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The resurgence of naturopathic medicine today is yet another chapter in the millennia-old division between two different views of medicine, well-symbolized by the Grecian myths of Hygieia and Asclepius. Today’s naturopathic physician easily blends modern, state-of-the-art diagnostic and therapeutic procedures and research with ancient and traditional methods, uniting Hygieia and Asclepius. Naturopathic oncology providers are specialists who use natural, non-toxic therapies to support the whole person and encourage the self-healing process. As part of the intake process, you'll meet with your naturopathic oncology provider, who will review your history and make recommendations from a wide variety of natural therapies. Nutritional supplements and botanical medicines, including vitamins, minerals, amino acids and herbs. Homeopathic remedies, mainly involving plant extracts and minerals that gently strengthen the body's healing and immune response. Physical therapy and exercise therapy, including massage and other gentle techniques used on deep muscles and joints for therapeutic purposes. Hydrotherapy, which prescribes water-based approaches like hot and cold wraps, steaming and other therapies. All of our naturopathic oncology providers have extensive knowledge of radiation, chemotherapy and other cancer treatments. A graduate of Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine in Tempe, Arizona, Kellman has been in practice since 1998.
Kellman and other naturopathic oncology providers work alongside medical oncologists, nutritionists and psychologists as a vital part of our integrative model of care. Every naturopathic oncology provider at Southeastern has a Naturopathic Doctor (ND) degree from a doctoral-level program accredited by the Council on Naturopathic Medical Education. One of the roles of the Naturopathic Medicine Department at Southeastern is to educate you on the facts versus the fiction regarding supplements and other natural therapies, and to help you choose wisely from the myriad of options available. Our naturopathic oncology providers have extensive experience with a wide array of natural products and therapies and are continually researching the latest supplements. The products available at our on-site Retail Pharmacy have undergone rigorous quality assurance investigation. By correcting biochemical imbalances, improving digestive health and detoxification processes, and learning how to access your own bodily knowing, it is possible to feel better without the dependency and side effects that often come with traditional treatment. I take an integrated approach, incorporating natural therapies that work in harmony with the body to support its own inherent healing tendencies. Most insurance plans accepted, including Regence, Aetna, Cigna, First Choice, Teamsters, Premera and Personal Injury. Although naturopathic physicians have been licensed as primary care providers in a number of states for many years, many of the most informed people in the health field know very little about our education and training and how we approach working with our patients’ health challenges.
Naturopathic physicians are trained at federally accredited, four-year, post-graduate, residential naturopathic medical programs, with entrance requirements much like any medical school. Naturopathic physicians use a variety of natural and non-invasive therapies, including clinical nutrition, homeopathy, botanical medicine, minor surgery, hydrotherapy, physical medicine, and counseling.
Naturopathic physicians are also able to function within an integrated framework, and naturopathic therapies can be used to complement treatments used by conventionally trained medical doctors.
Naturopathic medicine in the United States came into existence just over 100 years ago, developed by a physician named Benedict Lust in New York State.
Naturopathic medicine was popular and widely available throughout the United States well into the early part of the 20th century.

Today, more people than ever are seeking naturopathic medical care and naturopathic medical schools are growing at record rates to accommodate the increased demand for naturopathic education. Today, naturopathic physicians are experiencing greater recognition as health care practitioners who are experts in the field of natural and preventive medicine, providing leadership in natural medical research, enjoying increasing political influence, and looking forward to an unlimited future potential. Now at the beginning of the twenty-first century, the naturopathic profession finds itself well positioned for a new era in health care.
To date more than 15,000 people have been seen as clients or have attended workshops and seminars from more than 20 countries. Back pain, lower back pain, headaches, herniated disc, hip pain, fibromyalgia, migraines, neck pain, neck and shoulder pain, sciatica.
Asthma, candidasis, colitis, eczema, food sensitivities, irritable bowel syndrome, sinusitis, nutrition, diet and detox programs. Here you can read about what to expect on your first visit, including answers to common questions posed by new patients like yourself. These brief brochures are for you to have a brief understanding of the services you may be interested in. Modalities utilized in an individual patient’s treatment plan may include nutrition, nutrients on the cellular level, the therapeutic properties of botanicals, alignment of physical systems, Chinese medicine, acupuncture, counseling, exercise, lifestyle changes and developing positive attitudes which increase wellness and enhance one’s ability to deal with stress. Whether you are looking for preventive care or someone to provide natural health care options for a specific condition, ranging from heart burn to hormonal issues to allergies, we will create the appropriate treatment plan to restore and maintain your optimal health. It was in the 1800s, practitioners from several medical disciplines combined to form the first naturopathic professional societies. We represent a thoroughly rational, evenhanded balance of tradition, science and respect for nature, mind, body and spirit. Their goal is to minimize the risk of harmful effects from cancer treatments, and apply the gentlest intervention needed to restore your health. Many medical conditions can be treated with foods and nutritional supplements, with fewer complications and side effects. They help guide your treatment plan and are in regular communication with the oncology team at CTCA. Programs include information about vitamin and mineral supplements, natural remedies, nutritional guidance, lifestyle changes, stress management techniques and strategies for long-term prevention of recurrence.
His experience includes general naturopathic family practice, pain management, advanced immunology and integrative cancer care.
They prescribe natural medicines, which have been shown to improve the effectiveness of chemotherapy and radiation.
Some members of the naturopathic medicine team have additional board certification as Fellows of the American Board of Naturopathic Oncology. Your naturopathic oncology provider will monitor your supplement and vitamin intake to make sure your supplements are appropriate for you, and to ensure safety from potential drug-herb and drug-nutrient interactions. Many of the supplements we recommend come from our own line of highly pure and potent vitamins, minerals and herbs, provided by Cancer Nutrition Centers of America. The training consists of comprehensive study of the conventional medical sciences, including anatomy, physiology, pathology, microbiology, immunology, clinical and physical diagnosis, laboratory diagnosis, cardiology, gastroenterology, gynecology, and others, as well as detailed study of evidence-based natural therapies.
Many naturopathic physicians have additional training and certification in acupuncture and natural childbirth. The result is a patient-centered approach that strives to provide the most appropriate treatment for each individual's needs.

While the profession by name is just a century old, the natural therapies and philosophy on which naturopathic medicine is based have been effectively used to treat diseases since ancient times.
In 1920, there were many naturopathic medical schools, thousands of naturopathic physicians, and scores of thousands of patients using naturopathic therapies around the country.
Naturopathic medicine recognizes this and works with the individual to encourage their health and vitality. The body has an innate wisdom and ability to heal itself when given the proper environment.
By the early 20th century, more than 20 naturopathic medical colleges had been founded in the US, and naturopathic physicians were licensed in a majority of states. For the worshippers of Hygieia, health is the natural order of things, a positive attribute to which men are entitled if they govern their lives wisely. They also monitor your supplement and vitamin intake to ensure safety from potential drug-herb and drug-nutrient interactions. Kellman has lectured on a variety of health topics and has mentored naturopathic medical students.
In addition, natural medicines can boost the body’s own ability to fight cancer by stimulating or modulating immune system cells. The use of herbal remedies, dietary interventions, hydrotherapy, and lifestyle changes has been used throughout history and in nearly every culture to inhabit the Earth.
We are observant of the needs of our clients, private in all things, substantive in our techniques and calculated in achieving results.
Naturopathic medicine utilizes natural therapies to create a vital environment and focuses on addressing the source of imbalance, or the cause, rather than just treating symptoms.
She really listens to her patients concerns and then looks beyond the surface symptoms to truly treat the condition.
I like the fact that her focus is on women’s health and that her approach is natural. According to them, the most important function of medicine is to discover and teach the natural laws which will ensure a man a healthy mind in a healthy body. These fundamental, unifying principles of naturopathic medicine can be identified in disciplines as diverse as constitutional hydrotherapy and homeopathy, as well as those more traditional in the Western view of health care, such as nutrition and botanical medicine.
Because we are not limited to a standard of practice requiring the use of conventional pharmaceutical or surgical interventions, naturopathic physicians can specifically tailor their approaches to dealing with health problems to each individual patient. Because of her thorough testing and attention to every detail, she was able to pinpoint my medical issues and treat them naturally and permanently. The philosophy and the therapies, which have their origins in Hippocrates and the traditional and indigenous medicines of the world, first became a distinct profession in Germany in the mid-1800s.
Our treatments are effective in treating a wide variety of acute and chronic conditions without the need for additional intervention. Benedict Lust (MD) brought naturopathy to America and established the first naturopathic college, the Yungborn Health Institute in New Jersey.

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