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We are all about our clients acquiring our vast knowledge of the difference some simple diet and lifestyle changes can bring to ones wellbeing and outlook on life. For many of us, alternate forms of medicine can provide healing and comfort beyond what other, more traditional forms of medicine can.
Simple and easy to follow steps you can include in your daily routine to boost your physical and emotional health. Chances are if you have come to my website you have already done your Doctor Google searches for your condition, are feeling overwhelmed by all of the information you have read and heard. A food allergy is a very specific immune system response from the immunoglobulin E (IgE) antibody or T-cells. Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) is the most common endocrine disturbance affecting up to 7% of women in Australia and is the leading cause of infertility in women today, 60% of PCOS sufferers are obese, 20% are asymptomatic. Hypothyroid, hyperthyroid, Hashimoto thyroiditis, thyroid antibodies, Graves’ Disease, chances are yourself or somebody you know has one of these conditions. Graphic Design ServicesIdgee Designs offers a number of graphic design services for new startup and established businesses as well as individuals. Website Design ServicesCompetitive Wordpress website design, customisation and setup services. Parents are rarely told about how food and nutrition can make a difference or that a Naturopath specialising in Autism could help their child. I am often asked what prompted me to leave my job as a Mainframe Computer Engineer with IBM in Sydney and become a Naturopath. In my early years as a Naturopath, I began seeing more and more children affected by Autism, ADHD and learning difficulties. Gut microbiome - I talk a lot about its importance for both Autism recovery and neurodevelopment.

Iridology is a multi-dimensional health assessment that can be used to augment any other modality. The iris is an outstanding indicator of the emotional and physical and biochemical state of health. Ask for our Healthy Aging Program and or our Wellness program so you can be assured that you living life to the fullest potential .
An IgE reaction is easier to diagnosis as it comes on quickly occurring within minutes to an hour after touching, smelling or ingesting a particular food. Children have high requirements for nutrient dense whole foods that are additive and chemically free in order to meet their rapidly growing minds and bodies.
These DL flyers were printed on an ink jet printer and hand cut on a 350GSM recycled stock. I get so upset when a doctor hands a family a diagnosis of autism, saying there is no treatment, nothing you can do, you just have to live with it. I suffered considerably with asthma and what I now know is food sensitivities, throughout my life. Please note that the initial consultation must be in the clinic and your child must be present. Discover your weakness, your genetic imprints and I will help you to establish a program for better health, strength and vitality. To see where your current state of health is we create a nutritional Profile (found Professor Sydney Mel Smith), to identify your nutritional deficiency status, your coping mechanism towards certain diseases and your selection of Food and supplements. And with this, parents accept a poor quality of life for their child, sometimes dependent on strong medication that often has considerable side affects and changes the child’s personality.
During the mid 1990s I had a particularly bad run, lots of time off work, constantly at the doctor and totally dependent on medication.

I changed the way I ate, significantly improved my nutrition and my asthma is now all but gone.
I know improvement is possible, I have seen it, and will continue to see it as families make the changes that are required to help their child. There are many direct and indirect signs in the iris that refer to certain organs, brain, extremities the bowel and many others. I ended up seeing a Professor of Respiratory Medicine, hoping desperately that he would have a magic pill for my condition… He didn’t! Some research has confirmed that pigmentation of the eyes is primarily due to metabolic dysfunction. I started researching and found a book entitled “Give Asthma the Big A”  It talked about how vitamins A and E can help asthma – common knowledge for a naturopath. Sclera signs, confirm the information in the iris, opens new insights, and together with Iridology reveals the deeper causes of symptom expressions. It helped me and now I was hooked on nutrition, natural medicine and becoming a Naturopath.
Discover deeper healing principles and experience effective remedial programs based on scientific studies of the iris and the sclera (the white of the eyes).

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