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I have just had my 2 children tested for suspected thyroid problems, girl age 6 (adopted from Russia) and boy age 17. Kirsten understands WHY people have their symptoms, and she helps them get to the ROOT issues and heal.
Kirsten is a Licensed Pastoral Medical Provider (D.PSc), Certified Functional Nutritionist (FDN), Nutrition Response Testing Practitioner (NRT), Health Coach (HHC), Thyroid Patient Advocate, Author, Speaker, Member of the American Academy of Drugless Practitioners (AADP), and she is currently completing her educational requirements to become a Naturopathic Doctor.
Thyroid supplement: all natural thyroid health, Thyroid health supplement do you know that thyroid is the major thing in growing thin? Thyroid essentials – top quality natural supplements, Is your low thyroid causing you to gain weight, feel tired or depressed? Be wary of natural thyroid support supplements, How can a person tell which thyroid support supplements and thyroid boosters are of high quality, and which are junk before they purchase them?. Only natural pet canine thyroid wellness dog supplement, Only natural pet canine thyroid wellness dog supplement, at only natural pet store, helps balance thyroid function in healthy canine pets.. Natural thyroid solutions – dietary desiccated thyroid, Natural thyroid solutions offers thyro-gold formulated by dr.
Thyromin natural thyroid supplement, Thyromin natural thyroid supplement contains therapeutic grade essential oils and other supportive nutrients to support healthy thyroid function.. Women who are diagnosed with an underactive thyroid, or hypothyroidism, are often prescribed prescription drugs to replace the hormones that are deficient in their bodies.
Alternative treatments, such as the use of natural herbal supplements, may be a much healthier choice for seeking hormonal balance.
Rather than just seeking to replace hormones in a body that has a damaged thyroid due to dysfunctional systems, using natural supplements in the context of a whole health regime can greatly reduce the symptoms of a damaged thyroid, as well as enhance the quality of your health.
Foods with hormones should be avoided, as well as foods with toxins or additives such as preservatives, all of which can cause the condition of your thyroid to become worse.
Of key importance is maintaining a vigorous combination of diet and exercise, and to use natural herbal remedies not as cure-alls, but as supplements within the context of a regime of both conscious eating and choosing carefully which natural herbal supplements to use to fit your own specific needs.
And it’s quite evident from the number of people who are seeking different forms of natural thyroid treatment instead of relying on the conventional medical community which has had quite the bad track record with hypothyroidism.But not every natural treatment for hypothyroidism is right everyone. Yup, the great bogeyman of modern medicine is actually a key player in our hormonal health. In fact, researchers have known of the importance of cholesterol to human health for a century. In particular, it signals the body to convert cholesterol in the blood into sex hormones and other vital compounds such as cortisol and bile acids. But when things are not well—when the amount of thyroid hormone in the blood is low for whatever reason—then the signal to convert cholesterol is diminished, and high amounts of cholesterol remain in the blood.

She has a gift for making nutrition simple and individualized so you can shorten your healing time. She helps people go beyond their goals, and find out how amazing the human body can really feel! The use of some hormone replacement therapies, such as Premarin (extracted from pregnant mare urine) and synthetics replacement drugs such as Synthroid is controversial and there is debate on their relative safety and dangers.
Natural thyroid treatment has shown to be effective in providing necessary nourishment for women who suffer from thyroid problems. Strengthening the liver and kidneys is of vital importance, which can be achieved by eating foods easy to digest, as well as taking herbs that help with digestion and liver regulation, such as rhemania, shizandra and others. A good and regular schedule of sleep, as well as developing skills to cope effectively with stress (rather than internalizing it) are also effective ways of caring for your body, and can have a direct influence on your ability to lose weight.  Take care of your overall physical and emotional health, and your thyroid problem can only get better.
Our readers have highly recommended Thyromine, which is a very popular natural thyroid treatment helping thousands of people today. In fact, there are some that are flat out wrong but are still promoted, mostly because of financial interests.Below, I cover two of the most commonly used supplements as treatment for hypothyroidism and why they aren’t right for everyone.
What’s more, cholesterol is essential to the functions of digestion, learning, and memory, among many others. Unfortunately, back around the 1920s, some scientists hypothesized that cholesterol causes heart disease, and the compound quickly went from vital human nutrient to public health enemy number one. While they do not contain hormones to replace the deficiency, they do contribute to the whole health of the body and make up for the lack of hormonal balance in other ways, as well as to strengthen the functionality of the thyroid gland itself, as well as enhancing other organs and body processes. Supplements that help with digestion as well as with the immune system and the processes of metabolism may also be extremely beneficial in reducing the symptoms of a damaged thyroid and contributing to the whole health of the body.
It’s use of all natural ingredients makes it very safe, effective and definitely worth trying….as well as offering a 2 Free bottles promotion. Would you put your client on a synthetic drug that forces the body to reduce its production of cholesterol, that nutrient so vital to good health?
Side effects are often associated with an inappropriate dosage, and it often takes time to determine the appropriate amount of hormonal replacement pills to use on a regular basis.
They are also not as costly as prescription drugs, and do not have any of the potential side effects. Before industrial times, the incidence of goiters was much higher and oftentimes attributed to iodine deficiency. Or would you look for the most probable cause of high cholesterol—hypothyroidism—and address the root issue? But that isn’t stopping people from endorsing or using iodine as a natural thyroid treatment, but at what cost?It makes sense as to why it’s so highly promoted today.

It’s one of the only hypothyroidism treatment options that doesn’t require a medical prescription. So overall, it’s great for profits.But you have to keep in mind that the daily requirement of iodine is very small (150 mcg is usually safe). And most of these supplements are pumping you full of relatively large quantities of iodine which can actually have a negative effect on both your thyroid and your health.Excessive iodine can suppress TSH levels and give you the appearance that your thyroid function has improved. But in reality, it oftentimes leads to thyroiditis and further suppresses your thyroid.And keep in mind that there are other hypothyroidism causes that don’t directly involve your thyroid gland. And in excess, it can even exacerbate your existing hypothyroidism symptoms.Natural Thyroid Treatment with Desiccated ThyroidDesiccated thyroid medication such as Armour Thyroid is one of the most heralded natural thyroid treatment options available. It’s typically extracted from the thyroid of either pigs or cows and has the benefit of the hormones being formulated in proportions that more closely resemble that of your thyroid gland.Desiccated thyroid medication is not widely recommended within the conventional medical community even though desiccated thyroid has been shown to provide far better results as a natural thyroid treatment. And more often than not it involves the influence of other hormones as well as liver issues that can make any additional T4 a problem. In these cases, it can be far more beneficial to supplement with T3 only.Natural Thyroid Treatment with DietMost people have no idea that diets today are drastically different than they used to be even a century ago. Before the time of fast food and restaurants on every street corner, most families cooked and even raised the majority of the food that they ate.
You would never stop to think that the foods that you eat would have a drastic effect on your thyroid.We used to consume the entire animal in some way or another. Today, we eat the meat off the bone and wrongly believe that the meat is where all of the nutrients are. But nothing could be further from the truth.We use to get a significant amount of hormones and nutrients from these parts of animals that we so easily discard today as garbage.
And then you can incorporate some sort of thyroid medication to help give you that last little boost that you need in order to keep your thyroid operating at its best. Tags: desiccated thyroid, IodineYou might also like Hypothyroidism Causes Thyroid Medication Side Effects 0 replies Leave a ReplyWant to join the discussion?
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