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Natural Health is a lifestyle choice with a focus on living as nature intended in order to optimize well-being and overall health.
My focus during treatments is to identify and address the physical and chemical imbalances in the body that are impeding its ability to heal.
Dry Needling is a technique that uses acupuncture needles to stimulate the body’s natural healing mechanisms both locally and systemically. The Healthy Eating Guide “To keep the body in good health is a duty.” -Buddha I call this an eating guide and avoid the word diet, because I want to emphasize that this is something you can follow for life and that can be part of the basic foundation to maintain or restore your health. Welcome to Pharmacy Direct's Natural Health Section.  Where you can find the very best of Natural Health products that New Zealand has to offer. Dont forget when you shop with Pharmacy Direct you can shop with confidence that you are getting the best price with our Best Price Guarantee.  You also earn Pharmacy Direct Rewards when you shop with us giving you even better deals. The different products are prepared in the form of herbal tea and massage oils, which you can find here at much affordable rates.
Those who are fond of liquor yet find a hard time to try it there are effective remedies in the form of herbs. For painful stretches in joints and muscles, there are soothing remedies which provide natural health care in the most unfathomable manner. Herbs not only come in the form of oils, tea or liniments, they also come in the form of tablets and capsules. The natural health care mechanisms are considered to be more helpful than the chemical ones since there is very less possibility of side effects.

Many times natural products can be grow in the own backyard if the right kind of constituent for a herbal recipe is known.
Natural Health is the UK’s leading glossy magazine on complementary therapies and holistic living.
This can mean learning to eat only organic foods, avoiding over processed foods, using home products without harmful chemicals, taking proper food supplements, avoiding various allergens, getting regular health and maintenance check-ups from your chiropractor or other natural health professional. Two therapies that have been essential to my patients’ health improvements are dry needling and cold laser therapy.
Dry Needling has been applied clinically to help resolve a wide variety of sport and non-sport related injuries, pain syndromes, and other soft tissue dysfunctions in their acute and chronic stages.
There is now a test to determine with good accuracy your biologic age vs your chronological age through measuring telomere length.
Now people are getting aware about using different products and also getting inclined towards the more natural ways of treating diseases. Oriental Herbs brings forth few of the greatest amalgamations of herbal reagents which are efficacious for the overall goodness of the body. The Endurance tea is one such formula which is made of ginseng and the combination of thirteen different herbs. Chinese massage oil, Dit Da Jow Liniment, Dragon Fire liniment, White tiger bone bruise oil are some of the effective massage oils that act wonders for swelled skin and bruised muscles. The natural products are also helpful for detoxification and manage the overall metabolism of the body.

At times you would find pharmaceutical medicines less effective and prescribed for single dosage, but the natural agents can also be used along with other medication and regimes as they have the capability to cope up with them without any harm or side effects. My focus is to present you with the most relevant and important topics that will benefit you and your health, allowing you to make solid informed health decisions for you and your loved ones. Too much stress has also been linked to: Accelerated aging Anxiety Depression Digestive problems Heart disease Sleep problems Weight gain Memory and concentration impairment There is a reason too much stress and disease are directly related. Cold and Flu season is on the horizon and you are probably noticing a barrage of remedies, drugs, and shots claiming to be “the” solution. The demand for natural products is on the rise and the trend is seemingly striving among the newer generation as well.
This tea provides the body high endurance levels and energizes both the human body and mind for a natural health care. Since there are several rare herbs whose maintenance and survival is quite a difficult job, there are expensive natural reagents as well.
But when you are trying out things at Oriental Herbs, you can remain assured of the authenticity of the product.

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