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The body struggles to rid itself of the foreign substance, the debris, with the inflammatory response, which results in a wound in the skin, which then develops into a scar when the body produces excess collagen to repair the damage to the skin. Although acne scars are the result of a wound, like any other scar, they are also different than other scars in that they are depressed within the skin, rather than on the surface of the skin as most other scars.
Family history is the most important risk factor regarding acne scarring, as genetics influence how easily an individual scars. When acne has already developed, there are still steps that can be taken to help prevent acne scars. Sunscreen helps prevent further damage to the skin from the sun, and is especially important as the skin is healing from acne. Prescription medication for acne scarring is generally similar to over the counter medications and treatments.
Non-ablative lasers are generally more accepted as treatment for acne scarring and skin rejuvenation.
In addition, while the results from ablative laser therapy used to treat wrinkles are generally significant, the results are not as impressive when treating acne scars. Dermal fillers are injected into the skin in order to push up the acne scar, resulting in decreased appearance of the scar and smoother skin.
A surgical option, called subcision, is when a dermatologist uses a tiny scalpel or needle to cut beneath the acne scar. Microdermabrasion removes the dead layer of protective skin cells on the surface of the skin in order to improve the texture of skin, as well as reduce areas of dark pigmentation.
In addition to medical procedures, prescription medications, and over the counter medications, there are many home remedies and natural treatments believed to treat acne and acne scars. Whether opting for natural remedies or seeking the advice and treatment of a medical doctor, acne and acne scars can be effectively treated. My name is Kim Wang and this site is my work in progress helping to pass on some of the things my mother has taught me over the years. Acne has become one of the most common skin disorders that affect millions of people around the world.
Acne peels basically chemical acidic solutions that are applied on the skin region affected by acne. Topical treatments rarely remove the acne scares, but chemical peels are highly effective in removing the acne scars. Although chemical peels are really effective for curing some kinds of acne, however, it is not ideal for everyone and could also poses some side effects. 1)    First of all Aloe Vera gel is considered best for healing skin wounds as well as acne scars. 2)    Coconut oil is a perfect & top quality moisturizer with amazing healing properties. 3)    When we talk about home remedies then I think the name of cucumber is must because it is an easily available & cheapest ingredient with lots of benefits.
6)    Another easy way to remove or fade down acne scars is simply use lemon slices or lemon juice with cotton pad on face. 7)    Turmeric Powder is a traditional ingredient that is used for facial treatment & for healing wounds. 10)    Similarly, the tomato slices are also helpful in order to remove acne scars, for making skin healthy & glowing. The debris is seen by the body as a foreign substance and the body tries to get rid of the foreign substance through an inflammatory response.

If an individual scars easily, they are at greater risk for developing acne scars after breaking out with acne.
While a family history of acne, which leads to a higher chance of developing acne, cannot be changed, there are other factors that influence the occurrence of acne that can be managed to reduce the appearance of acne. Dirt, dust and pollutants in the environment can clog pores and increases the occurrence of acne if not properly cleansed. Drinking plenty of water is particularly important to skin health, as adequate hydration helps to flush toxins from the body. It is important that while acne is being treated, do not squeeze the pimples that have formed. There are now effective treatments for acne scars, and though they cannot cure the scars entirely, they can reduce the appearance and severity of the scarring. Sunscreen is also important when using topical treatments that contain Retin-A and alpha hydroxy acid, as these ingredients can cause increased sensitivity to UV rays. However, medications available by prescription are usually more potent and typically more effective than the over the counter topical treatments.
In recent years laser technology has improved greatly, making them more effective and safe than ever. Non-ablative lasers, however, are highly effective in the treatment of acne scars and have quicker recovery times than ablative laser therapy. This breaks the fibrous bands of scar tissue that creates tension within the skin, and results in depressed acne scars. These techniques involve removing the tissue that contains the scarring and either suturing or replacing the remaining tissue. This solution is left on the skin for a certain amount of time in order to dissolve tissue cells and encourage the growth of new tissue. While microdermabrasion is successful in removing minor effects of acne, such as darker pigmentation, it is not effective at treating true acne scars. It is important to remember that, as with all issues relating to health, a healthy diet and exercise is essential to overall wellbeing.
It means it exfoliates the upper layer of skin, thereby sloughing off the bacteria and dead cell skin on the surface of skin. As chemical peel effectively removes the dead and help formation of collagen, it helps to diminish the acne scares and make the skin look healthier and more natural. As chemical peel contains chemical substance as ingredients, it may not be suitable for all type of skin and acne conditions. Using such peels for severe acne causes unpleasant side effects such as redness on skin, flaking and peeling of skin. Home made natural facial peels are the best alternative for those who want to fight against acne in more natural way without experiencing side effects. As home made facial peels are made using natural ingredients, they are highly hypoallergenic and well absorbed by the skin to deliver the desired results. When these acne or pimples destroy then they left a mark on the skin or within your skin tissue exactly like a wound that is not healed completely.
Since severe acne results in a greater risk for developing acne scars, those with a family history of severe acne may be at higher risk as well.
To prevent acne from occurring when environmental risk factors are high, cleansing twice a day with a gentle cleanser is imperative. Therefore, in order to prevent acne, and thus prevent acne scars, a healthy diet that includes 6 -8 cups of water per day is extremely important.
Intervention can include over the counter remedies, such as topical creams and cleansers specifically designed for the treatment of acne, or prescription medications that are more potent than those available over the counter.

Popping the pimple only results in spreading of the infection and often causes an open wound that is almost certain to form some type of scar.
The presence of Retin-A and alpha hydroxyl improves acne and also stimulates new collagen formation.
These treatments, containing Retin-A, alpha hydroxy acid, or glycolic acids, can help remove superficial layers of the skin in order to improve skin texture. Increased inflammation is noted with the use of ablative laser therapy, and there is a risk of permanent skin whitening. Dermal fillers are most effective on shallow, saucer shaped scars, and are not effective on deep acne scars. The dead cells are removed to show new skin cells beneath, thus improving the look and texture of skin.
In the case of acne scars, drinking plenty of water is of the upmost importance and will help to prevent acne and aid in the beauty of skin in general. Specialty of using acne peel is it not only help to cure the acne but also vanishes or diminishes the unsightly blemishes that are caused by acne, whereas most of the topical treatment may just remove the boil but not the acne marks. This action makes the skin surface free from debris and also makes the skin pores free getting clogged due to excess sebum. Due to this activity, the formation of acne is highly prevented and also helps the skin surface to get new cells thereby making the face look more bright and healthy.
Then they want to get rid from this unwanted acne as soon as possible by using different creams, medicines as well as they try different home remedies. New collagen formation improves the appearance of acne scars by helping to fill in the scar that is within the skin, rather than on the surface of the skin. If severe acne scarring is present, seeking the advice of a dermatologist in order to obtain prescription medications may be the best option. Ablative laser treatment, or skin resurfacing, removes outer layers of skin and burns away the scar tissue, encouraging collagen in the dermis to tighten and thus decrease the appearance of scars.
Chemical peels are more ideal for people with fair and not recommended for people with darker skin. That’s because people with darker skin are highly prone to suffering skin discoloration after the peel.
Before using chemical peel, consult your dermatologist and see whether you are right candidate for getting acne peel. You shall just search over the Internet to get any of the methods that you find very comfortable. In addition to topical treatments containing Retin-A and alpha hydroxyl acid, the use of sunscreen is also important.
Though relatively safe, subcision may cause pain, bruising and swelling, as well as persistent bumps at the treatment site. Moreover, the result of using acne peels differs with different person based on their skin nature and severity of their acne. Acne are actually pimples that appear on your skin due to the over production of oil in skin cells. So, today I am going to solve your problem of acne scars by sharing some very effective & easy DIY home remedies for removing acne scars. There are many different types of non-ablative lasers available for treatment of acne scars, including the Pulse-Dye Laser, and fractionated lasers.

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