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I put ear mite medicine in her ears and now little black dots are in them look like little bugs! Mites can be treated at home using a drop or two of a flea topspot product on a Qtip and wiping it deeply in the ear.
Last night I discovered my dog has ear mites again, and I don't have a car to go get mineral oil, but I have canola and vegetable oil. Well I was told it was ear mites and i looked it up with images and it looks just like that, either way her ears look terrible. You treat ear mites by going to the vet, getting a proper diagnosis and then getting the proper treatment. The best case scenario is that the suppression with steroids will eventually make the ears better but the overall health of your dog worse. The worst case scenario leads to ear surgery – called partial or full ear ablation – which is in other words is a removal of the ear canal and sometimes the whole ear. And so I am here, typing away with hope that if I write about ears for the next few weeks, I will make a difference in at least a few canine lives. But then I thought, wait a minute, how about if I simply write about what I have learned about the causes of ear problems.
Frequent ear cleaning often disturbs the ears and also introduces more resistant pathogenic bacteria such as proteus or pseudomonas which are very difficult to treat. The discharge or wax that you clean out usually builds up again quickly and if you try to clean it out over and over again, your dog will slide in a vicious cycle of never ending ear problems possibly will end up like this. The rule of thumb is – when your dog’s ears are sore, focus on the overall health and the ears will follow.
I know that this recommendation is contrary to some practitioners who suggest frequent cleaning.
The first step to addressing your dog’s ears successfully is to open your mind to the likely possibility that your dog’s ear problems are systemic and that the local treatment is unlikely to help without causing more damage systemically. If your dog is suffering from ear problems and you have had an exam done by your care provider to make sure that your dog is ok otherwise, I invite you to try our ear tune up protocol that works for a majority of dogs with ear problems. I mentioned this before that when ears get inflammed, it is usually a signal that something else is going on. Start your dog on Livton - Liver Cleanse formula that is time tested to be safe and beneficial to dogs.
Collect your dog’s hair and get HairQ Test  to check his or her mineral and heavy metal levels. You will receive your results in 3-4 weeks. Start GreenMin – a chlorophyll, amino-acid and mineral rich formula to gently cleanse the digestive tract and provide missing nutrients. In order for your dog’s ears to start healing, you need to ensure that the digestive tract is in top notch condition and that your dog gets essential nutrients. I have received a question about my last blog on the topic of  arsenic in food that I would like everyone to hear the answer to. Dandelions are considered nothing more than a weed by most people, but it is actually a little flower that can do great things for your dog's liver and has many other medicinal qualities.
Many people do not see any difference between tennis balls and other balls, but there are definitely some important differences.
This is not an easy article for me to write and I do not want to seem like a party pooper but I do need to think about the safety of your dog. Repetitive  exercise, twisting and jumping may look like fun for your dog, but can result in long-lasting injuries.
My love of bacteria was almost stifled by boring text books, but I learned to love the helpful little ‘buggas’ and want to share why some bacteria is friend, not foe. We love partnering up with other socially-conscious companies and giving back so when we were introduced to B1G1 (Buy1, Give1) it was a no-brainer. A recent email from a veterinary specialist in dermatology in response to an article I wrote about paw licking made me realize I need to keep sharing what I have learned about neck and collar injuries and paw licking.
Holistic approach to epilepsy can be effective and much less costly than conventional treatments. The status quo isn't always the best option so here are some reasons to follow a different and all-natural routine when it comes to treating wounds and incisions. I love hearing from my community and my last blog on ear cropping has raised a lot of questions and received many comments. I was shocked to find out that the ban on cropping dog’s ear passed at the end of 2015 is already the subject of a legal challenge. Reflecting on a recent experience, I explain how veterinarians are put in a tough situation when it comes to recommending products for their patients dog.
Wondering why dogs get gas and a little chihuahua can clear the room with its strong presence? This blog explains all you need to know about flatulence in dogs and what to do about it without the use of drugs and chemicals. Sometimes, when life brings us challenges, we feel sad, frustrated or even cheated of the goodness in life. A true story about why leaving your dog alone in a dog house is the worst form of punishment. Find out why your generosity plays an important role in generating abundance in your life and having more time to spend with your dog.
Help keep your dog's heart healthy by following a six-step heart disease prevention program.
Living with dogs comes with much joy, but also the responsibility of keeping them healthy, happy and comfortable for years to come. Have you ever wondered how the length of your dog’s nails are related to his or her health? I generally like to stay low profile and focus on helping you and your dogs. However, the reason why I decided to dive into the turbulent waters of healthcare bylaws and policies is that I strongly believe in the freedom of your choice when it comes to animal healthcare. Urinary tract and especially bladder infections are relatively common, especially in female dogs.
What do you do when you walk by a dog or a puppy, who’s guardian is doing something wrong but is not aware of it? Most people are unaware that leash corrections and choke chains cause a lifetime of problems.. It is my experience that dogs that are fed dehydrated processed food are most vulnerable because kibble causes acidic pH. No part of this website or any of its contents may be reproduced, copied, modified or adapted, without the prior written consent of the author. With such a lack of time, people are looking for quick solutions and that also applies to their dog’s health.
Some men may disagree with me but, my experience is that women are much more patient when it comes to healthcare.
You may find it funny but, after 28 years in practice, I started calling this the "husband phenomenon." In most, but not all families, women seem to be much more in tune with understanding health, whereas guys often expect a quick fix that does not cost too much. In Western medicine, people like to use the "anti" drugs.  Antibiotics, Antifungals and finally, the focus of today - anti-inflammatory drugs.
Today, I would like to focus on corticosteroids, very commonly used anti-inflammatory drugs, that in my opinion cause the deepest and irreversible damage. However, most people do not realize that healthy inflammation is an essential part of the healing process. When anti-inflammatory drugs are used, the natural healing process is blocked for the sake of short-term relief but, there is a high price they pay.
Anti-inflammatory drugs also cause serious side-effects and, in my opinion, are unnecessary and contraindicated.
The first ingredient is patience followed by persistence and an open mind to get out of the rut. For many decades now, the use of “anti” drugs is so common that most people don't think twice about taking Advil, Aspirin or even steroids and the same applies to their dogs. The question is, how does one reduce the likelihood of injuries, inflammation and resist the temptation of quick fix. Keep your dog's spine aligned with the help of a chiropractor, rehabilitation, physical or massage therapist to name a few.
When it comes to natural anti-inflammatory medicines - turmeric, coconut oil, omega oils, chlorophyll and Perna mussel are a few good examples, in addition to raw diet. All you need to do is to pre-register here to receive further updates on the course and if you have any questions about how to reduce steroid use, enter your question at the end of the registration form, we will consider your concerns while finalizing the course curriculum. I recommend against feeding bone meal, with the exception of locally sourced frozen bone meal. Health conscious dog lovers are well-equipped to protect their beloved dogs from the damaging effects of serious carcinogens and disease-causing toxins such as arsenic because an inexpensive, highly accurate dog hair test is now available. Over the years, many dog lovers have been using HairQ to determine their dog’s toxin levels and the results suggest dogs eating chicken had higher levels of arsenic than those fed other meats. In 2011, the U.S Food and Drug Administration agency confirmed that Roxarsone, an arsenic-containing parasiticide regularly added into chicken feed, caused the elevated levels of arsenic in chicken. In February 2014, the company making Roxarsone, Zoetis, Inc., voluntarily withdrew the product from the market. It is my general understanding that chicken is much safer to feed in 2016 than it was a few years ago, mainly because the cancer-causing drugs containing arsenic are no longer used.
Ideally, feed organic, or at least, free-range non-medicated chicken and add organic vegetables for an additional cleansing effect. Hair test analysis is currently the most accurate and cost-effective method of determining the levels of arsenic in your dog’s body. Provide essential minerals and vitamins to push out toxic elements, including arsenic, from the body.
Last month we funded the planting of 45 trees in Borneo to help nurture the environment that is vital to orangutans.
B1G1 has partnered with Friends Of The National Parks Foundation, a charity that is in charge of this project.
Food and environmental toxin exposure are the most common reasons for dogs suffering from liver problems. They drink water from puddles, they scavenge and eat things that they should not and are also exposed more to car fumes and general pollution because their head is closer to the ground. People have been asking me why I put certified organic dandelion in SoulFood, the certified organic multivitamin for dogs. There are many good reasons that I want to share. According to modern naturopathic medicine, dandelion has the ability to detoxify the liver and gallbladder, reduce the side effects of toxins and medication processed by the liver and relieve symptoms of diseases in which the liver plays a role. There is also emerging evidence that dandelion has an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effect and it has been also used for balancing the digestive tract.
Ask your veterinarian for an annual blood test for all dogs that are six to seven-years-old and older. However, without testing, it is impossible to get a clear sense if your dog’s liver need more attention, in addition to the essential supplements  that every dog needs. Early detection of a slight liver enzyme elevation is much easier to treat than a full blown case of hepatitis or even a liver tumour. However, even when one switches to raw or cooked food, not all food-related problems are solved.
As a veterinarian, I source from almost three decades of experience, but still I like to see the proof. In the course of many years of testing, I have learned that dogs who eat fish-based foods have elevated mercury levels and sardines appear to be the cause of increased strontium. Sadly, I have noticed that dogs who have epilepsy have higher than average levels of strontium and mercury, which made me recommend against feeding fish and sardines to dogs, despite their nutritional benefits. Arsenic has also been on my radar for some time, mainly because it is highly toxic and appears to be often elevated in dogs’ hair. Even our medieval ancestors knew arsenic was toxic, but our modern problem with arsenic is related to industrial pollution and especially water.
From the hair test results, I consistently see higher arsenic values in dogs that eat rice supplemented diets. Pet food companies love rice because it is relatively cheap, especially when it comes from Asia, which is a part of the problem. There are many studies available online to confirm that arsenic in rice is a serious problem. While blood tests can help determine the momentary levels of enzymes and electrolytes, it does not give you a comprehensive evaluation of your dog’s arsenic levels over the past several months. Your dog’s hair is a kind of time capsule that seals its mineral content profile over the course of its growth. It would be unreasonable to expect that your dog or anyone will be arsenic free, however reducing exposure to this toxic element can be another deposit in your dog’s health and longevity account. Today, my plan is to continue with this theme and talk about tennis-balls and ball play in general. To prevent this from happening, you can use another type of ball made of food-safe plastic, rubber or felted wool. The last thing I would like to mention is that I see dogs that carry and retrieve balls having tight and inflamed temporal-mandibular muscles—the jaw. It is well known that inflammation and muscle tightness reduces the energy flow to a particular area, which may cause other problems.
Last week, I wrote a blog on Why one should not tie a dog to a chair and also mentioned another blog on Why prong, shock and choke chain collars can cause a lot of damage.
Today, I would like to focus on another device that is a common source of injuries - a retractable leash. The jerk at the end of the leash or the “leash brake” can severely damage your dogs’s neck and the thyroid gland. Just a few days ago, I witnessed a frightening situation that prompted me to write this article.
Only a few seconds later, one of the dogs got spooked, which frightened the three other dogs and suddenly all four started to run towards the busy main road just 10 feet away with the chair chasing them and making a terrifying noise. I was upset and angry at the same time, especially when the guardians (perhaps the wrong word here) came back and were rather annoyed at being told that tying a dog to a loose chair was a dangerous idea. Please never, ever tie your dog to a light piece of furniture, such as a chair or anything else that could be dragged. I recommend that you give Fido only small amounts of fruit, (less than five percent) as dogs usually eat only small amounts of fruit in nature. Feed fruit at least one hour before feeding meat or other proteins and a minimum of three hours after a protein meal.
Because protein takes longer to digest and if you feed fruit and protein together, fruit may start to ferment, creating alcohol. On a more serious note, the most important reason is that fruit simply doesn’t digest as well with protein.
One of the reasons why some dogs refuse to eat vegetables is because in natural settings wild canines eat plant material pre-digested. There is a lot of anecdotal evIdence that dogs do not do well on tomatoes, potatoes, peppers and eggplant  - the nightshade family.
Some sources claim that the cruciferous family may increase the chances of hypothyroidism - a condition represented by low thyroid gland hormone. For some reason, dogs do not have a good ability to digest carrots, especially if they are coarsely grated or in chunks. Now that you know that dogs are designed for predigested veggies, it is important to know what to throw in the food processor.

The remaining 50 percent of the vegetable blend should consist of sweet veggies that are not leafy and this group consists of zucchini, celery, green beans, green peas, red beets, yams and other carbohydrate-rich vegetables.
No matter if you feed organic or non-organic veggies, nutrient, especially mineral depletion is highly likely without additional all natural supplements.
There are four main reasons why dogs pant and today I would like to go through them one by one to give you a deeper understanding of how to make your dog comfortable and happy. For the longest time, I was puzzled by the fact that older dogs pant a lot and, it often happens, my dog Skai gave me the answer. When he was about 10 or 11, I noticed that whenever it got hot, he slowed down dramatically and was not as energetic. During my veterinary school years, we learned in radiology that the lung tissue of an older dog looks different than the lungs of a young dog. My experience is that in most dogs, the capacity reduction DOES NOT affect exercise tolerance as much as the ability to cool down. It is common knowledge that dogs do not have sweat glands and their cooling system relies on the heat exchange through the body surface or the respiratory tract through breathing and panting. This also explains why some senior dogs, who are very mobile and frisky in cold weather, slow right down when the weather is hot. Swimming is great to cool your dog down, but too much swimming can also cause injuries.  I suggest that you read the article on How much swimming is too much to prevent overextension and injuries. Many dogs also pant because of being on a kibble diet, which generally makes the body acidic. Toxin build-up also causes increased panting, especially when it happens in the middle of the night.
We are currently in the process of preparing an online course on a medication-free approach to arthritis and stiffness.
For anyone that missed our big announcement a couple of weeks ago and might be reading about this for the first time today here is a link to the first article on our new giving initiative.
Our community members are from around the world and we believe if we focus on solving problems globally, we will be more effective in reducing suffering at home and abroad.
Please share this information with animal shelters you love that need help and encourage them to apply to be a B1G1 recipient. Because there are not many animal-related projects, initially we will choose projects related to the environment, health and education.
Our plan is to bring meaningful dog-related causes to B1G1 and we have invited you, our amazing community, to help. Since announcing our mission to reduce dog homelessness through non-surgical sterilization of stray dogs, we have run into a few stumbling blocks, but that is not a reason to give up.
Stay tuned for our next announcement about the positive impacts we will create for some very special projects. Is it fair for a vegetarian to dine at a steakhouse and then get mad at the servers and fellow patrons for eating steak? What he lacks in size he makes up with absolute enthusiasm in everything else, be it swimming, running, eating or cuddling. Anyway, I’m sad to report our love affair with cross-country skiing recently included a less than enjoyable encounter.
I’m sure you know what I mean, when you figure out apologies and explanations are just not going to cut it. Thankfully, many people that see this little brown dog laugh commenting that he is pure entertainment and surely no one else is having a better day than him.
I feel like I'm trying to do my best and take care of my dogs with diverse exercise and feeding a raw diet with natural supplements, which is perhaps one of the reasons he has super doggie stamina and speed! Most people think of bacteria as an opportunist or a pathogen that resides in the body, but the reality is much more interesting.
Most of the information available on bacteria is either on the topic of disease-causing pathogens or probiotics, the helpful allies that keep our body and the immune system healthy. Most people understand that probiotic bacteria helps digestion and the immune system, but this is just the tip of the iceberg.
Most of these connections are yet to be discovered, but it is very clear that the science of the past gave bacteria and other microorganisms much less credit than it deserves. The part that I find the most intriguing is that individuals from the same species may have dramatically different microbion. The science of studying microbial profile is very exciting because it has the potential to be used for studying health and disease, happiness and even longevity. Overprescribing of antibiotics could be compared to clearcutting in the Amazon rain forest. Start him or her on double the regular dose of a non-dairy certified organic probiotic that is specifically formulated for dogs. If your vets intention is to prescribe "an antibiotic cocktail" of multiple antibiotics, express your wish to have a good explanation why such measure is needed. If you are curious about how to treat, for example, diarrhea or skin disease and hotspots click on the links to find natural remedies.
The healthier the body, the healthier the microbial profile is but the opposite is also true. When it comes to bacteria, we must not underestimate the role of these minute guards in the health and longevity of your dog. Microbiology was one of my most challenging and difficult subjects when I was going through vet school. I realize now that the world of bacteria and probiotics is fascinating, but the way the material was put together made the learning boring and difficult.
Over the years, I became very curious, and one could even say obsessed, with learning about bacteria.
Did you know that some probiotics are known to help with allergies, helps establish positive mood and helps neutralize kidney toxins, digest food and eliminate unwanted substances from the body?
Today, I would like to give you a closer introduction to Lactobacillus - a species of bacteria that has been an ally to humans and dogs for very long time. PET RELIEF Ear Mites, Dog Ear Infection Natural Ear Relief For Dogs, Dog Ear Care, Lifetime Warranty! Did you know that ear infections are now (and have been since 2012) the foremost non-life-threatening reason for a visit to the veterinarian’s office? Before we look at the list of cause and type it is important to note that if your dog or cat is on a diet that truly and fully supports a strong immune system and good overall health your dog’s or cat’s chance of acquiring any type of ear infection dramatically decreases. Without any doubt the root cause of most illness is inappropriate ingredients in food and overall diet which can be compounded by exposure to environmental toxins. If you have a puppy or kitten make sure you get them accustomed to having their ears touched, failure to do so can result in behavioural issues (i.e. Dog and cat health care products such as dental chews, toothpaste, shampoos and rinses, off the shelf and veterinarian prescribed chemical-based insect and parasite preventatives etc. Ear mites are tiny spider-like insects that like to infest the ears of dogs, cats, rabbits and other small animals.
Less intrusive procedures such as draining the blister with a needle or small tube can also be done – however the blister will usually refill with blood in a matter of hours or days.
Addressing the infection topically and ingested with herbs and nutraceuticals may also be an option – the problem is that the majority of allopathic veterinarians do not know how to do anything but prescribe conventional drugs – so antibiotics become the mainstay even in situations where an alternative approach could have been equally or more appropriate. The veterinarian will then prescribe another type of antibiotic – which the dog or cat will also develop an immunity to.
Bacteria are highly adaptable microorganisms and overtime and exposure to repeated doses of antibiotics bacteria mutate in order to adapt and survive.
In addition to placing your dog’s or cat’s future health at risk, the root cause of the infection has not been identified or addressed making the chance of re-infection inevitable. For all of the above reasons it is very important that antibiotics only be used when absolutely necessary. If the root cause of the ear infection is food allergies and your allopathic veterinarian prescribes prescription dog or cat food beware.
If you need to warm the solution up to room temperature simply take the solution, place it in a vial, dropper, small glass or bowl (dropper with the open end up) and sit the vial, dropper, glass or bowl in a larger vessel (glass or bowl) that contains a little warm water –  this will warm the solution up quickly.
I have 2 dogs and I can't keep them separated for long, so I need to take some sort of action IMMEDIATELY. My boyfriend used to own her and he gave me an ear medication stuff in a bottle , and his reason was "ear mites" but I can not find that bottle anywhere !! In fact I need to, because the use of antibiotics and steroids does not address the core of ear problems and so many dogs suffer unnecessarily. As soon as I wrote the title, I realized that this could be a book and not just a simple newsletter. However, the reality is that the ears only signal that the body is out of balance, in distress. In fact, the only time I recommend cleaning is once at the beginning of the treatment and then wait and see. At the end of this few weeks long “ear problem course,” I hope to have an online gathering to share your experience and ask questions. So I’m making no bones about it and answering the most frequently asked questions about how to make sure your dog is getting the best nutrition from bones, including calcium and magnesium. I am happy to report there is good news about arsenic in chicken so please read on to hear about changes that might affect your dog’s diet. Our amazing community continues to show how much they care about their dog’s health by purchasing our all-natural products and in turn, we give a portion of the proceeds to amazing organizations that are saving animals around the world.
That is why I have included it in SoulFood and wrote this article to answer the questions I often receive about the misunderstood dandelion. Many dog food companies include it because it is relatively cheap, but I always look to nature when it comes to choosing my dog's diet. Luckily I was able to catch four little dogs tied to a chair before they ran into traffic this week. The unique mix of bacteria found on all living things could be the key to a longer life, a healthy weight and better health for your dog. Many dogs suffer from back injuries, which are known to affect your dog's health very deeply. Maybe not, but I’ve seen dogs benefit from what I call secondhand placebo effect and it may have something to do with their people! This behaviour can be a sign of a liver deficiency or other deficiencies and can be easily treated with vitamin and mineral supplements.
In this PART 3 of this epilepsy series,  you will learn about other important factors that may be the causes of epilepsy in dogs. Here are the top ten happiest dog moments of 2015. Enjoy sweet pictures along with stories from dog lovers in our community. See what trick my dog Skai invented to get me off my phone and what you can do to have the best time with your dog.
By following some tried and true methods, you can make a huge difference in the quality of life of our senior best friends. Find out what our HairQ test results have found and read my 7 practical steps to a time tested liver cleanse. It also causes highly concentrated urine, which further increases the chances of calcium oxalate stones formation. My dog, Juno, used to have her paws get inflamed and infected, she had stomach issues and hot spots. I remember a time when I would see dogs being treated at another practice and they were always on a quick-fix drug. Most guys are looking for a quick fix and prefer spending money on the next toy, big screen TV or a car than health and preventive care. Adrenal glands have two main functions - regulating electrolytes, such as sodium and potassium, and helping the body deal with stress and inflammation.
Inflammation causes discomfort, which prevents us from overusing an already injured body part. Most often, the problem comes back because the tissue has not healed fully and the vicious cycle starts spinning.
Deep inside, the body's ability to heal is hindered and the chances of a full recovery are reduced. Some dogs are so weak that they do not digest bones or they have issues with their back, which is often connected to constipation. I find that hunting breeds like Lab's and Golden's are digestion kings, whereas herding dogs have less efficient digestion.
In nature, canines would get calcium from plants, meat and bones and not directly from rocks. In other words, in nature the calcium is passed from Earth into plants and prey animals and then into our dogs. Usually, they are given in the form of raw carcasses or they are ground in the prepared frozen raw meat package. In 2015 another company Huvepharma AD voluntarily withdrew all approvals for new drugs containing arsenic in animal feed, including Roxarsone, arsanilic acid and carbarsone. Your dog’s hair can be compared to a time capsule that shows toxins and mineral levels in its shaft, similar to archaeological deposits or icebergs in Antarctica. Nutrient depletion in soil results in nutrient deficient foods and dog food is no exception. Hair testing for minerals and toxic elements has been really helpful because it is highly accurate and shows what is happening in different groups of dogs.
Since the Fukushima nuclear accident strontium is continuously being released into the oceans and not much is being done to inform the general public. Naturally the next question to ask is, which foods contain the most arsenic and how can we protect our dogs? Analyzing your dog’s hair is the best way to determine your dog’s levels of arsenic exposure in the past four to six months.
Providing essential minerals and vitamins, which help to push out toxic elements from the body. Carrying a ball, especially when exercising, can drastically reduce their cooling capacity because dogs do not sweat and have a rather primitive air cooling system. There may be one or two companies making them out of rubber, but they are not food-safe certified. The larger the ball is in proportion to your dog's mouth, the more carrying a ball repeatedly can cause chronic muscle inflammation. Interestingly, I have seen a higher than average number of oral tumours in dogs that retrieve balls. Be mindful, do not overdo play, and stay tuned for another article - how to pace your dog's ball chasing to prevent health problems and injuries. All I need to do is to look around, and there it is, right in my face.One of my favourite places to go here on Maui are highlands in Kula.
By now, you are probably asking, why is he so obsessed with anything that applies to leashes and collars? Dogs with neck injuries appear to be ill much more frequently and vice versa – the illest dogs have frequent neck injuries.
There was no sidewalk, just a curb and I was thinking what would happen if a distracted driver didn’t see us.

Dogs are at the mercy of their humans and it is hard to watch their irresponsible behaviour and witness the tragedies that follow.
In an ideal world, it would be much better if we could take our dogs into stores, but if it is not possible and you need to step away for a minute, ask someone to look after your dog outside.
While I agree that this ratio works well for most dogs, many of you ask me what veggies and fruit to feed and which ones to avoid.
When you prepare your dogs veggies, I recommend using a food processor or a juicer to “predigest” or puree Fido’s veg.
Unless someone does further research, we are left to claims that these veggies and dogs do not do well together. I took Skai for a trip to Haleakala, a ten thousand foot high volcano in Maui, and despite the elevation, he turned into his bouncy and youthful self. Our ski adventures got off to an interesting start on day one when he gleefully pranced off with a ski before I could put it on. Just a few minutes into our ski, when excitement and energy were still at peak levels, he sprinted up to a lady excitedly, but did not jump on her. At that point, I tried a different tact, politely pointing out that she was not skiing with a dog and this was a dog-friendly trail and there are plenty of other human-only trails to enjoy in the park. She does have a choice and can choose accordingly if she doesn’t want to be bothered by our four-legged friends. Scientists have confirmed that bacteria influences most of the functions of the body, including the propensity to weight gain, longevity, the tendency for depression and behaviour in general.
Also, scientists can recognize what geographical area the individual is from by their microbial profile. Sometimes they are needed, but my experience is that antibiotic use can be reduced in practice by 90 percent or more. If your dog has been given probiotics during the antibiotic treatment, ensure that you continue the double dose for two weeks afterwards.
I have seen internal medicine and dermatology specialists in particular over prescribing antibiotics. I remember spending countless hours memorizing the differences between the species of bacteria. As the dog or cat is exposed to more antibiotics the bacteria that they are hosting undergo this adaption process, each time this occurs immunity to a specific antibiotic is created.
Animals raised on factory farms (concentrated animal feeding operations – CAFO) are fed food that includes antibiotics.
The destruction of good bacteria causes a suppression of the immune system leaving your dog’s or cat’s natural defence against bacteria, fungal infection, parasites, and viruses in a weakened state. Your dog’s, cat’s health may be placed in further jeopardy as many allopathic prescription foods are actually not health supporting. That means a healthier, happier dog!a™¦ VET-PROVEN FORMULA gently destroys wax and dirt without harsh chemicals or alcohol!a™¦ NO MORE MESS! She shakes her head and itches them, I noticed a little bite in one, and fleas have been around her face lately. My experience is that dogs are exposed to increasingly higher amounts of toxic substances from medication, food and the environment. No matter what food you feed, it is depleted of essential nutrients because of today’s intensive agriculture and soil depletion. GreenMin is a simple and also economical solution to this problem.
I am sharing my 6 natural treatments for inflammation that last longer than commonly used drugs and avoid the side-effects.
Rice, especially from Asia, is also high in arsenic and that is an especially good reason to cut it from your dog's diet. This scary situation reminded me of how important it is to never tie your dog to moveable furniture. You often see dogs being overworked and sustaining injuries that can bother them the rest of their lives. Find out what you need to know about calcium oxalate crystals and stones and follow my 5 simple steps to urinary stone prevention.
Since using GreenMin, her paws look beautiful, her stomach is less sensitive and she has no hotspots! Today I was going through my to-do list, trying to complete some tasks and suddenly the day is over.
If a dog injures his leg or back, inflammation is a way of increasing blood supply and if the healing process is not obstructed, the tissue heals fast and permanently. Generally, I see much more improvement in mobility and inflammation reduction with essentials. However, when I started adding strengthening exercises and core strengthening classes, I noticed that my joints were stronger, more stable and less achy even after exercise. I do not like dogs getting big marrow bones or long rib bones. If you want to read more info on why, click here.
In such cases, you can supplement plant-based sources of calcium that is highly bio-available and easily absorbed. Why? It seems that our ancestors bred for working traits such us herding and bred out the instinct to want to eat the sheep.
The body needs them all to support thousands of different metabolic functions and pathways. I’m thankful for Friends Of The National Parks Foundation for the role they play in helping the orangutans. For thousands of years, the canine species evolved in a relatively pure and non-toxic environment, but that has changed.
If you press at the liver points and find that your dog twitches, sinks back or looks back repeatedly, it may be because the liver is toxic or out of balance.
It appears that processed pet food companies are having a harder time convincing people that their food is better than the food nature intended. People who have put their dogs on whole-based natural supplements have seen the transformations in their dogs. If you have ever traveled to the region, you may have seen puddles, streams and lakes covered with oil or full of plastic and garbage.
I propose that you give one dose (three to five pellets) 30C or 200C potency twice, two weeks apart. Most dog toys these days are made in China and most people understand that the general safety rating of Chinese products is low.
If your dog is a ball player, it is crucial to choose a ball that doesn't obstruct their airway. Never let your dog play with O'Ball without your direct supervision as swallowing a piece could cause a serious problem.
The long and gently sweeping grasslands are Skai's favourite and mine, and it is also frequented by frisbee golf enthusiasts who say that the Kula play field is one of the best in the world.You will most likely agree that people and dogs share many common obsessions, and chasing a frisbee is no exception.
However, I feel the responsibility to tell you that I have seen serious problems caused by retractable leashes from hypothyroidism to damage to the nerves that results in Paw Licking in Dogs. I have heard from my clients who’s dogs were killed in traffic right in front of them and know how horrible it was.
When you feed fruit with protein, it sits in the stomach much longer, which may create undesirable fermentation and a small amount of alcohol. The other option is to purchase frozen finely ground veggies from a natural dog food store. While I haven’t seen any practical evidence of dogs getting poisoned by tomatoes or their “cousins,” the leaves of these plants are definitely toxic.
I must confess that I have tried to stay away from these when feeding Skai, only because I am not sure if these claims are valid or not.
In such cases, most people assume that their dog is hot, however, that may not be the case.
Click here to see Why ball retrieving may not be the best exercise for any dog, but especially a senior dog. Thankfully it was not to his liking and there have been no repeat performances. Though I can’t help but hold my breath when he sniffs around someone’s equipment, wondering if he will score a new prize!
One of the fascinating findings is that children that are born by Caesarian section have much different, and generally less healthy, microbial profile because they do not pass through the birth canal. Giving human probiotics is not ideal because it will cause an unnatural shift in your dog's microbial profile. When the animal is slaughtered antibiotics remain in the flesh of the meat which is then consumed by your dog or cat. In fact many allopathic veterinarian prescribed ‘anti-allergen’, ‘limited ingredient’ diets contain toxins that are known allergy triggers – an example of this can be found here. In fact GreenMin is a human grade all natural product that both myself and my dog Skai take every day.
Find out nine ways to keep your dog happy and healthy with exercise that won’t result in harm.
One would think that with all the technology we use like computers, smart phones and communication we would have more time for life, but the opposite is true. I like to run a HairQ test every six months on my dog to see what his calcium and mineral levels are and adjust doses as needed.
It takes a little more digestive power and I like to alternate my dog's poultry with other meats that do not contain bone.
Do you remember biochemistry? It is mind boggling what all goes on in the body but, it can't happen without the building blocks. Our big thanks go to you and everyone who trusts and purchases our all-natural products for dogs. However, there are still many nay sayers who stubbornly claim that feeding good food is enough. As a consequence, chemicals, including arsenic, end up in the rice fields that get flooded for a part of the growing season. Please note that this remedy will not reduce the arsenic levels, but will reduce some symptoms that may be related to chronic arsenic poisoning. The tainted food scandals of the past only suggest that when it comes to dog toys, the manufacturer has no obligations to make them with more expensive food-safe materials. There are two potentially carcinogenic factors when it comes to balls: the use of non-food-safe toxic plastic and fillers and energy congestion due to tight muscles. In fact, I love watching the videos of super well-trained dogs having fun and flying through the air catching their favourite toy. It is the key area for the function of the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system that regulate pretty much everything in the body including your heart, breathing and digestion. But do not be mistaken, when it comes to dogs retractable leashes can cause serious damage. Skai doesn’t mind finely ground veggies, however, if I cut them in bigger chunks he is a master at picking pieces and spitting them out. I would love to hear from anyone who knows of a study confirming this claim.I recommend either staying away from these veggies or feeding them in small quantities.
They also possess cleansing and pH balancing properties and are an excellent source of fiber. Apologies followed and I tried to explain that he is young, new to this and I'm working on training.
It also seems that the female body's microbial profile changes dramatically before the birth as if the bacteria know what was going on. Some of them are destructive and disease-causing agents and others are helpful and beneficial allies that are essential to life.
The different lactobacilli are similar in many ways and also different depending on what they like and what their job is. When drugs that are designed to deal with an emergency situation are indiscriminately applied to non-emergency situations grave results can ensue.
Once bacteria have adapted to a series of antibiotics, antibiotics are no longer effective.
Between the antibiotics passed on through the meat and over prescription of antibiotics by veterinarians your dog’s and cat’s rate of acquiring immunity to antibiotics increases exponentially. I gave her a bath, and dried them really well and they appeared normal and normal color and perfect. It started on Friday on Sunday I noticed it had red spots, like dried blood, that morning(Sunday) I woke up with his head right by my face(he nestles in my neck at night) and it smelled like Cheeto's it was awful. Tightness in the temporal-mandibular joint (dogs often scratch the ears when this happens)5.
To summarize, too much of one thing is simply too much but, it is normal for your dog to have hard pebble like stool if you fed chicken the night before. If there is one thing to remember, it is that deficiency is the first step in the direction of a disease.
Arsenic toxicity can affect multiplex organ systems and the symptoms can be non-specific, ranging from digestive upsets to the tendency for diarrhea, kidney disease, liver disease, cancer and changes in behaviour.
Most dogs that play with tennis balls wear their teeth down by middle age and some have virtually no teeth left when they become seniors. The plastic is sturdy and it will allow your dog to breathe freely when running and carrying a ball.
While this is not common knowledge in conventional medicine, holistic and, especially, Chinese medicine acknowledges energy flow restriction as one of the contributing factors in cancer.
Good examples are lettuces, dandelion leaves, parsley, cilantro, basil, beet tops, carrot tops, kale, sprouted seeds etc.
These foods can also be dangerously low in protein and what protein they do have can be of very questionable quality – the same can be said for the fats used in the food. However, from the health point of view, I feel compelled to inform you about the risks of frisbee chasing in dogs.Nature has worked gently but persistently to help different species evolve. If your dog or cat ends up in a truly life threatening situation where antibiotics are required to save that animal’s life your animal’s life is in great jeopardy. Administration of antibiotics can actually make the ear infection worse and as well trigger and create other health issues. Compared to the solitary feline hunters, they are not as fast, but they compensate for this handicap by hunting in packs.They usually take only a few seconds and, at the most, a few minutes to chase their prey, and they never sprint and jump high repeatedly for 15, 30 or 60 minutes. The most commonly affected areas are the lumbar spine and the hind legs, including the knee joint.The most common injuries from repeated, obsessive, frisbee chasing are lumbar back pain, disc disease, and cranial, crucial-element, ligament injuries of the stifle joint (the knee). It is sad to see otherwise healthy and happy dogs become stiff, arthritic, and immobile, and it is tragic to see some of them paralyzed or needing serious and expensive surgery.
The body can never return to its previous health completely, no matter what is done.This is not an easy article for me to write because as I said, I love seeing dogs leaping and flying through the air catching a frisbee, and I do not want to be the "party pooper" here.
Just think of games that are much more aligned with dogs' natural way of being.If your dog has already been injured and you have not signed up for our updates and news, you can do so here.

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