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Nearly all plants produce mucilage – a thick gluey substance formed by large polysaccharides (sugars). When applied to the skin (epidermis), mucilage herbs act as emollients – non-cosmetic moisturizers that improve hydration, which keeps the skin soft and flexible. Any herb containing at least 15% in mucilaginous compounds is classified as a mucilage herb but by their very nature most plants have mucilage. Mucilaginous herbs are mostly considered building and mending – treating conditions like sore throat, burns, ulcers, gastritis, ulcers, colitis, high cholesterol, cystitis, bladder infection, diarrhea, dysentery, damaged skin-cells, constipation, bronchitis and pneumonia. Detangling spray – Normally I would make a decoction but from research, I decided to just add the slippery elm to hot water.
Comfrey leaf, hibiscus and coltsfoot are considered relatively high in mucilage but none are above 15% in mucilaginous compounds so they didn’t make the cut. You should be able to get irish moss in a West Indian grocery store if there are any nearby for you. If you just look around and explore nature, you will find an abundance of natural herbs that promote hair growth, prevent hair loss and help to treat various hair problems like pre mature greying, dandruff, brittle hair and split ends etc. If you manage this site and have a question about why the site is not available, please contact us directly.

Mucilage in plants plays a role in the storage of water and food, seed germination, and thickening membranes.
Water enables the transport of mucilage in between the hair fibers where the slimy consistency makes the strands slippery.
It released mucilage but I would like more in my detangler so I will return to my good old decoction method.
Moneterey Bay spice company has the same amount of Irish moss (1lb) for $13 but their shipping is hefty so it’s not really worth it unless you are purchasing other herbs. People with less hair growth find solutions in artificial hair, wigs and costly treatment like hair transplantation. It boosts hair growth, prevents premature greying and it cures dandruff problem effectively.Amla can be used in various forms for hair growth.
You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.
However if you are only looking to make a moisturizer, there are a lot of herbs that are below 15% in mucilage but they will work just as well. Generally Henna is considered a hair colouring agent, but it is also an excellent hair tonic.Boil 250 grams of mustard oil with 60 grams henna leaves.

The paste of Zizyphus leaves is applied in the scalp and hair shafts for 20 minutes prior to shampoo.It prevents scalp diseases, cleanses hair thoroughly and helps to darken the hair colour. Soak 2 table spoons of fenugreek seeds in water overnight, next morning grind the seed to make a fine paste.Apply the paste only in the scalp and leave it on for 30 minutes. Leave it in for 15 minutes and wash hair with herbal shampoo.Soak dried amla in water overnight. Next morning strain the water and add a few drops of lemon juice and use it as a conditioner after shampoo. It helps to retain the natural colour of hair and prevents premature greying besides promoting hair growth.

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