since it requires more than 200 times more training in subtle, lifesaving natural therapies.
Haven’t you always wanted to get rid of years of belly flab and get a fresh start on your fitness? All it takes is a specific regimen of three inexpensive supplements — the EXACT formula Dr. With the Natural Healing Encyclopedia on your shelf, you’ll soon have a wealth of advanced healing knowledge at your fingertips, ready to get you through any health challenge you face.

Studies show that calcium supplements alone do NOT increase bone density (and if you’re a man, they may be putting you at higher risk of prostate cancer). Stengler’s Natural Healing Encyclopedia will help you make it happen sooner than you can imagine. If you ever decide that Health Revelations is not improving your life in a very real way, just let us know.
Stengler's 542-page Natural Healing Encyclopedia are yours to keep, FREE, FOREVER, no matter what. Just a friendly reminder—since your gifts are completely FREE, we can only guarantee their availability for a short time. Stengler's 542-page Natural Healing Encyclopedia are yours to keep, FREE, FOREVER, no matter what. This page contains critical information regarding how to use our valuable research appropriately and will give you a far better understanding of how our newsletter works - both the benefits it might offer you and the limitations of our products. The author claims that the methods found in his book can even defeat cancer, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, and much more.
These reports supposedly have step-by-step instructions and details on how you can target specific parts of your health. Stengler claims that those who donate blood are 16 times less likely to have a heart attack. First, anytime someone claims to known a secret cure for cancer, a huge alarm should go off. There is evidence that certain herbal remedies can improve cognitive decline and that fatigue, impotence, and various other conditions may be improved by using a rare fungus. There is some good information in here, but there’s also a lot of risky claims that’d we rather not touch. The book will be promoted via a new infomercial, The Gary Null Radio Show, and the author's Web site. It deals with generalized problems such as skin problems, head and throat problems, gastro-intestinal, urinary, respiratory, cardiovascular problems, as well as pregnancy, emergencies, baby delivery, causes of pain, new diseases and more. In these last days, as we see more disease, less effective treatment by conventional medical methods, and increasing costs of traditional medicine, this book is a welcome assistance to the world’s need of caring and treating the body according to God’s plan. You can read the Bible cover to cover, and you'll never see the word cancer mentioned once.
Stengler believes it can (and should) be taken as a daily preventative, especially for people with a family history of heart disease.
The astonishing age-defying and pain-erasing powers of this sacred oil are being verified by modern science as we speak.
But when researchers from Washington University Medical school gave overweight couch potatoes this hormone, they rapidly shed pounds of deadly visceral fat—without doing anything else! But add the two inexpensive nutrients on pages 388 and 389 in the right amounts, and you’ll soon have nearly indestructible bones. This page also contains promotion details containing resources used specifically for this promotional piece. He operates a naturopathic healthcare facility in San Diego, where he claims to cure patients from even the harshest diseases – without spending a fortune. Stengler’s Health Revelations Newsletter, which will cost you $74, unless you are at least 55 years of age, in which case the price drops to $37. Stengler, you can keep the encyclopedia even if you discontinue use of the newsletter, or if you request a refund. It’s not to say it isn’t possible he has found something to cure certain cancers, but it’s a very dangerous game to play when someone is claiming to know a treatment for cancer that isn’t recognized by the rest of the healthcare industry.
It includes a chapter on tumors and cancer, including symptoms, causes, prevention, and natural treatment. In this volume we are given rebuilding principles, the eight laws of health, dietetic principles, special nutrients, healing herbs and even hydrotherapy techniques.Take advantage of the tremendous amount of work that has been done to make a single volume available in a beautiful hard cover format that deals with everything from coughs to cancer!
The Alzheimer’s Association reports that deaths from this disease rose 68% between 2000 and 2010. But most of the olive oil you see in grocery stores is refined, diluted and adulterated, rendering it useless for healing purposes. In addition to all of this, there is a section on herb and seed sources with company names and addresses. But a fragrant spice that was used to anoint Old Testament priests has proven to be one of the most powerful diabetes fighters in existence.
The information provided on this site is for informational purposes only and is not intended as a substitute for advice from your physician or other health care professional or any information contained on or in any product label or packaging. You should not use the information on this site for diagnosis or treatment of any health problem or for prescription of any medication or other treatment. You should consult with a healthcare professional before starting any diet, exercise or supplementation program, before taking any medication, or if you have or suspect you might have a health problem.

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