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If you would like to support our efforts to combat quackery, health and diet fraud we make it easy for you to donate to the cause. One answer to cancer - The Metabolic ApproachTo the Successful Resolution Of Malignancy BY DR. Since 1993, he has been the President and Medical Director of the Alzheimer’s Research and Prevention Foundation in Tucson, Arizona, the original voice in the integrative medical approach to the prevention and treatment of memory loss.
An ordained minister and yogi, he is the author of the international best sellers Brain Longevity™, The Pain Cure, Meditation As Medicine, Food As Medicine, The Better Memory Kit, The New Golden Rules, and The End of Karma. He is the creator of the groundbreaking From Darkness to Light, a holistic program to Healing Adverse Childhood Experiences, as well as a pop-music album entitled Love is in You, featuring his group, Bliss. FARIDA SHARAN's YOUTUBE FLICKSThe Five Elements of Life – Earth, Water, Fire, Air & Ether; Iridology Introduction, Iridology Constitutions - films made at the School of Natural Medicine Summer School in Boulder, Colorado with Farida Sharan.
School of Natural Medicine InternationalA new cycle of evolutionary teachings with Farida Sharan based on self-healing as a spiritual path - a Private Occupational Board of Education approved professional school with a difference - create the work you love by embodying wisdom teachings. Herbs of Grace UKSNM Grad Peter Enkel bought Herbs of Grace from Farida when she left England in 1988. SNM International based in Boulder, Colorado with Farida SharanFarida offers professional teaching and self healing in Boulder in February, June and October yearly and with other world class teachers throughout the year, as well as international seminars. Farida Sharan's New Website: A new website includes Love (teaching), Truth (Books, DVD's), Beauty (fashions) and more.
Mana K'ea GardensEnjoyed 3 Frankincense Deep Sea Cleanses - now VP of this Big Island Garden Retreat.
The Farm at San BenitoVisited The Farm Oct '07 to experience this award winning Hippocrates healing Center. I wrote to Ellen Tart Jensen after the February Conference to thank her for giving me a copy of her book (I had also given her a copy of my new book IRIDOLOGY – A COMPLETE GUIDE) and she responded with this lovely email.
The IIPA Conference in Orlando Florida, this February 2014, was filled with warmth and connections reignited from friendships of shared discoveries over 40 years. A very special connection was also felt with Ellen Tart Jensen, her husband, Art Jensen, and Denny Johnson, who I brought to England in 1987, and who was my neighbor in Colorado and a teacher at the School of Natural Medicine for several years. OUR NEXT IRIDOLOGY LEVEL ONE CLASS BEGINS MAY 23 for 3 days - a small dynamic class based on learning the language of the iris, iris photography, iris drawing, iridology constitutions and iris analysis of each student's irises displayed together with case history and program crearion. Absolutely wonderful to meet and share with Betty Sue O'Brian SNM Naturopathy graduate, now President of IIPA, Ellen Tart Jensen of Jensen International, and Denny Johnson, originator of the Rayid Model. IRIDOLOGY – A COMPLETE GUIDE - the revised edition of the 1986 Harper Collins book by Farida Sharan, was launched and all copies sold out at the conference. Beloved graduate Amy Spadafora also attended from South Carolina, she was once my apprentice for several years in the 80's and now a mom building her own practice and products near Hilton Head. Iridology I includes: Iridology vocabulary, constitutions, iris photography, iris drawing, student iris analysis and much more to prepare you to begin to analyze irises. My last meeting in England was with Roger Savage, an old friend, and one of the first school of Natural Medicine students from 1977 in Cambridge England. Clinical Training with Farida was about going deep into the realization of all the transformation that has been taking place on all levels of cleansing and growth since I joined the school. Gaining the confidence to go out into the world to share my knowledge and assist all those in their process of transforming.
I feel very blessed and honored to be able to offer what I have learned to those in search of Self-Healing. In Clinical training we are taught how to realistically view our business plans and organize a method of communicating iwth our clients using a case history sheet, but letting the questions unfold naturally.

I noticed that even though the case history sheet contains main questions, just by listening and being present with a client, their story will answer most of the questions without them having to be directly asked.
Even with the Colorado 1000 year flood with Boulder and nearby mountain towns and homes being flooded, destroyed, wiped away, our School of Natural Medicine Iridology class went on. Teaching Friday was impossible so I switched the advanced Iridology II to 2 x 10 hour days, 11am, to 9 pm Saturday and Sunday and sent out an invite to the six enrolled students for whoever could make it happen, to come along. Only one cancelled, but courageous Laura travelled from Nederland to Ward up to Gold Hill and down Sunshine Canyon to arrive on time and stayed over Saturday night, confident Radha made it from Denver each day, determined Jaden came through the impossible Fort Collins to Boulder route surprising us all but could not make it the second day, Jesse made it down Sunshine Canyon and stayed overnight, Melina was in the neighborhood and arrived with ease.
On Sunday, Jaden could not make it as his car hydroplaned in excessive water and he had to return home.
I look forward to completing the class in the future and continuing with my studies in this field..
It is in my nature to see both sides and I am grateful for the gift of understanding and feel blessed that I have reached a place in my Self-Healing where I now focus on my contribution to my community and not what I feel nees to be fixed. I feel like I have come to something that fills my heart with huge amunts of gratitude and love that will enable me to handle challenges differently. My relationship with my Irises created a road map for me to be vulnerable and truthful about my true essence and my original programing.
Every day of my life I madke the choice to allow the expression of my true essence or I surrender to the limiations of fear that are not really mine.
Daniel, a School of Natural Medicine graduate, created Herbs of Life to offer a variety of herbal tea blends, dried herbs and natural fine foods that New South Wales, Australia customers can find in supermarkets, health food stores, coops, bakeries, galleries, and farmers market.
Inspired by Boulder, Colorado Kombucha products, Daniel and his dad also make Bucca’s Mountain Cottage Kombucha, a delicious natural fermented tea beverage containing live enzymes and probiotics aimed at improving digestion and health.
Congratulations, Daniel, as you prove again, School of Natural Medicine graduates, are inspired to share, create and successfully demonstrate the embodiment of their Self-Healing combined with quality professional training skills into a valuable offering for your community. Faridian Iridology focuses on educating each person about their constitutional strengths and weaknesses, and how life style choices can either be a pathway to health and wellness, or a path to dis-ease and difficult aging. Naturopathic medicine often is a blanket term for dozens of alternative medical careers, such as herbal medicine, acupuncture, oriental medicine, and ayurvedic therapy. All states and provinces require naturopathic physicians to receive a passing score on the NPLEX examination administered by the North American Board of Naturopathic Examiners (NABNE). To be eligible for the exam, aspiring physicians must have completed a naturopathic medicine program at a college or university approved by the Council on Naturopathic Medical Education. Dharma has helped people from all over the world, including a past president of a foreign country, Hollywood writers and celebrities, business leaders, doctors, lawyers, professionals, and others from all walks of life.
The ARPF is dedicated to fighting Alzheimer’s disease and finding a cure through research and prevention. Khalsa spearheaded a research study of SPECT Scans Before and After Kirtan Kriya Meditation on healthy subjects, in conjunction with the Amen Clinic (UCI Irvine, CA).
Khalsa became Associate Fellow at the University of Pennsylvania’s Center for Spirituality and the Mind at the School of Medicine. Meditation use to reduce stress response and improve cognitive functioning in older family dementia caregivers.
Dharma testified before Congress about his pioneering work in the area of lifestyle influence on Alzheimer’s disease, and called on Congress to fund a national education and outreach campaign designed to inform the public of the benefits of an integrative medical approach to Alzheimer’s. It was wonderful to see Betty O'Brian, our SNM Naturopath, Master Iridologist and Master Herbalist as the President of IIPA (International Iridology Practitioners Association)!!
There were also two students of the School of Natural Medicine attending, the lovely Amy Spadafora from South Carolina and Keely Verett from Miami.

I enjoyed a most wonderful weekend of warm connections, valuable information from presenters and inspiration for the future of Iridology. Each student receives an iris photograph and a consultation before the class and an analysis with the iris photo during the class.
I walked the miles from Mayfair to Great Portland Street Station, and enjoyed lunch with Roger while he was on break from a homeopathy seminar with a homeopath from India.
Going deep into the realization of who I have become, setting boundaries and accepting me and who and how I want to be.
Although I could see expansion in my irises, I felt myself experiencing contraction in our group that limits my breath and the opening of my self expression, as in my childhood and past memories, I learned that speaking my truth got me into trouble. When I feel this in my body through touch, I discover I can feel the part of my lungs that my breath ignores and when I allow access to the deeper part of my lunds, I can feel my jaw release and expand.
I learned that limitations are not really limitations but lessons in revealing who I really am!! Highly nutritious hand made raw vegan snacks, created using organic ingredients that are energetically fueled and inspire the connection between all living things. Pure, 100% natural, raw, and unfiltered, each bottle is created from a naturally carbonated small batch, hand crafted, nothing added after the fermentation process to provide the highest quality kombucha, with the highest nutritional potency and unsurpassed taste and aroma.
We all experience challenges and a dynamic student like Radha was able to explore her balance and boundaries as fatigue and conflict offers an opportunity to witness where we experience discomfort and find a way through. For specific degrees in naturopathic medicine, however, colleges offer either the Doctor of Naturopathy or the Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine, which is the same degree, often abbreviated ND or NMD.
A list of state and provincial contact information about specific licensure requirements is also provided by NABNE.
A program that prepares individuals for the independent professional practice of naturopathic medicine, an holistic therapeutic approach combining medical knowledge. He has been invited to share his work at medical meetings in the USA, South America, Europe, Monte Carlo, and India. Guilt free snacks that are nutritionally dense and healthy, available as buckwheat lavash or herb flax seed crackers.
Raymond Christopher, Dorothy Hall, Willy Hauser, Hari Wolf and Denny Johnson, and studying homepathy, Roger embarked on a career of nearly forty years in Cambridge and Safron Walden, Essex. Dharma, as he is usually called, received his training in Anesthesiology at the University of California Medical School in San Francisco, where he was Chief Resident. Named by The Princeton Review as one of the 168 best medical schools in the country, the School of Naturopathic Medicine at Bastyr University is committed to. Named by The Princeton Review as one of the 168 best medical schools in the country, the School of Naturopathic Medicine at Bastyr University is committed to developing leaders.
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Bastyr University’s naturopathic doctor (ND) program is internationally renowned for its rigorous naturopathic medicine curriculum, comprehensive clinical training and.

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