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It is always best to ask your Naturopathic Doctor how to address any specific concerns or symptoms you are experiencing.
Dehydration is a common cause of fatigue and pregnant women should be very conscious of their fluid intake.
Nutritional demands will increase during pregnancy and pregnant women should ensure that they are getting enough of the essential nutrients.
Maintaining a healthy level of activity during pregnancy and moderate exercise stimulates circulation, improves muscle tone, helps raise overall mood and helps prepare the body for the workout of giving birth!
A good way to start practicing is actually starting and stopping the flow of urine while you’re sitting the toilet.
When you get more comfortable with contracting your pelvic floor muscles, you can practice this tightening & releasing action while sitting watching TV, driving, working on the computer, standing, waiting in line at the grocery store, walking, etc… No one will even know you are doing them, so you can do them anywhere! We are two naturopathic doctors with a vision to inspire healthy cooking, healthy eating, and healthy living for you and your family.
A naturopathic tisane carefully created from a balance of herbs that have been traditionally used to reduce nausea and calm the nerves on your journey of motherhood. A calming and relaxing tisane that gives mothers-to-be a chance to be still and mindful of the present. Of course, as we don’t just treat fertility, any woman can book a first appointment to see us at any stage of pregnancy.
We can help with virtually all the typical conditions women encounter during the three trimesters of pregnancy and prepare the body and uterus for childbirth. Please note that we advise our patients to follow the advice of their gynaecologist, doctor or midwife during pregnancy and birthing at all times. We provide the woman with a small kit to deal with the most typical problems of the birthing process. Absolutely!  Naturopathic Medicine is an ideal treatment option during pregnancy.  Although not all Naturopathic treatments are safe during pregnancy, a large majority of Naturopathic treatments are both safe and effective for the common and uncommon health concerns of pregnancy.
Naturopathic Medicine is an individualized treatment and frequency of visits will be determined based on your current health, changes in your health, personal health goals, and stage of pregnancy.  In general visits occur less frequently in early pregnancy (unless specific concerns such as nausea, nutrient deficiencies, muscle cramps, or insomnia are present) and more frequently in the later stages of pregnancy.

The first visit typically occurs prior to pregnancy (during conception planning) or in the first 4-8 weeks of pregnancy.  During the first visit a comprehensive intake and health history will be completed and a nutritional assessment and recommendations are made. During the final trimester you may see your Naturopathic Doctor more frequently.  Preparation for the Group B Streptococcus test, treatments for health concerns that arise more frequently during the third trimester as well as acupuncture and herbal teas to prepare the body for labour and delivery are all addressed during the third trimester. Your Naturopathic Doctor will be available to you if you go past-due with your baby.  Acupuncture and moxa (an herb that is applied to warm acupuncture points) as well as homeopathy can be helpful in promoting labour.
The Natural Way clinic practitioners have created the Positive Pregnancy Program to naturally support the nutritional, physical, and emotional needs of you and your baby throughout the stages of pregnancy.
Contact the Natural Way Health Clinic if you would like to learn more or if you would like to book one of our Naturopathic Doctors to present our positive pregnancy lecture.
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We only recommend products that are evidence-based, excellent quality and that we would use ourselves. Legal disclaimerRemember that everything on this website is intended for informational purposes only. Naturopathic medicine can offer effective and safe solutions to a wide array of pregnancy related concerns and symptoms. It is usually experienced as nausea and vomiting and is most common during the early stages of pregnancy. As your body and hormones start to undergo a change, we are here to offer you support and guidance through the next several months.
To get the feel of the muscles, stop the flow of urine by contracting the pelvic floor muscles, but keeping the gluts, inner thigh and abdominal muscles relaxed.
In treating the mother with homeopathy and naturopathic advice we also believe we can aid the developing foetus. It is not chemical medicine; it works by providing information to the body that assists in its own process of healing and attaining balance.
Certain remedies help tone the uterus and prepare the body mentally and physically for childbirth.

Naturopathic treatments for nausea, appetite changes, swelling, sleep disturbances, or other concerns may be prescribed as needed. For some women, nausea will continue way into their second and third trimesters, although usually to a lesser degree. Also, make sure you are getting plenty of rest and all the nutrients you need to help grow your baby! Ask your ND about specific nutrients that are in higher demand during pregnancy to help with the development and growth of your baby. We advise the woman who has fallen pregnant on our fertility treatment to continue for at least the first three months, but many choose to follow on with monthly or six weekly visits throughout the pregnancy.
Typically we provide remedies to facilitate the birth and labour, and medicines that can help in healing in the post-partum period afterwards.
Having healthy snacks on hand and eating small, frequent meals can go a long way at reducing nausea and vomiting. Drugs are chemical medicine, but so are vitamins and herbs, which is why many of those things have contraindications during pregnancy.
The Positive Pregnancy Program is designed to fit your individual needs regardless of your stage of pregnancy: whether you are a first time mom, enjoying the pregnancy experience again, are just starting to think about pregnancy, or have known of your pregnancy for some time. Ask your ND about other options such as herbal remedies that can be very effective for morning sickness. But we can assure you that any of the thousands of homeopathic remedies available for us to prescribe during pregnancy are risk-free.

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