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One in seven women experience depression during their pregnancies or first year postpartum, but new moms and moms-to-be often remain silent about their struggles, whether it be due to embarrassment, confusion about the symptoms, or a number of other possible reasons.
Here’s hoping these findings lead to more effective and informative dialogues between doctors and mothers. Please note that gratuitous links to your site are viewed as spam and may result in removed comments. Homeopathic remedies for morning sickness are very effective when selected according you your specific symptoms. If you suffer from nausea during your pregnancy my advise is to consider taking a homeopathic remedy like Good Morning Mama.
Homeopathic Remedies for Morning Sickness Feb 19, 16 03:01 PMHomeopathic remedies for morning sickness are non toxic, natural, very effective and safe to take during pregnancy.
Why Prenatal Tea Is The Number One Choice Of Many Pregnant Women Feb 15, 16 01:38 PMPrenatal tea is very useful to prevent nausea, depression, heartburn, and many other complaints of pregnancy. While you are pregnant, you need to be very cautious about your health and fitness as the health and growth of the baby in womb is dependent on what you do and what you eat. Before we start talking about pregnancy exercises, let us first understand the meaning and importance of exercise during pregnancy. While pregnant, fitness is indispensable for the health of both the mother and her unborn baby.
To add more, a pregnant lady can take part in regular sessions of moderate exercises lasting for 30 minutes or even more, unless and until she has not been advised by a doctor or midwife to limit her activity level. Need not mention, it is not less than a challenge to find a comfortable sleeping position during pregnancy, for the extra 15 pounds in your womb. Most of the exercises advised during pregnancy include stretching and strengthening of muscles so as to make body strong enough to cope up with pains and aches of pregnancy in a better way. Get your body shape back post childbirth: It is doubtless that every woman wants to gain back the shape that she possessed before pregnancy. Yoga, the age-old physical and mental disciplines which originated in India, consists of a set of poses and postures specifically geared for expectant moms and their gradually growing bellies. When you are pregnant, your actions and activities affect the health of both the baby and the mother. It is always advised to wear comfortable clothes and avoid tight-fighting dresses during pregnancy. Eating healthy and balanced food is crucial during pregnancy, as you are now feeding two persons at a time- yourself and your baby inside.
Magnesium is an essential mineral that our bodies need for a multitude of biological roles, ranging from bone health to mental health.
Although it may seem counterintuitive that bright light can actually help you sleep, getting enough natural light during the day is important for maintaining circadian rhythms that control our sleep-wake cycles.
Although it sounds like it might have to do with the cleanliness of your sheets, the term “sleep hygiene” is actually used to refer to your overall sleep environment and habits that can affect your sleep quality. Limiting or avoiding consumption of caffeine, nicotine and alcohol – all of which can impair sleep quality or make it hard to fall asleep. Using the bedroom only for sleep and sex – not for watching TV or working from your laptop, for example. A note on other sleep supplements:  It’s important to remember that just because a supplement is “natural” doesn’t necessarily mean it’s safe. There is some evidence that the following supplements may be useful as sleep aids, although the body of scientific research on these substances is not substantial enough to vouch for their long-term safety or effectiveness, and thus, I chose not to include them in the “top 5” list.
Wild Lettuce – This is another herb that has been associated with sedative effects that may help insomnia. Southern California native and resident (yes, I am a vegetarian and no, it never, ever rains here). I have take lunesta,ambience, none of these pills help me sleep strait 8hrs, I seem to wake up at 2am no matter what.
The original Bach Flower Remedies is a safe and natural method of healing discovered by Dr. The Bach Flower Remedies can heal all emotional imbalances such as, anger, stress, anxiety, trauma, depression, children’s nightmares, separation anxiety, adjustment issues, bullying, lack of self-esteem and everything in between. Bach flower remedies are healing therapies for the mind, body and spirit that capture the energy from flower essences to alleviate depression, anxiety, stress and insomnia, to name a few.
The Bach Flower Remedies are made from wild flowers and are safe for the whole family including pets, there are no known side effects or allergic reactions.
Treat yourself to a one-on-one personalized Bach Consultation with a renowned Bach Center Trained Practitioner. A Bach Flower Practitioner is trained to evaluate and recommend a particular remedy, depending upon the needs of the individual. As with all complimentary and alternative therapies, none of the services listed on this website are meant to be a substitute for proper Medical  diagnosis, treatment or care from your primary care Physician  Always consult your primary care physician  before starting any new complimentary or alternative therapies.Please note that Bach Flower Remedies are not a substitute for medical or psychological diagnosis or treatment.
There is no effective medical treatment for red eyes and the drops can be very uncomfortable to use. Using a cold compress is one of the first and basic red eye remedies that can be done at home. One can either cut two slices of cucumber or use two cotton pads soaked in rose water and place it on the eyelids.
It is always good that you ensure that your eyes are protected from direct sunlight by using goggles. Fennel has many compounds that constrict the blood vessels and hence the compounds will help in the treatment of red eyes. Noodles are a favorite among many but it is associated with a lot of oil and fat content too! Tangerine essential oil is derived from citrus fruits and gets extracted through cold compression method. Of course you still want to look and feel attractive during your pregnancy, but which beauty products are safe to use during pregnancy? For a safe and healthy beauty regimen during pregnancy, consider this list of potentially problematic ingredients in common beauty products, and be sure to check out safer alternatives offered by pregnancy-friendly beauty lines. Scientists and consumer groups have long expressed concern about the ubiquity of products containing phthalates. Although the potential risks of lead in lipstick are slim, we recommend looking for lead-free products.
A type of vitamin A, retinoids speed up cell division and can be found in anti-aging creams and certain acne medications. A common topical acne medication, salicyclic acid is also found in aspirin and poses similar concerns. To avoid salicylic acid, do not use products with beta hydroxy acid (BHA) listed as an ingredient.

A 2005 study found an association between hair dye use during pregnancy and a type of childhood cancer called neuroblastoma, and providers recommended that pregnant women forgo dyeing their hair until after they give birth.
Belli makes products ranging from face wash and acne-controlling cream to sunscreen and lip balm, all designed for pregnant and nursing women. 100%Pure offers cosmetics made from fruit pigments, which are free of phthalates, artificial fragrances, chemical preservatives, and thickeners.
One:Life is published by One Medical Group, an innovative primary care practice with offices in Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, New York, Phoenix, the San Francisco Bay Area, and Washington, DC.
Attentive and approachable, Ellen is sensitive to the unique needs of each individual patient. The best way to treat morning sickness with homeopathy is to consult with an expert homeopath that takes your specific situation into consideration and helps you select the most suitable homeopathic remedy that will work for you. If the symtptoms are severe, see a homeopathic practitioner to help you select the correct remedy for your symptoms. So if you are going to become a mother for the first time, this article will be very beneficial for you and your baby.
By implementing a suitable fitness regimen including regular exercises, as per one’s individual capacity and needs, a pregnant woman would be capable of securing easier labor as well as delivery. The regular sessions of exercises during pregnancy would help a pregnant lady to go through her daily tasks efficiently, and also boost her stamina to survive with demanding schedules. For instance, walking is advised to improve circulation and stretches are advised to ease back pain. By staying active in pregnancy, a woman feels better, thus helping her to overcome the odds of gaining weight. Exercises done at the time of pregnancy so as to maintain strength also make you get back into previous shape easier and faster after childbirth. It is a great activity to get indulged into exercises during the later months when most of the other physical activities are uncomfortable. It helps to strengthen cardiovascular system and stipulate circulation in legs when baby is in the womb. Thus, before starting exercises, consulting a doctor is necessary so as to know about the postures and poses which should be avoided as per the health of an individual. Hence, it is recommended to attend exercise sessions every week and take proper rest during the pregnancy period. Hence, it becomes essential to eat more proteins, drink more water and add more vitamins in your diet so as to supply the baby with adequate vitamins and minerals. In addition to insomnia (the inability to fall or stay asleep), many people also suffer from poor sleep quality, which can cause you to feel sleepy during the day despite getting eight or more hours of rest. For many people, sleep problems can be remedied naturally with lifestyle changes and proper nutrition. Human and animal studies also indicate that magnesium plays an important role in sleep, and that magnesium therapy can help insomnia sufferers.
America’s population is largely sedentary, spending most of the day sitting in a chair at work, sitting in the car while commuting, and sitting in front of the TV when we get home. Many of the factors that impact our sleep quality are environmental or have to do with our nighttime behaviors.
In particular, B-6 is important for the production of serotonin, a “feel good” hormone which aids sleep and combats anxiety and restlessness that can keep you awake; and folic acid (B-9) deficiency has been found in those with insomnia and in those with depression, a condition which is often implicated in insomnia. For example, in recent years, it was discovered that kava (also called “kava kava”), a popular herbal supplement for insomnia and anxiety, has been linked to a number of hepatoxic (or liver-toxic) reactions. While melatonin is produced naturally by the body, people who don’t get enough light exposure, including blind people, may not produce enough of it. However, the evidence supporting its effectiveness as an insomnia treatment is largely anecdotal, and according to WebMD, while wild lettuce is likely safe for most people in small amounts, large doses may cause breathing difficulty and even death. To create the essences, the flower material is diluted in water, either warmed by the sun or boiled. It is recommended that you see a doctor or licensed health care professional for any ailments or conditions you may have.
This irritation due to exposure to some allergen or for any other reason can cause the eyes to become bloodshot red. Therefore natural remedies are considered to be more safe and useful while dealing with red eyes.
Hence when the redness is accompanied with swelling tea is used as a natural herbal remedy. To ensure that this does not occur one must drink at least eight glasses of water in a day every day. Found in in many household items, such as shower curtains and plastic wrap, and beauty products like nail polish, hair spray, and synthetic fragrances, phthalates are known to disrupt hormones.
In 2008, Congress restricted the usage of phthalates in baby toys and other infant-care products after studies reported that infants exposed to these products had significantly higher levels of phthalates in their urine. Most likely, painting your nails or using hair spray from time to time poses little risk to you or your developing baby.
Once polish dries, it poses virtually no risk because it’s not absorbed through the nail.
Both have been labeled category C drugs by the FDA—animal studies have shown a link between the product and birth defects. Applied topically, they don’t appear to pose a significant health risk, but consumed orally in substances like Accutane, an oral acne medication, they have been linked to birth defects. Preventative Services Task Force drafted a proposal recommending that all pregnant women and women within one year of giving birth be screened for depression.
The following benefits of exercises during pregnancy would throw more light on the relationship of pregnancy and exercises. Exercises during pregnancy make body stronger so that a lady is capable of bearing the pain at the time of labor and delivery. By exercising regularly, levels of serotonin, a brain chemical linked to mood, gets boosted up and stimulates good mood and lifts spirits. Since the large size of abdomen can have an impact on the balance of the body, exercises in sitting position are considered to be the best for pregnant ladies.
Many doctors advise to walk in the final weeks so as to onset labor pains if someone is overdue. Avoid over exercising: The reason for exercising during pregnancy is to strengthen muscles and feel refreshed.
The following are five natural, safe and effective remedies that might help you get some good shut-eye. Although magnesium is available in a multitude of foods, the USDA says that 57 percent of Americans do not meet the recommended daily allowance (RDA) for magnesium.
There is also a growing body of evidence suggesting that vitamin D, a nutrient we get from certain foods and from exposure to ultraviolet light, has wide-ranging health implications, and that a lack of it may cause insomnia and other serious health problems.

Unless we find a way to incorporate some exercise into our daily routine, your body may not be tired enough to sleep well at night – even though your mind is exhausted.
Vitamin B-12 is also needed for good sleep and mental health, and certain populations, including seniors and vegans, are more likely to be deficient in this vitamin.
However, while it is probably safe when taken short-term, the long term effects of taking melatonin are not known, and it may have the potential to build up to toxic levels in the body. They gently restore the balance between mind and body by casting out negative emotions such as fear, worry, hatred and indecision which interfere with the equilibrium of the being as a whole. Also, whenever you wake up in the morning with a red eye, splash your eyes with cold water. This remedy will soothe your eye and also get rid of the red eye by constricting the blood vessels. Never use the ice directly on the eye as there is a fear of ice burns.
Repeat this process twice daily. This remedy will sooth the eyes and reduce the redness from them. Sunlight is a causes for under eye wrinkles as well as red eyes and hence you should ensure proper protection from it.
Goldenseal dissolved in water can be used as a wash or as a compress to give positive effects. The tomatoes contain vitamin C and Flavinoids. These compounds are responsible for making the walls of blood vessels stronger thus reducing the red eye effect.
A recent study has linked prenatal exposure with the disruption of hCG, a pregnancy hormone, which may impact a male fetus’s reproductive development. The FDA concluded that the phthalates used in cosmetics do not pose a health risk to adult humans, but the growing evidence against phthalates gives us pause.
To be safe, experts recommend that pregnant women avoid all retinoid products—including topical forms. A screening could be comprised of a few simple questions and could be included as part of a regularly scheduled pre- or post- natal visit. Some do for strengthening of their muscles, some for losing weight, while some for enjoyment. To get enough sunlight and vitamin D for good health and good sleep, experts recommend getting 10 to 20 minutes of direct sunlight exposure each day – ideally, in the morning hours. Exercise is also important for relieving stress and tension that accompany our modern, hectic lifestyles.
Additionally, niacin, or B-3, has been shown to increase REM sleep and help with depression. The Bach Flower Remedies allow peace and happiness to return to the sufferer so that the body is free to heal itself. Sometimes they can be caused by simple things like exposure to the sun or even lack of sleep or alcohol consumption. This remedy will reduce the puffiness in the eyes and the redness caused by allergies along with soothing the eyes. After cooling these bags apply them on the eyelids just like you would place cucumber or rose water. This will reduce both the swelling and the redness. Women with a higher hCG level during pregnancy were more likely to give birth to male babies with a short anogenital distance (the distance between the anus and scrotum), which is associated with low sperm count and infertility.
The FDA has found no link between the low levels of lead found in lipstick and safety concerns, but research is limited and consumer groups have pushed for lead levels to be capped. One method is to eat more foods with magnesium – fibrous foods, such as whole grains, nuts and vegetables are generally high in this mineral. Light therapy boxes and vitamin D supplements (in typical therapeutic doses) are also considered safe and effective.
Although you should aim to get at least 20 to 30 minutes of exercise every day for good sleep and for good health in general, exercising vigorously within several hours of bedtime can actually interfere with your sleep. Good food sources of B vitamins include animal products such as fish and dairy, and whole, unprocessed foods such as whole grains, beans, and green, leafy vegetables. Another new study published in Pediatrics points to the need for doctors to speak with their pregnant and postpartum patients about more issues than just depression: 75% of the moms in the 1,000 person study reported hearing nothing from doctors about pacifiers and 50% said that they were told nothing about where babies should sleep.
Magnesium supplements in daily doses of less than 350 mg are also considered safe for most adults.
For this reason, gentle yoga, with its series of tension-relieving stretches and meditative elements, is an excellent type of exercise that you can practice in the evening to help you sleep – you can even do certain poses in bed! Taken at recommended doses, B vitamin supplements are also generally considered to be quite safe, as they are water-soluble, meaning that any excess vitamins will be excreted through the urine. Additionally, 20% said they were not given breastfeeding advice or recommendations for how a baby should be positioned for sleep and 11% reported that their doctor didn’t offer any advice on vaccinations. Magnesium supplements can also help relieve constipation – another common consequence of a typical fiber-deficient American diet. A 2010 University of Rochester study found that cancer survivors with insomnia who practiced gentle yoga for four weeks reported improved sleep quality and decreased use of sleep aids during the program’s duration.
When doctors did give advice, it was occasionally confusing: 26% reported hearing different information on sleep positions and 29% heard different advice regarding infant sleep location.
This will provide instant relief from red eyes and regular usage will prevent recurrence of the problem. This homeopathic remedy is indicated if you crave foods like cheese, cream, ice cream, fish, fried foods, that then cause you nausea and vomiting.
Pulsatilla is of great value when you feel needy of attention from the father of the baby and when you cry for no apparent cause and feel insecure about your pregnancy and yourself. The nausea may come and go and you feel better by eating food, but the smell of food makes you worse.
If you have other kids, they make make you irritable because you feel so worn out and can't cope with the demands of motherhood. Moving around makes your morning sickness worse and you prefers to stay still with your eyes closed. There is a marked aggravation from the smell of tobacco smoke, even the tiniest smell will aggravate terribly. There is an aversion to food and loss of weight during the beginning of the pregnancy and offered allopathic medication due to the severity of the case. The nausea feels better by closing your eyesMagnesium carbonicum: This remedy helps you if you feel very weak and have lots of digestive discomfort like nausea, heartburn, gas, sour burping and liver or gall bladder problems.

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