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Maximise your game with a massage designed to work out muscles commonly over-used during a rigourous round of golf.
Revitalise your legs and feet with a treatment which energises and improves your energy flow which can help combat cramping & sprains. A gentle treatment for soothing muscles is the order of the day – by using long strokes over muscles with little or no pressure, your mind is allowed to be still just for now.
Charming Family run hotel situated in the centre of Westport, a heritage town in County Mayo. Both stores have there own therapy centers offering over 50 different treatments ranging from acupuncture to yoga massage and everything in-between.
As a lover of vitality, fitness & and all things natural, Julie Goodwin opened the first Natural Health store in Hertford in 1997.
Our shops are packed to the rafters with natural, healthy and organic foods ranging from traditional basics like nuts, seeds and honey to special dietary foods such as paleo, gluten and dairy free produce. Stocking top quality vitamin, mineral and herbal supplements is really important to us here. Throughout our whole range we also pride ourselves on stocking the rare items from smaller independent suppliers that can sometime be difficult to find in the usual high street shops.
Our friendly wonderful staff are highly trained with a huge range of product knowledge and love answering any questions on all things healthy and natural.
The Fold Natural Therapy Centre is a centre of excellence for complementary therapies set in its own peaceful garden, yet only steps away from the Fold Cafe.
Click the links to the left to find out more about any therapy or therapist you're interested in. We are looking for experienced therapists who share our passion for promoting health and happiness.

In addition to offering a range of beneficial therapies we are keen to share our enthusiasm for health in other ways too here at The Fold. A variety of courses which encompass many aspects of health and personal development are held at evenings and weekends. This course in Mindfulness and Meditation promotes physical and mental health and is suitable for everyone. A friendly service provided in a warm and welcoming atmosphere by fully trained and qualified therapists.
Traditional Glucosamine formulas focus on cartilage support while Solgar No 7 targets multiple pathways to balance the release of natural joint enzymes. It structurally supports collagen building blocks and sensitive joint cartilage and simultaneously supports the body’s natural range of motion and joint flexibility. Natural science at Solgar combines the advanced and naturally sourced bio-activity of Collagen, and Ester-C with a complex of traditional pepper spices and botanicals.
Established in1947 the Solgar company has a worldwide presence and an enviable reputation as a manufacturer of health vitamins minerals and supplements. Solgar’s state-of-the-art manufacturing facility meets the highest standard for machinery, procedures, and quality control. Solgar has its own on-site Quality Laboratory that ensures that each product leaving our door meets our Gold Standard™ for excellence. Air that circulates through the Solgar facility passes through a bank of HEPA filters that remove 99.9% of airborne particulates. Vitamin and supplements are supplied in glass bottles which are non-leaching, non-porous, and odorless. By working deep into the muscles our treatment is designed to ease out tiredness and tension while improving your posture & flexibility.

By using the wisdom of Chinese medicine, we concentrate on stimulating your Chi by working the meridian lines in your legs and feet.
We stock great brands like Solgar, A Vogel, Viridian, Nature’s Plus and many more at unbeatable prices. Whether youa€™re seeking an alternative to conventional medicine or an integrated approach to your health care, we can help you.
We build upon weeks 1-3 to learn how to improve our resilience to stress, stressors as well as emotional and physical pain.
Gratitude, forgiveness, taking care of yourself and creating joy are all aspects to a fulfilling life that we can develop with our practice of Mindfulness. In these studies, after 7 days, improvement continued to be seen, including in biomarker analysis.
Reiki is a very gentle treatment that works to move energy that has stopped flowing freely around the body. Very importantly Mindfulness goes further than just short term help; it can give us these benefits for the rest of our lives.
During a treatment you will feel a deep sense of wellbeing, the end result is a feeling of balance and calm. Over this 8 week course you will learn to master the skills and practices of Mindfulness to make the differences you want in your life.

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