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VOTED ORANGE COUNTY'S BEST NATUROPATHIC DOCTORSHealing and Health The Way Nature Intended It! Our Naturopathic Doctors offer specialized natural methods or alternative medicine, holistic Medicine and natural services, including allergy elimination, natural hormone therapies, specializes in detoxification and heavy metal detoxification, parasite treatment, natural hormone replacement therapy, women;s hormone therapy, men's hormone therapy, thyroid health and naturopathic medicine, intravenous vitamin and mineral therapies along with our individually designed holistic alternative medicine and natural supplements with absollutely NO fillers.
Naturopathy and naturopathic medicine, is the fastest growing of all the alternative healing disciplines.
Natural Health Assessment- This includes a physical exam with Face,Tongue and Nail Analysis, live or dried blood analysis, Iridology and Sclerology exam, Urine and Saliva testing, nutritional diet and supplement recommendations. Body Composition Analysis - This may include hormone therapy for weight reduction, supplements for weight loss, and emotional support for excess weight tied to deep rooted emotions. If you know the EXACT name of the product you're looking for, or if you have the product code from ordering it before, you can enter it and search all our products by clicking the orange arrow.
We've added categories to our products so you can find what you are looking for more easily. This tool allows you to search for a product by the results you'd like to achieve, or the symptoms you're hoping to alleviate. African Mango CompleteThymo Immune BoosterInfluenzinum 9c (6 Doses=6 Week Supply)fast back care+ SUPER SALE! Use of images for any purpose including but not limited to research, commercial, personal, or non-commercial use is prohibited without prior written consent. I was first introduced to homeopathy by my primary care doctor in France about 10 years ago.
In the United States we tend to dismiss anything that isn’t conventional medicine, but what I have seen tells me there is truth to the idea that naturopathy can heal. We don’t ALWAYS need prescription drugs to heal – sometimes using things found in nature to heal our ailments works. As you might have read in a previous post, the last year of graduate school I gained 10 pounds. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.
I blog about motherhood, Latino and women's issues, food and travel (though not was much as I'd like to!), and raising my multilingual and multicultural son!
We have the best selection of natural health supplements and foods available online and in our stores. Posters designed for The Distinguished Gentleman's Ride which is an event that takes place in cities worldwide where motorcyclists with vintage bikes dress in their finest garb and ride to raise money for men's health issues. Scratch 'n' scrawl style poster promoting Converse brand shoes, mix of hand-drawn and digital imagery. Campaign for Tazo tea promoting tea as a relaxation experience which opposes the on-the-go attitude of coffee. Most people assume whiplash affects only the neck, but experience and research has shown the  low back can be severely injured also. In the initial stages of treatment therapy is usually directed at reducing inflammation with Massage, Cryothereapy,  Active Release Technique, Ultrasound and Laser therapy.
Once someone has had a whiplash injury the status of their spine should be periodically monitored with x-ray to watch for signs of degeneration. As more people have become disillusioned with conventional health care, it has certainly gained new respect as a credible healing modality. You can either use your mouse to scroll through the list, or if you know the brand name simply type in the first letter and you'll be taken there in the list. Simply select the category you are interested in, and click the orange arrow to see all the products we carry. There, doctors use western medicine and also forms of what in the United States we would call “alternative” medicine to treat their patients.

Ages ago our ancestors cured themselves with herbs and food…and in Hispanic cultures our abuelitas use herbs and food to treat ailments. With this campaign, I also aimed to highlight the many health benefits of drinking tea regularly. With the new logo, I aimed to expand the age demographic of the company by implementing a more playful use of color and texture as well as abstracted imagery. Designed with a mix of hand-drawn and digitally manipulated imagery to go with the text of each set of lyrics. This is a very disruptive injury that almost always leads to spinal degeneration over the long term unless attention is taken to repair the damage. These include the anterior longitudinal ligament, posterior longitudinal ligament, intraspinous ligaments and potentially others. During this time he also took courses in Swedish Massage, Shiatsu, Acupressure and Jin Shin Do. Janda is licensed by the Pastoral Medical Association to provide natural health services and therapies to registered members of the Member Share Network.
Astragalus is an extraordinary root for strengthening your body’s resistance to disease over time. Once you've chosen the brand, clicking the orange arrow will show you a list of all products we carry from that brand.
They use different forms of naturopathy, such as homeopathy and acupuncture, in complement to western medicine techniques; so a doctor might give you homeopathic medicine and send you to an acupuncturist in order to treat anxiety or depression and not put you on antidepressants right away. This was coupled by a discussion of what would constitute healthy eating and an exercise plan. Eliminating certain unhealthy foods from our diets can improve our physical conditions greatly, which is what I saw happen to the people in the documentary “Forks over Knives” (which you can see on Netflix).
Muscles are almost always injured and become inflamed, particularly the Longus Colli and Sternocleidomastoid muscles.
The reason for this is partly the biomechanics of spinal motion during impact in which the spine is initially compressed, but also seat belts which constrain forward motion and force the spine into sudden elongation.
In cases where the progress in therapy is stalled, we have found that many cases continue their recovery when placed on the DRX 9000 C.
The year following graduation he stayed in the San Francisco area to study Gestalt Psychotherapy under the tutelage of Robert K Hall, M.D. He also took a course in Iridology and Nutrition from Bernard Jensen, DC that started his lifelong interest in nutrition, which has continued to the present. It helps keep your immune system healthy and able to stop those cold and flu bugs in their tracks. My mother swears that chicken soup three days a week will cure a cold, and swears by other herbs such as toronjil and anis.  This is not only true in Latino culture, in other cultures people see food as a way to treat ailments, and to prevent disease.
People with many ailments changed the way they ate (moved to a plant based diet) and significantly improved their health conditions. My clothes didn’t fit anymore and while in the past I was able to manage my weight on my own at this point in my life I felt like I needed a little help. I’m learning a lot about what different types of food do to your body and how to make the best food choices. This can actually rupture lumbar discs, but in the least, cause significant sprains and muscle tearing. The following year he began studies in Clinical Psychology at California State University in Fresno. In fact, the greatest success of naturopathy is in rebuilding health, which then naturally improves or eliminates chronic illness. Astragalus also has significant levels of antioxidants that prevent free radicals from aging your body sooner than it has to!

Years later when I came back home to the United States, I continued acupuncture to deal with minor ailments. When my period came around (sorry if TMI) I did not experience the bloating and cramping I have experienced in past months.
John’s Wort has been used in herbal medicine to help calm and settle, Ginkgo Biloba supports memory and circulation and Phosphatidylserine (PS for short) has been shown by research to support mental functioning and mood.
Recently, I have decided to take a holistic approach to weight-loss and decided to use the help of naturopathy.
She has provided support and checked in on me every day, especially during the first week (the hardest week!). The naturopath works to educate his or her clients in how to stimulate the body’s own vital healing forces. Although all naturopaths emphasize choices based on their own personal interests and experiences, they maintain a consistent philosophy.
Janda began 2 years of seminars in Applied Kenisiology, which has become his special interest in the Chiropractic field. In 1980, also while still a student at the Chiropractic College, he began studies at the California College of Acupuncture in Los Angeles. Two years later he graduated from both institutions at the same time and received his Doctorate in Chiropractic.Since that time he has been in private practice in Costa Mesa, California, practicing Chiropractic, Nutrition Therapy and Applied Kenisiology. For the past 17 years he has continued his education in Nutrition through numerous professional seminars. As a sidetrack, in 1988 he entered the Bruchion Art School in Los Angeles and studied Old Master Oil Painting for 6 years.
He currently paints professionally on a part time basis.In 1997 he began studies at the Rolf Institute in Boulder, Colorado and was certified in Rolfing Structural Integration the following year.
Nambudripad's Allergy Elimination Technique (NAET) and was certified in that technique.
In 2003 has continued his training through certification in the 3 areas of Active Release Technique (ART), the spine and upper and lower extremities. In November, 2003 he participated as an ART doctor treating athletes in the Ironman contest in Kona, Hawaii.Dr.
Janda now practices at Orange County Back Pain Clinic in Newport Beach and also in Temecula, CA.
The body can absorb up to 98% of the medicinal components of the Orange Naturals herbal tincture since absorption takes place immediately in the mouth. He has taken special interest in carpal tunnel and tendonitis symptomology and has developed effective procedures for diagnosing and resolving these problems. He also works on diverse musculoskelletal problems such as spinal injuries, whiplash, and athletic injuries. The Clinic has recently acquired a DRX 9000 C for spinal decompression to rehabilitate spinal discs that are degenerate, bulging or ruptured. Through the use of nutrition he treats metabolic and female health problems such as PMS, digestive problems and toxicity. He is also interested in strengthening immunity and promoting longevity as well as the prevention of serious health problems such as heart disease and cancer. Janda believes that psychological, nutritional and BIO-mechanical factors are mutually interactive. His mode of practice is more akin to preventative Naturopathic Medicine but includes conventional Chiropractic.

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