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Bursitis is the inflammation of the bursa, which is a sac filled with lubricating fluid that is located between tissues such as muscle, bone and tendons.
Boswellia is a well known herb that has anti-bacterial, analgesic, anti-tumor and anti-inflammatory effects helping to reduce inflammation and stress on joints.
Castor oil is a triglyceride of fatty acids that has been used to treat many variety of conditions including bursitis. Devil’s claw is one of the best herb with anti-inflammatory properties that provides great relief from joint pains. This herb is available in tablet form and is recommendable to take 1000 milligrams three times a day. When you notice, that the bump is disappeared use the hot compress to get rid of the fluid found there that helps to relax the blood vessels that help to promote the blood circulation, reducing pain and muscle spasms and helping to treat bursitis.Follow a diet rich in fruits and vegetables, avoid starchy foods and cut down on consumption of alcohol.
UPDATE: This post originally ran on May 20th but with the late summer humidity giving our hair a hard time, we wanted to bring it back! I absolutely love summer and the heat that comes with it – but sometimes the humid air can really take its toll on your hair!
The acidity of apple cider vinegar does wonders to smooth frizzy hair, and as an added plus gives it a great healthy shine.  After shampooing your hair (and completely rinsing shampoo out), pour the apple cider vinegar over your hair, being sure to cover all of it.
This is almost like a natural conditioner for your hair – avocado and olive oil both have amazing hydrating benefits, and avocado also has the good kind of fatty acids to help sooth frizziness. We’re a mix of natural hair and online experts but above all we’re consumers like you and understand how overwhelming and confusing it is to navigate the endless quantity of naturally curly hair products on the market. This is great and fun to make i really appreciate it .I want to try this Thanks for this great idea . A pea sized blob of Emulsifying Ointment rubbed between palms with splash of water then smoothed over damp hair.
I use 1 egg with 1 tablespoon of mayo mixed well, apply to hair for 30 minutes, shampoo & then conditioner rinse well, my final rinse is with ACV diluted with water for final rinse. Here are some important things you need to understand about this disease and it is symptoms.
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Does anyone else know natural products, which are available on the market, that I could try? We already know that turmeric is a very good antiseptic agent and can be used to cure and prevent skin ailments. Cordyceps is a variety of mushroom that has been clinically tested to show results against the growth of skin cells that are affected by melanoma.Clean and cook cordyceps mushrooms properly before consumption to avoid allergy or rashes.
Extracts of this exotic herb contain carnosol that has been medically tested to show anti carcinogenic and antioxidant qualities.
It is very important to keep skin hydrated because when skin is dry or wrinkled, skin cancer spreads faster. Excessive oil on skin is caused by overproduction of its controlling hormone, dihydrotestosterone (DHT). Scoop 3 tablespoons of fuller’s earth into a cup and then pour in enough water to form a fine paste. Lemon juice has got powerful astringent, skin lightening, antiseptic, and pH balancing action that makes it have a whole range of skin benefits that include controlling oily skin.
Salt has also been shown to be very effective at reducing skin oils and give your skin that much desired matte feel. Yoghurt is rich in lactic acid that works on the skin to not only exfoliate it but also get rid of excess oil. Slather the mixture all over your face and allow 15-20 minutes before rinsing it off with warm water. Vinegar also helps to control the oils in your skin while at the same time promoting skin exfoliation.
You will especially want to use vinegar if you have oily with whiteheads, pimples, or blackheads or are susceptible to flare-ups. Dab the vinegar onto your facial skin and leave it on for 5-10 minutes before washing it off with cool water. Repeat once every day over a time span of 3 weeks and you will see significant improvement in the oiliness. Some people also use vinegar that has been mixed with ice cubes for even better results, particularly during summer when the mixture may also help to keep you cool. Milk is rich in alpha hydroxyl acids (AHAs) which are touted to help not only reduce the appearance of oily skin but also promote skin exfoliation while maintaining the natural pH balance of the skin.
As for those looking to know how to get rid of oily skin fast, maybe you have an important event or date schedules up in a few hours, your best bet is to use a home remedy that provide a quick oil-absorbing ability.
Your first bet for oily skin alleviation remedy is clay masks, otherwise referred to as cosmetic clay or mud masks.
Just make sure that what you use is actually facial clay and not pottery clay as the latter will not have as much significant effect. Other home remedies for oily skin that some people will vouch to for their fast absorbing action are egg-white (used as a facial mask), lemon juice, and mango pulp, all of which have been outlined elsewhere in this article. For lemon juice, it is especially powerful when used in combination with apple and sage (other astringent herbs such as lavender and peppermint will also work fine). An oily, shiny look like the one that gives your lips and hair that beautiful, glossy look is typically not welcome news for most people when it affects the face but what if you are a natural remedies “junkie” who would “rather stay away from harsh ingredients at whatever cost? Strawberry has been shown to have some salicylic acid, the same ingredient used in numerous over-the-counter acne treatment products.
Repeat 2-3 times every day for a period of 3 weeks and reduce the frequency thereafter to once per day. Sage also contains strong astringent properties which helps to slow down the production of sebum in the pores. Belonging to the same family as mint, this herb also makes a very effective natural oily skin remedy. The oil-absorbing properties of aloe vera, coupled with its rich antibacterial and soothing properties, makes it one of the best natural remedies for oily skin and is a particularly great option if you have acne prone skin. You can also make a Honey-Aloe Vera mask for an even more effective home treatment for oily skin.
Simply bring an aloe vera leaf to a boil in a small pot (3 minutes is enough), grind it, and then add in some honey before stirring the mixture briskly to make a fine paste.
As you might have already picked by now, honey also ranks among the best natural remedies for oily skin.
It is also touted to help clear pores and prevent the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines and other signs of ageing and is a good option for people with oily skin that is accompanied by large pores. Finish off by rinsing your skin with warm water or by wiping your face with a clean washcloth that has been dipped in warm water. Tomatoes also ranks among the best oily skin remedies, thanks to its astringent properties. Pat the skin dry and finish off by moisturizing it with a good oil-free facial moisturizer. The malic acid in apples is touted to help absorb the excess oils in the skin and would be a worthy consideration.
Alternatively, mix 1 tablespoon of the grated apple shreds with 1 tablespoon lemon juice and 1 tablespoon yoghurt to form a consistent paste and then slather it on for 15 minutes before washing it off with cool water. Cucumber is one of those natural remedies for oily skin that leaves you wondering if they really work but some people will swear with their life that it truly works.
Cleanse your face regularly with hot water and gentle cleanser that I specifically formulated for your skin type. Note: While some websites suggest adding it to the regular facials for oily skinned people, the use of milk of magnesia for oily skin alleviation should however only be preserved for those occasional moments when oily face would ruin the day. Olive oil has served for many useful purposes in several home remedies as it possesses quite many health benefits.Olive oil makes an effective herbal remedy for dry skin.
Here comes another remedy for dry skin and that is the use of cornstarch. Cornstarch is not only used to thicken gravy but can also be used to relieve the symptoms of dry skin. Burning mouth syndrome is characterized by burning and tingling sensation inside the mouth. Since nutrient deficiency could be responsible for this condition, you must ensure that adequate vitamin B complex, zinc and iron are present in your diet. Curing dry mouth, fungal infections or nerve damage helps to cure burning mouth syndrome. Bursitis affects various parts of the body like shoulder, elbow, knee, hip and achilles tendon.

In few cases, bursitis vanishes on it’s own within 15 days, but recurrent flare-up of bursitis are very common. This herb works miraculously in curing an inflame bursa and is used worldwide for treating many numerous health problems associated with inflammation and pain. It has anti-microbial, laxatives and many other effective properties that pull out inflammation and toxicity when fluids build up in the body.
Keep changing hot and cold compress on the affected joint area for about 10 minutes, thereby helping to relief the pain caused by bursitis. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional. Let sit for about 30 seconds and then rinse – for best results, rinse with cool water. This was the second time i washed m hair once by rincing the club soda off and another b leaving it on.
Despite the huge number of products it is still difficult to find quality products for the woman with naturally curly hair. I used the Shielo Restoration OIl (applied to wet hair) helps retain the natural curl while adding deep shine and hydration.
Will buy more of these home ingredient as many as the usual, because now I cant only use it on the kitchen for food but also for hair treatment! Other times, I use egg, banana, avocado, coconut milk, honey and olive oil (preferably extra virgin) and it feels much much greater than just the egg and the olive oil.
Although, I must admit (I am kind of ashamed about it) that I am very lazy when it comes to beauty products and I buy branded products. I wanted to know is there any other alternative to apple cider vinegar since I am allergic to this ingredient. It is caused by fungi that live on the top layer of the skin, feed on the keratin in skin, and thrive in warm, moist areas.The term ringworm may lead you to believe that it is a worm infestation, but it is the ‘ring’ in ‘ringworm’ that is key. Some simple natural remedies can also provide relief from symptoms.Here are the top 10 home remedies for asthma. I have issues w excessive mucus at times so i am wondering if the milk is absolutely necessary or can I substitute water or another liquid instead of the milk?
Medical professionals say that melanoma can occur in skin that appears very normal to the eye, spreading very fast to affect large parts of the body.
The extracts of astragalus have antioxidant, anti tumor and anti inflammatory properties that enhance the immune system of the skin and help in the buildup of anticancer skin cells. An extract of turmeric known as curcumin has shown anti melanoma properties in medical tests.
According to medicine, the latter is a component which stops the in-vitro growth of skin cells affected by skin cancer. Rosemary also has small quantities of resveratrol (also found in grapes) which prevents the growth of cancer affected skin cells and thus cures melanoma naturally. Components allantoin and ascorbyl palmitate present in raspberry work to inhibit the spread of melanoma to neighboring areas, thus curing the disease. While raspberry extracts can be consumed and applied on skin, seeds of this fruit should be chewed for best results against melanoma. Other than clinical treatments, use these home remedies for oily skin to reduce and stop your face from being greasy and shiny and attain that more matte skin – with clear well refined pores.
The excess production of sebum (skin oil) that occur as a result may make the skin feel and look greasy and thick, and as if that is not enough, it may also make you prone to acne breakouts.
In addition they help to tighten the skin pores and is indeed one of the best home remedies for oily skin and face. The antibacterial properties of vinegar also makes it very effective in combating acne, a condition commonly associated with oily skin types. It is touted to help balance hormones when taken orally, which in turn helps the body to slow down sebum production in the sebaceous glands. It works by absorbing the excess oils responsible for the greasy feel and look while drawing out impurities from the skin. Some people add a couple drops of cypress oil or lemon oil to thrown is some nice fragrance.
It is one of the best natural home remedies for oily skin with blackheads and other forms of acne pimples. As such they make the skin pores to tighten up and consequently makes the skin acceptably dry. Apply the mixture all over your face and allow it to stay on for 20 minutes before rinsing it off with lukewarm water. In addition to helping relieve the appearance of oily skin, it also helps to combat bacterial activity while keeping your skin moisturized. It is also rich in vitamin C which makes it a superb choice for people with acne prone skin. If your skin is however acne prone, you will want to limit your facial cleansing to only two times a day to avid irritation. The Medline Plus recommends using water-based and oil-free cosmetic products if you have oily skin. Just make sure that what you use is loose face powder as opposed to pressed powder which may contain oils in it, a precursor for even more oiliness and acne susceptibility. It is rich in fatty acids that help to cure many skin conditions, oily skin being one of them. A skin that is itchy and possesses visible white flakes is enough for someone to get conscious regarding their looks. A dab of olive oil on dry skin is known to relieve its symptoms such as itching and provides a soothing effect. Due to its exfoliating property, papaya can clear away the dead skin cell layer from your face, providing it a glow. Avocados tend to benefit our body from inside.This fruit contains vitamin E that helps in fighting off free radicals from the body and prevents the skin from going dry and itchy. It is characterized by a painful burning sensation in the mouth, affecting the tongue, palate, cheeks, gum and lips. Bursitis is treated by following simple natural remedies, which is safe, effective and inexpensive. It is applicable externally by dabbing the cloth in castor oil and placing it over the affected area for few minutes. Salicin, is the most active compound in willow bark that helps to ease the joint pain and inflammation. Frizzy hair caused by humidity is different than static-induced frizz that you may experience in winter, and it has its own set of natural at-home remedies that you can use to treat it.
You can then condition your hair as you normally would.  If the smell of the vinegar bothers you, you can dilute with water.
After shampooing your hair, apply the avocado mask to your hair, making sure to fully cover all of your hair. The low pH level in carbonated water helps to reduce frizz, similarly to apple cider vinegar.
I’ve used that in the past and it worked great but I recently grew my hair longer and it is all over the place! The Shielo Leave in Protectant does the trick and has saved me a lot of pain and discomfort. Is there any other better option that is similar to this since I want to get rid of my damaged and frizzy hair? The infection causes round, scaly patches with a darker border in the shape of a ring.The condition may also be accompanied by redness, itching, and inflammation. NeemNeem, or Indian lilac leaves, have antiseptic and antimicrobial properties that help treat ringworm, scabies, and various skin infections.Apply neem oil on the affected area once daily for a few days until the infection clears. It has antifungal and antibacterial properties that help soothe stomach pains and relieve indigestion, as well as reducing the frequency of loose stools. Also, the high potassium content present in bananas helps replace electrolytes that may be lost when suffering from diarrhea.Mash a ripe banana and mix it in a glass of buttermilk. Asthma attacks occur when there is an obstruction in the flow of air in the lungs.The exact cause of this disease is not known but it can be triggered by allergies, air pollution, respiratory infections, emotions, weather conditions, sulfites in food and certain medications. Apply the paste as a face mask and allow it to sit in for 10 minutes before rinsing it off with warm water.
It is also a good idea to use an antibacterial soap that contains benzoyl peroxide for acne-prone skin. People’s Pharmacy Milk of Magnesia with a cotton ball several times in the course of the day to keep your skin dry. Its symptoms might include scaling of the affected part of skin, itching at that particular area and appearance of white flakes.

Papaya is considered to be a rich source of vitamin A and C, calcium, iron and many of the vitamin B family as well.You can make out a face mask from papaya to treat dry skin.
However, the majority of burning mouth syndrome sufferers are middle aged or elderly women.
Allergic reaction to denture materials can cause this condition. Deficiency in certain nutrients such as vitamin B complex, iron and zinc can cause burning mouth syndrome. Repetitive injuries, age, incorrect posture at home and poor stretching can also lead to bursitis and is usually more common in adults, especially people above 35 years of age. If you wish, you can consume it as a tea, just boil a glass of water with 2 teaspoons of dried willow bark powder and allow it to steep for 15 minutes and then drink this two times a day.
Leaves my hair amazingly soft and ill use different essential oils to help mask the smell of the vinegar.
It also contains chemicals that help relax the intestinal tract.Add one-half teaspoon of dry ginger powder to one cup of buttermilk, mix it well and drink this solution three or four times a day for two days. Drink this two or three times daily for one to two days.Mash a ripe banana in a bowl and mix in one teaspoon of tamarind pulp and a little bit of salt.
Eucalyptus OilPure eucalyptus oil is an effective treatment for asthma symptoms because of its decongestant properties. The areas of skin that have been scratched a lot may get cuts due to scratching and can darken. Bad oral habits such as teeth grinding or excess tongue brushing can be responsible for this condition. Mouthwashes that contain alcohol as an active ingredient should be avoided by burning mouth syndrome sufferers. White willow bark also said to have aspirin effects has quick results in treating bursitis.
You can then condition your hair to get rid of the avocado scent, and enjoy how soft and smooth your hair feels! Focus mostly on the ends when doing this, as opposed to the roots (you don’t want your scalp to get too oily).
I gave it a try and it seems to be pretty efficient (I have tried their egg conditioner as well).
You can also add a pinch of asafetida also known as hing in this solution.Simmer a few slices of fresh ginger in two cups of boiling water for 10 minutes. Nerve damages could be responsible for this condition. Dry mouth can also cause burning mouth syndrome. Smoking can exaggerate the burning sensation. Often the burning and pain in the mouth increases from chewing mint and cinnamon. Another great option is olive oil – put a few drops in your hand and run through damp hair to lock in moisture. MintMint, a very healthy and aromatic herb, has been used for ages to treat indigestion and relieve nausea. Also avoid venturing out in the sun too frequently if you have a family history of melanoma as UV radiation is the main cause for development of skin melanoma. Dryness occurs when the most superficial part of our skin, the epidermis, is lacking water, that is, it is dehydrated. People usually opt for herbal remedies for dry skin as they possess lesser side effects but those with allergies must consult a doctor before its usage.A few of the several useful herbal remedies for dry skin are as under.
IodineIodine tincture is effective in eliminating ringworm as it has antifungal and antiseptic properties. Apple Cider VinegarWhen it comes to home remedies for upset stomach, apple cider vinegar definitely ranks among the best. Let it steep for five minutes, allow it to cool down and then drink it.To detoxify your lungs, prepare a fenugreek decoction by boiling one tablespoon of fenugreek seeds in a cup of water and mixing one teaspoon each of ginger juice and honey in it. The high pectin concentration in apple cider vinegar soothes an irritated stomach and relieves nausea. Also, it contains antioxidants and phytonutrients that help improve digestion and stimulate bile flow.Use a blender to extract one teaspoon of mint juice from fresh mint leaves. YogurtAnother very promising ingredient used for treating upset stomach and indigestion is yogurt. Drink this twice daily for two to three days to get rid of stomach ache and diarrhea.Add one teaspoon of dried mint leaves to one cup of boiling water.
Tea Tree OilTea tree oil is another widely used home remedy for ringworm because of its antifungal and antiseptic qualities.Put a few drops of tea tree oil on a cotton ball and dab it on the affected area. You can also add banana or apple slices to it to enhance the taste as well as effectiveness.
CoffeeThe caffeine in regular coffee can help control asthma attacks because it acts as a bronchodilator. Fenugreek SeedsAnother excellent home remedy to fight upset stomach and gastritis is fenugreek seeds. Kunwar Singh , how can you suggest a cow`s milk to a person that soffer of Asthma ?, when is scientific proved that the cow-milk is the worst drink , for this type of hard desease ????
Morons you and the lot just like you Jenrose June 30, 2015 at 9:28 am ReplyPersonally I find the garlic in milk remedy suspect on many levels.
First of all, much of the compound that has the most healing potential in garlic is broken down quickly during cooking.
Cooked milk tends to promote inflammation, especially.Personally I use magnesium, which has almost completely erased all asthma symptoms from my life. I say almost because severe exposures to allergens can still trigger breathing issues for me, and so can viruses, but the chronic tightness I was taking four drugs to combat is gone on a simple dose of magnesium citrate every day. It might increase your immunity, but during an asthma attack, it badly worsens your condition. Estty August 13, 2013 at 9:07 am ReplyMixture of garlic, black pepper, ginger,alligator pepper and honey has been very helpful to me ! I use it first thing in the morning when I’m awake from sleep and as many times as possible.
Regular sports such as tennis, basketball, beach swimming, biking, but on a clean air environment.Hope the above, as far as I can remember can help all others suffering. I had Tedral SA and Asthalin 4mg, and I got relief after few hours, and got a better sleep. I had aurvedic midecine form the aurvedic goverment hospital, But it was a course ( powderd medicine with pure honey ) —- stopped having it, no satisfaction.
I had homeo, I hope it might worked possibly for 40% ( liquid form Blatta Ori Q, arsenic alb , powder of arsenic alb and what not.
I had Mustard seed oil, warm applied on a leaf and to the chest for say 3 to 4 times a day when symtoms present, ( may be this might have also worked on me, As we see Mustard seed oil is been used in these messages also) 5. I had Frog hind legs, three to four pair, fried it with little oil, pepper Powder, chilli powder, and salt (all as per your taste only ), these was all I had from my life for the lastime and later I had some sensation of asthma but may be for few minutes, not for long months and vanished. Margaret January 9, 2016 at 6:20 am ReplyRobin, Please try the figs remedies for your daughter. I also suffer from asthma, and as I am writing this and sipping away, I have finally stopped coughing. And everyone if you or your child has asthma at first find out what triggering the attack, and prevent it. Whoever had asthma stay away from dust, cotton, birds specially pigeon, furry animals like rabbits,cats etc as those are triggers for all. My boyfriend had asthma since childhood but his parents couldn’t find out what triggering it for almost 6-7 years, then they find out it causing from drinking milk, which every children eat. And later he had allergy test which found out 15 other foods can cause him asthma attack also smoking, sweating, cotton, home dust. I heard nuts could be so dangerous for some child patient that it could cause death from attack. Prajna January 7, 2014 at 8:08 am ReplyI am allergic to chocolates (cocoa), green seedless grapes (tiny sweet ones), banana.
Can you please advise me !!Margaret January 9, 2016 at 6:30 am ReplyDhamodaran, I have asthma since I was 7 years old.
Also tell her not to eat or drink anything cold because it will makes her cough & wheeze more.

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