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The first step to treating an eye infection is to identify what type of eye infection you have. Explore some causes, types and symptoms of several common eye infections here, and find out what can be done to treat this condition at home.
As the patient sleeps, fluids from the infected eye may drain into the lash line and form crusts.
If there is more itchiness than pain, there may be an allergic reaction going on rather than an acute infection. For minor viral or bacterial infections of the eye or eyes, professional medical treatment may not be required. Pinkeye is a bacterial form of conjunctivitis, often caused by the transfer of and contamination by fecal matter. Though they should speed up the healing process, antibiotics may or may not be deemed necessary for a simple eye infection. The use of artificial tears or saline eye baths may provide some relief from itching, burning reddened eyes, and are typically safe to use during an infection. While there are numerous home remedies many people swear by in terms of curing the painful and unpleasant symptoms of an eye infection, home remedies involving pouring anything on one’s eye should be approached with extreme caution and restraint.
One supposed home remedy for relieving the irritation of an eye infection involves lemon juice. Aloe vera has incredible soothing properties when used as a topical salve on burns, poison ivy and other skin irritations.
Some people suggest applying some of the pure aloe vera secretions directly into the eye with a clean fingertip can help cure an eye infection, though these patients do so at their own risk.
Another homemade eye solution for an eye infection involves a more soothing natural substance: honey. Regular black or green tea bags that have been steeped in warm or cool water may help reduce swollen eyelids and redness of the eyes. In general, when it comes to the eyes, it is better to err on the side of caution than to introduce a harmful substance that could cause permanent injury. My name is Kim Wang and this site is my work in progress helping to pass on some of the things my mother has taught me over the years. The first home remedy for black eye is to get something cold on the eye immediately after it has been struck.
Treat a black eye using a potato – For those of you who keep their potatoes in the fridge this is a good remedy for a black or bruised eyes. As soon as you get a black eye, head for the refrigerator and place something cold on your eye.
The major symptoms of pink eyes are redness in the eyes, unbearable irritation and discharge of water from the eyes.If the discharge of water is thick then the infection is caused by the bacteria. Always clean the eyes with the ice cold water and you can also use a cloth which is dipped in cold water and place it in the eyes for few seconds and repeat the process at regular intervals. This is considered as an easy and effective home remedy for conjunctivitis. As we all know applying warm milk of cow to the eyes helps to relieve from conjunctivitis or pink eye in an efficient manner. Apply the Chamomile tea bags in the eyes for 10 to 15 minutes so that it reduces the inflammation and irritation in the eyes. Please enable JavaScript in your browser to experience all the custom features of our site, including the ability to make a purchase. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website.
Certain conditions such as Tourette’s syndrome, multiple sclerosis, hemifacial spasms or essential Blepharospasm can cause severe and chronic eye tics and twitches which may become extremely disruptive. Ensure that you are getting enough good quality sleep and try to stick to a good sleep routine.
If eye twitching persists, or becomes severe then it is always s good idea to get a professional opinion from your health care provider. Women always are perplexed with eye makeup.  It is not that hard though once you know the right way to handle the right composition, which suits your beautiful eye and compliments your face.
Follow these simple steps to get luscious-looking eyes with the correct technique and color choice and implement it into your daily routine to get the look permanently. With the basic prepping of the eyes done, the next step is to ascertain which colors look the best on your eye and skin tone.
If you have a redhead, best to stick with peach, red, and copper colors or even the cooler pinkish and lavender shades.  Women with hair that is gray can compliment themselves with gray, which looks gorgeous and also soft shades of purple or blue. The most important thing to remember is the colors should enhance your eyes, not the makeup.  A complete eye makeup is a perfect blend in which you will not be able to decipher the beginning or the end of the colors applied.
Have you faced with a situation where your eye has been twitching randomly for no apparent reason?
In order to treat a twitching eye it is important to find out what are the factors that cause this condition. Chronic twitching of the eye could also be due to lack of certain essential nutrients and vitamins. Sometimes allergies to a new conditioner, hair spray, deodorant, shampoo or cologne could be the reason for a twitching eye.
9 Natural Remedies for Dry Eye Syndrome - Did you know that your version of Internet Explorer is out of date? The presence of pus coming from the eyes can be a sign of contamination of the eye by fecal matter. When the patient awakes and attempts to open their eyes, they may even find the eyelashes essentially glued shut by the dried fluids.
These symptoms can present before or after the onset of reddening of the eyes, but all three are usually present at some point of an active eye infection. Exposure to pollen or other irritants can bring on an allergic episode that mimics infection in many ways. Anyone experiencing the symptoms of an eye infection such as pinkeye should avoid touching their eye for any reason.
If eye drops are to be applied by someone other than the patient, the person applying the drops should wear gloves or wash their hands thoroughly before and after assisting the patient. Friction between the eyelid and the eyeball can cause damage to the cornea, and result in prolonged discomfort. There are many types of over-the-counter eye drops that may help, but be sure to read the package labels. Lemon juice is highly acidic, and while it is unlikely even undiluted lemon juice would cause permanent damage, it will likely sting and burn. Mix several tablespoons of pure honey in a cup of water, boil for one minute and allow the solution to cool.

The natural antioxidants and tannins in the tea may also provide some comfort from itchiness and burning. Though lemon juice, tea and honey are unlikely to do any real harm, they also have no proven impact on clearing an eye infection or improving eye health.
This condition can be marked by pain and redness in the eye, but also with more full-body symptoms such as fever, body aches and pain and other flu-like signs. Arnica, pellets by mouth and topical cream, is a wonderful plant remedy that treats the pain & bruising and can be used liberally with absolutely no side effects. If the liquid discharged from the eye is watery then the infection is said to be caused by virus. Take a little quantity of water and boil it then allow the water to cool down. Add some drops of eyebright tincture and then use this water to clean your eyes and you will get an instant relief from burning eyes.
You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional. More serious eye twitching is usually classified as eye tics and in some cases these can become so severe that it affects visual functioning and may disrupt other aspects of daily life. 30min of moderate exercise can go a long way in reducing stress and encouraging healthy sleep.
Magnesium rich foods include green vegetables such as spinach and broccoli, as well as beans, peas, nuts, and seeds. If you suffer from insomnia, then take the necessary steps to resolve it, or help manage it.
Contrary to the popular belief, for this, the best indicator is your hair and never your eyes.
Lastly eye shadow is always complimented best with proper highlighting.  Add a darker color to the lash line with the eyeliner brush. Chances are you have faced this problem more than once and still have not found an effective cure that could help rid you of this problem. Ensure that you eat a balanced diet so that your body gets the right amount of vitamins and minerals that it requires. If you have not changed anything or are not using any new products then find out if anyone in your household has used a new product.
To get the best possible experience using our website we recommend downloading one of the browsers below. All information presented here is done so for educational purposes, and is not a replacement for being under the care of a physician. Some eye conditions, like pink eye or conjunctivitis, can cause the sclera to take on a pinkish hue or even turn blood-red during a flare-up.
The ooze that comes from the eyes should not have a bad odor, but may feel sticky and tacky.
The crusty pieces of dried material shouldn’t be pulled off the lashes, as this can cause the lashes to be painfully ripped out. As the heat and moisture softens the material, it may be wiped from the eye more easily with a clean tissue. Rubbing the eye during an infection may provide temporary relief, but should be avoided as it can cause more bacteria to spread and in some cases may even scratch or damage the eye. The exception to this is most people suffering an eye allergy will not experience pus or weeping. Inexpensive, simple things such as practicing good hand-washing techniques, washing all bedding and frequently replacing used bath towels with clean ones may be enough to stop the spread of the infection.
If the eye or area around the eye is touched, the patient should immediately wash their hands.
However, for families that easily share germs and routinely catch each others’ illnesses, antibiotics can help those with bacterial eye infections become non-contagious faster than on their own. The applicator tip on the bottle of eye drops must not touch the eye or the medicine can become contaminated, and allow the bacteria to breed in the moist conditions of the capped bottle. Clean, cold compresses can be applied to the affected eye or eyes to soothe itching and reduce inflammation of the eyelids. Applying gentle pressure with a clean tissue or washcloth can help with some of the more frustrating symptoms of an eye infection, and do so without causing further irritation or damage like rubbing may.
For example, acute glaucoma can present with symptoms including redness and eye pain, similar to many common eye infections. Pain in one or both temples, along with the other symptoms listed, may indicate temporal arteritis.
However, if you cannot lay your hands on the same, a cold can of soda or a bag of frozen vegetables will work as good. Potassium chloride is one of the most effective healing compounds, and potatoes are the best source of potassium chloride. Because of the cooling property of aloe vera juice it is considered as the good relief for conjunctivitis. Small twitches or fasciculations of the upper or lower eyelid need to be distinguished from eye tics, as they only involve a few muscle fiber bundles as apposed to tics which involve whole muscles. Fair-haired women will definitely look better with all cream and light brown, whereas dark-haired women look exquisite with chocolate brown and sometimes mocha. Eye twitching is a very frequent and commonly occurring issue and there are several methods that have been discovered that help stop it.
Stress could sometimes be the cause of a twitching eye while there are instance where a twitching eye could be because of lack of sleep or a change in your diet or due to pressure related problems. Most cases of chronic twitching of the eye have been caused due to allergies so investigate thoroughly to find out if your eye twitching is due to an allergy.
Many types of eye infections may be treated at home with no ill effect, and with a recovery time of around five days. If severe eye pain, decreased vision or high fever are present, seek professional medical attention immediately.
Yellowing of the sclera is not typically a sign of an eye infection, and could indicate more serious medical problems, such as liver problems. Do not use fingers near an infected eye unless the hands are thoroughly sanitized and washed before and after contact. If fluids from the eye form crusts, tiny pieces of the dried-up material could become lodged inside the eyelid and cause damage if rubbed around. However, sometimes an eye infection is a serious medical matter that must be treated by a physician.
Members of the patient’s household should also practice good hand-washing techniques, and never share towels or pillows, especially during a time when an infection is going around.
Those patients diagnosed with a viral eye infection will not be prescribed antibiotics, as viruses aren’t affected by them.

When the eyelids swell slightly from inflamed tissue, this can cause an uncomfortable feeling of pressure, and the counter-pressure of a compress applied lightly to the eye can alleviate that feeling. Avoid eye drops medicated with menthol if severe pain or burning is present, as these drops will likely sting beyond the point of being worth any potential relief. Honey may have anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties, and should not make the infection worse as long as the solution is boiled and cooled completely before use, and applied with a clean eye dropper.
If using warm or hot tea bags, always test the heat by placing the tea bag on the inside of the wrist for a moment before applying to the eyes. However, if the eye pain is very severe and gets worse as time goes on, and if vision is cloudy or otherwise impaired, see a doctor right away.
If a bag of ice is not available, a cold can of soda or a bag of frozen vegetables will work. Depending on severity of the injury may require as long as 2 days for swelling or fractures of the face.
Use cotton to dip in the aloe vera juice and apply the juice slowly on the eyes and you will feel the change within two days.
Some people rest for a few hours as they are very sound sleepers and their body is able to rejuvenate itself in a short span of time.
If you have never suffered from a twitching eye, then try to figure out if you have made any recent changes that may be causing this condition. In cases where symptoms of eye infection persist without positive progress beyond three days, or if symptoms are unbearable, it is recommended the patient see a doctor immediately. Many over-the-counter allergy medications and eye drops are available to help treat the condition at home.
Acute glaucoma can result in permanently decreased vision or even blindness in extreme cases.
An aggressive round of oral antibiotics will likely be prescribed as treatment for this condition.
The only cure will be from alternative remedy, rest for 15 minutes without thinking about anything or practice meditate before bed time.
Avoid rubbing your eyes with the hands as the germs in the hands can worsen the pink eye problem. Others may be very light sleepers and get easily disturbed so when they wake up they still feel tired.
A humidifier will help make your living space more comfortable, especially during the winter. Who actually loves pink eye???Fortunately, there are several natural remediesA for pink eye out there that mamas swear by. Avoid exposing your eyes to gusts of air Air from a blow dryer or air conditioning vent can dry out your eyes.
Use artificial tears Less messy than ointment, artificial tears can help bring moisture back into your eyes without blurring your vision.
If you’re using them more than once every two hours, it could mean a preservative-free brand is better suited for you.6. Immune system support may also be helpful.Often difficult to discern from bacterial pink eyeBacterial Pink Eye Is .
Nettle capsules or tea are considered by many to be a natural antihistamine, and preliminary studies suggest that this may indeed be the case. Warm compress This can help release oil in your eyelid glands and produce better-quality tears.9. Other than the fact that it’s a known folk remedy, there are a few studies worth mentioning. Recent published reports describe the effectiveness of honey in rapidly clearing wound infection with minimal adverse effects, and also possible in promoting healing with minimal scar formation. Honey also has antimicrobial action against a broad spectrum of bacteria and fungi, both in laboratory studies and in humans. Honey was also widely used in India to treat eye disease and has been used by traditional healers in Mali to prevent scarring of the cornea in cases of measles.
Don’t get the water too hot or it may destroy some of the beneficial properties of the water.
If your water is not super pure (reverse osmosis, distilled, etc), consider boiling it and allowing it to cool before creating your mixture. This limits the growth of the bacteria, helping to end the eye infection.” (source)So what does the clinical data say? Well, this article examines three studies that look at the impact of colostrum on newborn eye infections. Continue this treatment three times a day for a couple of days, or until the eye infection has cleared. Until the creation of erythromycin, an antibiotic ointment, silver nitrate drops were routinely used in newborn’s eyes to prevent certain types of bacterial infection.
In some hospitals they are still used, but most doctors prefer the ointment because silver nitrate can cause irritation.Silver nitrate is created by combining silver with nitric acid, while colloidal silver contains only silver particles suspended in water.
I recommend that you research before consenting to it or any other newborn procedure.)Did I find any resounding endorsements from physicians? Some sources, such asA Prescription For Nutritional Healing, say not to use during pregnancy or nursing. 421)A However, many herbalists and OB-GYN’s say chamomile is perfectly fine during pregnancy and while nursing. You can find instructions for making chamomile and calendula eye soothers at Mother Earth News.Salt Water WashSaline (salt water) eye drops are often recommended for pink eye. Boil one cup of water with one half teaspoon (up to one teaspoon) of salt and let the liquid cool completely before using.Use an eye cup or an eye dropper to rinse the eye with the cooled salt solution.
The solution can be used as an eye rinse and also as a nasal solution for sinus and allergy issues.Rinse the affected eye several times a day. Severe cases need to be looked at by a health care provider and may require specific treatment and close follow-up.
These remedies are shared for educational purposes only and are not meant to diagnose or cure any disease. None of these statements have been evaluated by the FDA and are not meant to diagnose, treat or cure any disease.

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